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What's your favourite gaming console?

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I'm aware this thread has likely been done a million times, but since I can't find anything like it in recent years, here we go.

Basically discuss what your favourite console is and why you like it, whether it's close to your heart, you like it because of its power, or you like it's library. Self explanatory, but don't argue about it; everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

For me that console would probably be the Playstation 1 - it was my first along with the N64 and had a pretty great library, along with the Crash Bandicoot trilogy, Spyro the Dragon and Bubsy 3D.
For actual consoles to play games on specifically for it, I would say the SNES because it was that point where the graphics looked okay and it wasn't as much known for frustrating Nintendo-hardness as the NES. No opportunities for 3D game camera screws yet. I also grew up with it so there's an element of nostalgia. It also helps that it was home to one of my favorite video game trilogies of all, the DKC series.

For overall use, I'd say the Wii. I'm not really fond of the waggle but I rarely ever use it to actually play Wii games so that's not really an issue. It's almost always used to watch Netflix, Amazon video, play SNES and N64 games via the Virtual Console, and it's backwards compatible with Gamecube games.
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Tie between ps2 and SNES library wise. Both have massive libraries with a ton of classics, a lot of those classics being exclusives. SNES had superior versions of most multiplats on top of that, tho admittedly ps2 was less powerful than the competition and thus got a few shitty ports. I guess SNES had the slowdown issues in a few games (mostly shmups) as well. But yeah the libraries are top tier.

It would be the N64. I had good memories with other consoles, but I can certainly say this one had the biggest impact on me.

It's weird for me to say this, but at the same time I had the console, I emulated it on the computer (Corn v0.29 IIRC, Project64 was too heavy for the computer back then). I remember playing games like 007 GoldenEye, Mario Tennis, Magical Tetris Challenge, Mario Party (never owned it, we rented it), Tetrisphere and most importantly, Mario Kart 64, but I played other games like Super Mario 64 and Zelda: OoT in Corn and later a few others on PJ64, like Mario Golf, Mario Party 3, Super Smash Bros, Banjo-Kazooie (and Tooie), etc.

Unfortunately I can only emulate N64 games now, I traded the console I had with the Nintendo GameCube. I do not regret that decision however, since I had a good time with the GameCube too. And before you ask, I was never the kind of person who owned many games (I don't think I've ever owned >15 in any console I ever had?) but I still had a good time playing the games I enjoyed.
PlayStation 2 (even though it suffered from too much shovelware)
Game Boy Advance
Playstation Portable

Probably the DS. Tons of great games such as Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (seriously, play this game), Pokémon, Rhythm Heaven, etc. and with the exception of the DSi, you have the entire GBA library available as well.
Probably the Gamecube, if only for the intense nostalgia value it has for me

SNES is pretty good too but the days my brother and I would mess around in Wind Waker with the GBA Tingle thing will always be a fond memory
I use my 3DS (a New 3DS XL, more specifically) every day, so I'd have to say it's either that, or... um, SNES, Wii U, GameCube, N64, NES, you get the idea.
I think some of you are misunderstanding the topic, its "What is your favorite consoles," not "What consoles do you own"

But for me, this is actually a hard choice, if only because of nostalgia. I'll say the... Wii. Yeah, that works. It has a bunch of good games on it, backwards compatibility for Gamecube(for older models), and a wide collection of the classics on the Shop Channel.
SNES > Genesis > NES > rest

honorable mentions include PS2 and rest of gen 6 consoles, PS3 and Atari 2600

also for handhelds nintendo > rest, tho psp and ngpc are great too
Ok, this is hard to decide...

I like the Game Cube because it has some of my favorite games and I find it quite an underrated console. But in what is about multiplayer gaming, I would say the N64 was better. But then the PlayStation 2 was my first console actually mine, and has many nostalgia value.

With some thinking, I'm going to settle with the N64, because it also has games that trascenced in many ways, and I consider the best games of all times, specially Super Mario 64, which is to date my favorite game of all.

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Toss up between the 2600, NES, and Genesis. Pretty much all my fondest childhood gaming memories can be traced back to one of these three consoles. Not to mention, a number of personal favorites seem to come from their libraries as well. I just need to get a proper CRT back into my setup again.

PS2's been a long-standing fave as well.

Easier question for me would be least favorite console. N64 all the way. Love some of the games on it, but absolutely hate the console. Felt that way since day one and still feel that way today. Though, my ire has eased up over the years thanks to some of those games.
SNES all the way. It has the most games that I like, between Mario, Donkey Kong, Mega Man, and third-party stuff like the Disney games. Its RPG selection is pretty lacking (then again, aren't most consoles'?), so it's not perfect, but its selection of platformers and side-scrolling action games, at least, is second to none, and I definitely have a lot of fond memories with it.

Oh, and I would probably agree with the Nintendo 64 being my least least, out of consoles that I own (if we're not taking that into account, any and all of the Xbox line would be my least favorite).


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Originally posted by imamelia
Its RPG selection is pretty lacking

Originally posted by Deputy BS
yeah I mean what the fuck is final fantasy, chrono trigger, earthbound, romancing saga, secret of mana / deiken sensetsu, secret of evermore, illusion of gaia, soul blazer, dragon quest, lufia, breath of fire, super mario rpg, live-a-live, terranigma, shin megami tensei, tales of phantasia, dragon slayer (aka the predecessor to legend of heroes), or ys, or any of the snes srpgs anyway

where the fuck are rudra, treasure hunter g and star ocean

also lmao @ deiken sensetsu

Originally posted by K3fka
Originally posted by imamelia
Its RPG selection is pretty lacking


Well, considering who made this claim, is it really that surprising?
Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Best-emulated, my first console, awesome game selections, best rendition of Cammy's theme in SSF2, etc.

PlayStation: Fun console with many good games, it started the turn of a new generation in gaming... the PS2 was just as good, and I own a PS3. Always been loyal to PlayStation I seem.

Dreamcast: Never owned one, but it had some damn good games on it, such as Cannon Spike. Also still an active homebrew community exists.

The only good thing about the Xbox (original) is that it's so easy to mod and run homebrew on because it has a PC architecture.
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My favorite console, barring backwards compatibility, would have to be the Game Cube. It's the console I grew up with. I have LOTS of games for it. I think the Game Cube, PlayStation 2, and XBOX generation is the best generation.

But since the Wii can play all Game Cube games plus Wii games, the Wii simply HAS to be better. I was able to play all of my Game Cube games even after I got my Wii.

The graphics in particular that most games in the generations have are perfect. Not too bad-looking like the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 1 era, and not too realistic like in all future eras.

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Imamelia, are you from a PAL country? I ask this because AFAIK Final Fantasy VII was the fourth turn-based JRPG ever released in PAL.

On the other hand, the N64 had only two RPGs, Paper Mario, and one that was just bad.
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Originally posted by Wiimeiser
Imamelia, are you from a PAL country? I ask this because AFAIK Final Fantasy VII was the fourth turn-based JRPG ever released in PAL.

On the other hand, the N64 had only two RPGs, Paper Mario, and one that was just bad.

ffs, his location is stated directly under his avatar.
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