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SMW: Megaman 29th anniversary adventure

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1400th POST

I started this project in the December 13th, it's a Megaman-themed SMW hack mixed with some Bomberman. I'll explain everything:

PLOT: 2016 is celebrated the 29th megaman annivesary, however, something terrible had happened: The Five Evil Dastardly Bombers (the Villains that appeared in Super Bomberman 2, Super Bomberman 3 and Bomberman Tournament) ruined the party kidnapping the six Megamen and trapped them in the Dastardly Bombers Fortresses. It's revealed that there are a Mastermind pulling the threads of these evil Bombermen. It's up to Mario save the Megamen and the Party.

I'll show the OW:

This is the Main Overworld:

World 1 (Magnet Bomber)
World 2 (Golem Bomber)
World 5 (Plasma Bomber)
World 6 (Brain Bomber, 2nd encounter)

World 3 (Brain Bomber, 1st encounter)
World 4 (Pretty Bomber)
World 7 (Mastermind)

This is the Special World, An Inafune World. What do you expected? Megaman-themed levels? This world can be unlocked if you finish the last level of the World 7, i mean, Defense Zone.

Gramatical correction, please?

Megaman's Party (1st Floor)

Megaman's Party (Shop)
Need to enable the Yellow Switch Palace.

I'm tired to show more screenshots of my hack.
However, things that need to be completed:

-Make levels for Special World
-Make the final level of the hack (Mastermind's palace)
-And some cool final boss.

8th March 2016
22th April 2016

Please, don't submit this hack and/or LP until all the levels and stuff are finished!

Tell me what do you think about my hack?

I have no idea how to respond to this
Here's some thoughts.
In the Megaman's Party (Shop) the wall should have a black outline at the side bits.

If the ballons in Megaman's Party (1st Floor) don't already bobble around you should make them do so.

I am not really sure why you picked bomberman characters to be enemy's but whatever.

As for the OW maps, I like the shape of them but on top of them is just spam of trees and stuff, try make bits of the land that vary in height.

Inafune World, em its something

(Sorry if that comes across as being mean but its just really weird)
Hmmm... Even if Roberto transformed his avatar to his true Megarex form, that doesn't mean he can continue on his future works. I think he inserted Bowser in his previous hacks, and I think Bowser will appear in this after defeating Mastermind...
7 years using I think that's not enough.

i like to be a tester
Your hacks always have a weird feel to them. They all feel & look so similar to me somehow. It's honestly sort-of charming and I will probably play it once you've released it.
Layout by Erik557
Originally posted by Roberto zampari

My legitimate reaction to this.
Anyways, the OW is quite nice, but a little clashy in my opinion. SMB3 gfx with bomberman? graphics doesn't look too great. That's all I really have to say. The rest looks nice.

Also, here's my translated version of your story:

This year...

It's Megaman's 29th anniversary party!

However, something terrible has happened!
The five evil bastar-- I mean, dastardly bombers equipped with their evil schemes!

They ruined the party, kidnapped 6 special megamen, and trapped them in your castle!

Last paragraph is fine. Intro text is fine.
Sorry to make you wait, i'm vacation in Maragogi, but i'm back, here some screenshots of the two special levels:

Special Level 1: What's Subcon?

No, i'm not copying the first level of SMB2, i'll explain why.

Boomerang Bros

Chain Chomp and Fire Bro

Storage or tower area.

And finally: Top Man Boss (Actually, it's a reskinned version of Spiny Boss made by Ersanio)

Special Level 2: Grotte Speciali

The level features upside-down buzzy beetles

How will you cross this area?

Getting worse.


Oh my...

Swooper Bat generator, could this be necessary?

I'll show more screenshots if anyone can reply here.
Feel free to PM to me to test my hack to do beta testing and proofreading.
Double post: It's seems that everyone doesn't pay attention in cool hacks.

Sky Speed Lifts:

Gramatical correction, please...

The gimmick of this level are the SMW2 speed lifts depending of the speed.

Springs and Traps:

You're still wondering why the monty moles are grey.

Bouncing for joy.

It's getting harder.

More harder.

I clashed?

Run for the springs.

These are the countdown blocks, you have 3 seconds to wait and it'll be a spiked ball.

Skull Canyon:

Dry Bones

These are the reskinned Pokey, Thwimp and Bullet Bill.

Hopping flames are blue to act like spectre.


Goombas reskinned like eyes.
Piranha Plants like bones.

These enemies from SMWYeahhh!!!!

If you beat the Green Switch Palace, you'll unlock the Quickman's Time Trial, you only have 1 minute to complete a level.

Gramatical correction, please...

That's all for now.
I'm finishing the two remaining things for the blue and red switches.
Also, the special level and final level.
Ok! If this game will be finished, I'll play it for sure!
7 years using I think that's not enough.

Hey Roberto, How's the progress of this hack? Is it nearly finished?
7 years using I think that's not enough.

Evereything that i need is a final test tomorrow and after submit this to the hacks section.

Here some screenshots of the final level:

What do you think about this?

EDIT: Check this
This is almost complete, only need some changes.
I think the game will be accepted if moderators say about it. I already know that is already claimed by MrPeeDay.
7 years using I think that's not enough.

Everything that i need is a trailer/preview about my hack using this music.
Could anyone do this for a friend.

And ForthRightMC, I highly doubt that my hack will be accepted my hack due to the MrDeePay
Your level design definitely improved a lot. The levels now all play diffrently and there were some really neat gimmicks.
I'm not done yet but I'll comment on what I played so far (I'm at the last level from world 7). I also think the difficulty curve is perfect, it starts out pretty easy and ends with hard levels. There are no level that stick out for being too difficult / easy.

Some flaws I found (note I played V.1.0):
- some levels had an awful amount of slowdown
- lots of clashing graphics (although it's not a big problem for me)
- often reused boss battles and some of them being too hard compared to the level (reznor)
- the boss in the blue switch palace was able to pass the walls (making you being stuck)
- the midpoint in Defense Zone doesn't work

The map looks pretty good, but definitely remove some of the decration, it's WAY too much (not commenting on the special world map).

World 1 starts of with standart well designed grassland levels. Fun but pretty forgettable. Jackfruit City 1 was the first really clever level, the gimmick combined with the non-linear level design made the level stand out.

World 2 was one of my favourites. The levels introduced a lot of new interesting enemies, used in interesting ways. The castle level combined all those enemies, creating a very varied fun castle.

World 3 started out pretty uninteresting, but got more interesting with every level. I don't remember anything of the first two levels (I hate the graphics btw :P). The ghost house was a fun level, although I hated playing the first room three times, becuase I went in the wrong door. The sewers level was very challenging, because of it's neat sprite placement. The airplane was a bit empty, yet still very fun. The castle finally had a new boss fight that finally was a more challenging.

World 4 was very strange, especially graphic wise. The "up <-> down" and "left <-> right" level, as well as the short p-switch time level were both excellent. The other ones didn't stand out too much, but were still pretty good. However the music in Funny Fortress was horrible, I hated it so much.

World 5 had the first difficult levels. However it's my least favourite world since most of the levels felt very sameish. However the ghost house was an amazing level, loved it all the way through.

World 6 had high quality levels all the way through. Other than the vanilla level, there was no level that I think was weak. The level "Dangerous Pipelines" probably is your level with the best level design so far. I can't explain why, you have to play it for yourself. "Flower Athletics" and the castle level were the other highlights.

World 7 was very difficult. However I won't judge that world yet, since I haven't got the secret exits yet and also haven't beaten the final level.

Hope this helps. Also guys be sure to check it out, it's worth it.
Check out my new hack thread:
Thanks for the feedback, but quote some things.

Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker
- some levels had an awful amount of slowdown

Which levels have slowdown? I tested the hack in SNES9X.

Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker
- often reused boss battles and some of them being too hard compared to the level (reznor)

I thought that using this with some modifications on the battlefield would make this interesting and dificult.

Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker
- the boss in the blue switch palace was able to pass the walls (making you being stuck)

Oh, the dahnamics' boss? I knew that there are something suspicious on it.

Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker
- the midpoint in Defense Zone doesn't work

Oh, thanks for reporting this to me, i'll fix this later.

If my hack gets rejected for another some reason, i'll make some fixes. Just wait the remoderation of my hack by MrDeePay.
I like this hack so far, however there are some issues that you should consider fixing:
- The infinite score glitch that occurs every time you beat a level.
- No rewards for beating the challenges in the mini-game house.
- Some message boxes/cut-scenes need to be proofread, since the hack is text heavy.
- Some levels are far too long, meaning the player starts to lose interest midway through the level. (Mainly applies to those playing it on actual hardware)
- Some switch blocks in later levels weirdly screw the player over instead of aiding them.
- Different palettes would be nice for levels that use the same tileset in a row.
- A midway point should be added before each boss.

Hack rating: 3.6/5
Layout by Erik557
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
Which levels have slowdown? I tested the hack in SNES9X.

I did play it in ZSNESW (don't kill me please) and especially the first level of the toy town world (world 4)
and later levels had a huge amount of slowdown. However I'm not sure if it's only because I'm playing with ZSNESW.
Check out my new hack thread:
Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker
I did play it in ZSNESW (don't kill me please) and especially the first level of the toy town world (world 4)

I won't kill you, but i suggest to use a cool emulator like SNES9X or BSNES.

Anyway, if my hack gets rejected, i'm making new boss replacements.
If you played my hack, you should know that i'll replace...

Dark Matter (Reskinned Xan Bie from Carol) for the World 5 fortress.
Okay, Carol is very inactive in SMWCentral, there's no response about her.
But the very weird issue about this boss... this a bug? Can the player ignore it? How can i fix it?

Frenzied Toroko moved from World 5 to World 4.

I need to wait MrDeePay for the moderation.
What do you think about these changes?
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