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Sprites on Platforms and Springs and Stuff

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That is not what's causing that, I tried in a ton of ways.
I had a bouncing parakoopa and then a faster platform caught up with it while it was still going up pretty fast and it jumped off the platform again just fine, but for some strange reason it would just pass through on the second contact.
I have literally no clue what's going on with that.
Your layout has been removed.
Yo leod, I PMed you a couple of bugs, plus this (not mentioned in PM): Cheep Cheeps, whether horizontally or vertically swimming, whether in water or on ground, don't interact with the tiles AT ALL, but you didn't listen. What's taking you so long?
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

What's taking him so long? Hmm, allow me to answer that:
• He's busy.
• He's working out other kinks.
• He's most likely working on something else
• Has real life issues
• Has things in real life he'd rather attend to

Now which one of those do you wish to be your answer? Stop demanding progress. Do it. Do it now. This acts as your warning.
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