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Luigi Story Saga Demo by JaphethMario21st

File Name: Luigi Story Saga Demo
Submitted: 11-03-2016 01:18:18 PM by JaphethMario21st
Authors: JaphethMario21st
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: So this is my demo of the ROMhack Luigi Story Saga, which features 20 levels. So anyways I'm not sure when this hack will be finish, but I try to at least aim at either 2016 or 2017.

This hack is a good one in terms of both design and aesthetics, but I had to reject it, mainly for two reasons.

The first reason is the fact that your hack felt like a tech demo, where the aim was to only showoff your levels. The hack section isn't the place for them, if you want to just show levels, you should make a thread here. Said this, once you have a proper overworld, with events and everything, it will be considered a proper hack worth to keep in the hacks section.

Second reason is the big number of minor errors found trough your levels. We don't aim to have "perfect" hacks, but yours has way too many errors. Making a list of the ones I found:
- One of the main offenders. This happens in the last level of the demo (as in, the last "World 6-?" level). You basically linked the player to a "test level", which is the worst way to make a demo hack end. The level should've ended properly, plus, a message box saying that it's the end of the demo would help players not to get confused.
- (1) (2) Something is wrong with your HDMA codes. This happens in SNES9X; if you can, be sure to give your code a look, or atleast, ask someone's help for this.
- In many levels, the statusbar is hidden by other tiles of the level.
- (1) (2) Some cases of major cutoff.
- Weird tile priority settings. This isn't the only level it happens; every forest level with that kind of decoration has issues with it.
- (1) (2) This level was supposed to have no vertical scroll, but if you run and jump (or walljump high enough), the camera scrolls, the layer 2 moves up, and all the cutoff is revealed. Make sure you set vertical scroll to none.
- (1) (2) (3) Other minor issues with decoration tiles.
- Going for a guess, I think you forgot this sprite's GFX. If it was supposed to look like that... well, it's not looking too good in my opinion. It's supposed to be a venus, and that doesn't look like it.
- Watch your ceilings. Make sure to close them, since here I can get inside the dirt by walljumping.
- Very minor, but why Luigi in the status bar is called as "Mario", and Yoshi is called as "Luigi"?

That's all so far. Before submitting this again, make sure it has a proper overworld with events, as said before; also, be sure to fix all the issues mentioned. I highly suggest you to get some beta testers here, they'll (maybe) find more errors than I did.
Good luck with the next version.