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Tip: Use this patch to fix the bug where editing the upper right 8x8 tile of the sideways walking Koopa Troopa in GFX01 makes the coin sparkles look glitchy.
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Mario is Missing! - Beta updated 9-22
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Don't worry. This isn't that crappy educational game from the 16-bit era. It's an SMW hack starring Luigi on a quest to save Mario from Bowser. In other words, it's what Mario is Missing SHOULD have been. So far, I have the first four levels of World 1, as well as the World 1 map, done.


I'm using a mix of my own graphics with SMAS rips.

Naturally, this level is easy, with Piranha Plants being the toughest enemies you'll face.

Going for a Yoshi Coin



This level uses my latest foreground and background submissions.

Prepare to fry, Koopa!



Obligatory World 1 underground level

Just taking the high road

A bit of an SMB1 shout-out here


This level mostly focuses on bouncing green Parakoopas.

There are a few mushroom platforms here, but there might be more in the next level.

This level introduces Venus Firetraps. They only spit one fireball when they come out of the pipe though.


"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
Seen the video of your 1-2 before you made this thread - everything looks really nice so far. Using both your own graphics and some from other Mario games is a great touch on overall visuals. The level design seems pretty nice and solid.

Oh, and I also like that you made the SMB3 status bar green, it's a small, yet nice touch.

I like the level variety, as well as those cute little details like the flowers, grass, and rope lamps. Good work my man, I will stay tuned.

Oh boy. I wonder we will learn about the real world. In all seriousness though, I really love aesthetics you got going for your hack. They look great to me!

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Originally posted by allowiscous
Good work my man

Isn't Gamma V a woman? I'm pretty sure it's just an expression but whatever.

Anyway, this hack is looking really good. The graphics are beautiful and it looks like something worth playing. I also like the idea of simplicity, but yet it's full of variety at the same time. This is definitely what Mario is Missing should have been in the first place.

Formerly known as nick 139
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Wow you strike again, look pretty good so far. Congrats!

Hey while seeing this advance an idea came to me: what about of follow the map with the actual level... If the map goes right, the level will develop to the right, if the path goes left, the level will develop to the left, etc. Maybe a crazy idea that can serve you.
Oh man, another high-tier hack already? You're a machine, Gamma V!

It seems to be your best-looking hack so far. I really liked the look of Bowser's Cataclysmic Trap but found Tatanga's Return to be a bit lack-luster. This seems to combine the best aspects of both of them with the All-Stars graphics that go surprisingly well with your own stuff. And knowing you I'm sure it will be really fun to play too! Keep up the good work!

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Good Work.

Question: What are the themes for the worlds here in this hack because for something this is telling me that the hack will be great like the rest of your stuff
Thanks, guys.

@autisticsceptile1993: I suppose this would be a good place to put the World list.

World 1 - Grass/Forest
World 2 - Desert
World 3 - Beach/Water
World 4 - Jungle
World 5 - Mountain (Again...)
World 6 - Sky
World 7 - Fire/Ice (In the official MIM, Bowser's castle was in Antarctica, so I figured I'd have the final world here have some icy elements. It would also be a good place to integrate my Secret Santa level.)

With that out of the way, it's time for an update.


There had to be an athletic level somewhere, right?

This is a bit of a tricky jump.

The platform is your ticket to that A-Coin.

I may change the music, either to the SMB3 athletic theme or the Yoshi's Island one. I normally don't care if a track's overused, but I've used both of those in pretty much all my hacks.

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"

You mean we don't get to learn anything educational? Well that's a bummer. Jokes aside, (That might be the last one I do.) The level itself in the video looks good. I do love the idea of ending the level with a flagpole.

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We don't play Mario to learn stuff, other than how to better dodge Bowser's fireballs and beat levels faster with fewer hits and deaths.

Joking aside, it's update time.


The first fortress of the game shouldn't present too much of a challenge.

Ball 'N' Chains might be the biggest hazards here. Just remember that the chains don't hurt you.

Getting close now. Coins mark the sweet spots where you won't get burned by a Podoboo.

As if this weren't SMB3-like enough, here's a Boom-Boom.

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
It looks like it's time for the first double post of this thread.


The levels have actual names now. After realizing that I'd need to replace the "Mario Start!" intro due to Mario not being the player character in this hack, I decided to use imamelia's VWF Level Intro patch again.

The large logs constantly spawn Goombas from one or both ends.

You need the Yellow Switch to get this last A-Coin.



Coins constantly spawn from the two yellow pipes. You have to collect 20 of them to get to the Switch.


We're deep in the woods now.

They're based on the Eerie disassembly. They aren't too tough. They can be stomped, shot with fireballs, and cape-smacked. The threat comes from the fact that they fly and are constantly being spawned from the hives on the trees.

Sorry, Mr. Spiny. I'm taking the high road. There's an A-Coin up here.

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
First post in 11 days
This looks very good. Certainly a nice hack concept.
Will look forward to this.
i think i'm back

Layout by RanAS
Thanks, Pedro.

Well, World 1 is very close to being finished, with only Toad's Hut, which is basically an SMB3-esque Toad House, and the first castle left to finish. I haven't worked on either yet, but I have finished up the title and intro screens.


It's a simple, static title screen. I believe the real MIM had a title screen like that too.


The reason I put Bowser's Castle in an icy region is because, in the real Mario is Missing, it's in Antarctica. The final world will actually be a fire/ice combo, and I plan to start it off with my Secret Santa 2015 level.

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
I really like the looks of all the levels so far. The title screen also seems well done,
however I'm not a huge fan of the front, especially the "I's" and "G's" don't seem big enough. Also the palette of the castle could be a bit more colorful.
However I really love the background of the intro screen. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next updates.

Check out my new hack thread:
Looking great so far, Gamma V! The title screen looks colorful, and the concept seems great so far.

The level design looks decent (I like the gimmicks you use in your switch palace levels, which I also noticed in your other hack, Tatanga's Return), and the intro screen was a clever idea showing Mario stuck caught in the castle.

Looking forward to more progress!

Currently: Starting college!
Another hack that makes me very good. Title screen and the levels are excellent. Keep it up!

This is so insane! I've got powers, and I'm fighting supervillains!

-Rena Rouge
@PuzzelBreaker: I was trying to recreate an SMW-like font.

@Everyone else: Thanks for the comments.

Time for another update. World 1 is complete now.


This castle introduces Thwomps and Blue Koopas. Like in New Super Mario Bros, there are distinct blocks to mark where the Thwomps will hit.

Thwomp has the high ground here.

The second room is vertical and introduces nets and climbing Koopas.

Iggy isn't too tough. He just runs and jumps, getting faster and jumping more frequently as he takes damage. The Podoboos can complicate things just a bit though.


You can't see it because of the Message Box, but there's a ? Block in here that will put a Flower into your reserve, so this hack's houses are a little like the ones from New Super Mario Bros. DS.

There will be one Hut per world in each world but the last, and each one will be run by a different character with a different message.

W1 - Toad
W2 - Kooper
W4 - Donkey Kong
W5 - E. Gadd
W6 - Gaddly

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
Also, the normal bosses are koopalings, in which order they are placed?

Also, the fortress bosses are only Boom-booms?

Each world has it's own submap, am I right?

And what is the music of world maps?

This is so insane! I've got powers, and I'm fighting supervillains!

-Rena Rouge
1.) I haven't fully decided yet. I think I'll have Morton be #2 though.

2.) They probably will be, but arenas will no doubt become more unique has the game goes on.

3.) Yes, they will.

4.) I've only picked out songs for the first two maps, and those are the Super Mario RPG world map theme for W1 and the VLDC7 desert map theme for W2.

Almost forgot about this.

Aside from plotting out events, this map is done.

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
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