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New(er) 4-5 ~ Rockdiggin' Chasm
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It revolves around Diggin' Chucks and its rocks.

Palette is a WIP too.
meanwhile i'm done
Music choices not final.
midway point might be a bit lopsided. felt like the second half was longer than the first.

it's also rather easy for the last world, even with smw's terrible ice physics, but there's nothing really objectively wrong with it so accept i guess
It felt pretty easy, but since I didn't find any real issues it's an accept from me too.

Also this message box from the next level doesn't make sense now.


My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
I like the setups you could make with the rocks and slopes! It's a pretty neat way to use the wonky physics. There are some really clever Morton Coin setups when at first I was like 'what this is impossible' but at the end you find a way to actually get it without getting hurt.
The introduction to the setups is very player-friendly, so props for that.
I say accept.
I think the level is fine. One thing I would maybe consider changing is removing the Chucks around the 4th and 5th Dragon Coins or placing them in different spots, so the player isn't required to kill them to collect the Dragon Coins.

But that's just my opinion, and I still think it's worthy of accepting otherwise. Feel free to modify it if you agree.
i started to enjoy it towards the end but i think there are a number of things that kept me from enjoying it the whole way through

you have two choices: kill the chuck, or lure it away. the former is tedious, the latter is annoying.

unfortunately, there are tons of places where you need to kill a chuck to advance, and it adds fake longetivity to the level. i guess you're not actually supposed to kill the clapping chucks throughout the level but that sounds completely impossible unless you're spamming savestates or tasing the hack.

the biggest issue i have here is the diggin' chuck, which pressures you into timing it right as quickly as possible. but you only get the proper timing once every, like, 5 seconds, which is more than enough time for him to start throwing rocks. i like the way this place is set up but that diggin' chuck makes it way more annoying than it should be.

sliding into the fuzzy (already dead here) with a mushroom or flower makes you literally pass through the platform here. something needs to happen here but i'm not sure what, but i'd greatly appreciate it if you could find a fix for this

i'd honestly change
I still hold my verdict.
I had a few problems with this before I figured out the gimmick, (honestly kept doing what I did the whole time, was more fun) because I'm used to doing things differently, and just running under the boulders when they jump... which is what I did, except where I could spin on them. Of course, that doesn't mean much, it just means you should rename it to something that makes this obvious to people who don't normally try to find obscure gimmicks and instead do the quickest pathway no matter how difficult. (e.g. Slide to Destroy, or Sliding on Rocks)

Pretty much the only problem that I have is that this is a blind jump. There are some other aggravating sections that don't really give you the thumbs up as to what you're going to need to do beforehand, but those can just be done the hard way/"the quick way" according to me, since that is exactly what I did. So, make this more obvious, or remove the coins and put a walk-way, or something like that.

Actually a pretty good level once you figure it out, imo
So... fix
ok I got forced to made a newer analysis on this level with more details.

The start doesn't really introduce the gimmick we're seeing while we advance. While it's true yo get started on a slope, you don't get taught to actually slide down and bounce in either a note block or keep on a moving platform, which is what the later level consists of. Maybe you can put an indicator of that.
Noivern gave a good example on IRC:
Originally posted by Noivern
<Noivern> start the player on a slope after exiting the pipe, with a down arrow in coins
<Noivern> leading to some rocks to hit
<Noivern> just for fun, but

This is the first usage of the gimmick, albeit a simple one. It's a good introduction because you aren't actually forced to learn the gimmick, but are given a reward in case of doing it.
Also a problem here: if you keep sliding from the start up to the point with the chuck, this might hit you blindly since the player doesn't expect it. I say remove the chuck.

Not really later, we're introduced to the real first usage of the gimmick.

While I agree the gimmick was taught nicely with anteriority, it might be better if the munchers in this obstacle were removed. Might I add that the diggin' chuck here is really annoying?
<~Erik557> this obstacle might be too complicated for a second one too, i don't know

Before getting to the next sliding obstacle we get some part with a diggin' chuck. Good addition.

The two following sliding parts are not really complicated, and are in fact a good way to balance in the diffictlty. Maybe one could be swapped with the first obstacle?

Now the following obstacle.

That slope is misleading.

If you made this jump wrong then that rock is your doom. Remove it.

At last, a midway point. Game over count: 1
Yes, it was the diggin' chuck NEXT TO THE MIDWAY POINT the one that made me get it. I had to redo the first part.

fgsfds please remove that muncher

i lost my sanity with this obstacle. I got another game over here.

The following obstacle is alright, however I keep insisting on you to remove the munchers.

The obstacle to get the last Yoshi coin is pretty clever, actually! I liked it.

And I finished. Game over count: 2

The second half feels overall shorter than the first, so you might want to balance them.
A lot of the problems come from the rock/chuck/muncher abuse, and while the level is actually pretty creative, thatere are some not fun at all parts.
Please fix/change some of the stuff so it feels much more enjoyable.
Originally posted by IRC
<aHick> erik you did it
<aHick> you said what I didn't
<aHick> bcause I was 2lazy
<Erik557> yes i wrote a FUCKING ESSAY ON A LEVEL
<aHick> you mean, what I do for every real review or question

Originally posted by Erik557

Originally posted by Noivern
<Noivern> start the player on a slope after exiting the pipe, with a down arrow in coins
<Noivern> leading to some rocks to hit

[and stuff]

afaik that was my idea first, erik

More likely: we just came up with it independently, since there was some discussion about the level while I wasn't on the channel, and I probably restated what I didn't know you had already said :P
I really can't come up with a better name.

And thanks for the in depth feedback. :)


My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
Closer to being good. The gimmick is introduced more nicely, and the difficulty feels, overall, more balanced.

Some issues:

Are these sideways note blocks really necessary? They are more annoying, if anything.

This platform didn't spawn the first time I got here. I'm actually not sure why.

Guess what refused to spawn the first time here too! (remove some rocks maybe?)
Shoul be fixed now.


My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
Yeah it's better now. Thanks for updating; I didn't run into any issues now. Accept from me.
actually I just proceeded to insert it.
This isn't late at all, but Accept it is now from me. Pretty much all of the needed changes were taken, in my opinion.
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