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1st Annual Hostel VLDC Level Design Contest: 24 Hour Design Contest Edition (Rules and Submissions)

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Hi. So I've been working with Jack and the judges with the post-game world, and it's been decided that the post-game would consist of a mini level design contest. Welcome to the

1st Annual Hostel VLDC Level Design Contest: 24 Hour Design Contest Edition

The rules are the same as the main VLDC9 contest, which you can view below as a refresher. The Base Rom is the same as the main VLDC9 contest. Please check the VLDC9 thread for more information. There's a specific rules to this contest as well, so please pay attention.

HVLDCLDC:24Hos Rules:
- your level must contain an entrance, midway, and exit almost exactly like VLDC7's Hostel. Click here for a pic of Hostel's main level.
- all midpoint entrance must be in the same setting as Hostel's
- your level must be named Hostel or any variation and anagram of it.
- your level's main exit must have a block of sorts next to the goal gate.

You are allowed a total of 4 sublevels + your main level, which makes for a total of 5 levels. You can use up to 8 secondary exits to connect those levels. The total level should not take longer than 500 SMW seconds (5 1/2 minutes real time) to beat once you know it (e.g. all the puzzles and where to go and such). Assume that the player is quite a bit slower than you, the creator.

You can use half a map16 page for both the FG and BG. Please use the top of page 3 for the FG (the fourth page in total) and the top half of 42 for BG, as it will make inserting the hacks in the collab later a lot easier.
You are allowed and encouraged to use the switch palace blocks in your level. The level can have a secret exit if you want, but it has to be listed in the submission (see below).

You are allowed to use up to 10 ExGFX files, this included layer 3 files. You are allowed to mix tilesets together, recolor, flip and rotate tiles and overlap a maximum of 2 source tiles. See this image for an example on the last 2 points. Recoloring means all instances of a color in that 8x8 tile must be replaced with the same new color (example, see the dark green pixels). You may not use recoloring to add transparency to tiles (color 0). You are also allowed to use YY-CHR to convert 4bpp (layer 1/2) tiles to 2bpp (layer 3) by simply copy-pasting them. After pasing, the same rules above apply.
These rules apply on an 8x8 grid (just saying it so nobody gets funny ideas of mixing 4x4 or 2x2 tiles).
You are not allowed to use YY-CHR, the 8x8 editor #lm{8x} or any other program to edit the graphics in any other way than listed above.

Custom music is allowed.
I have been informed to mention that songs outputted with the SPC1000 tool might not get implemented into the collab as they can be quite big in size.
Here is the music of VLDC7 and VLDC8

Judging will be anonymous, for both the judges AND the level creators. There are three judges in total. The reason for this is because Staff wanted to try out a semi-different kind of judging for this one, and to compare it to the judging results of the main VLDC9 contest.

Scoring and Prizes:
Was your level fun, well built, interesting? Does the level have a good difficulty curve? Not too easy or too hard.
Did you put the provided resources to good use? Did you implement a fun and/or unique gimmick? Anything that will make your level stick out amongst the crowd?
How did the level look? Appearance and things such as usage of decoration, map16 and custom palettes for visual improvement.

For a total of 60 points

Other than the usual badges that will be handed out to the first 5 places, we also got a list of prizes (like real actual prizes) the winner can select one from. If they don't want anything, it will go to the second and so on.

Badges haven't been made, but special ones will be available soon after the hack is released.

Scoring and Prizes:
Submit a zip file containing:
- your hack as <username>.ips or .bps
- all ExGFX files you created as .bin
- the (half) map16 pages for BG/FG you made as .map16
- the levels themselves exported as .mwl
- any custom music as .txt and .brr
- a level name, secret exit yes/no and messagebox text as .txt
- a level name, secret exit yes/no, and dragon coins in the intro message

Important Notes:
Participating in this contest is NO guarantee that you will also make it to the final collab hack. Only and Only the top five will make it into the hack as post-game.
Also, since we're using SA-1, remember to set the sprite header #lm{sprhead} to 10 for actually making use of the "more sprites"

11:00 PM Pacific Standard time. That is 24 hours from now.

Rules Summary:
You are allowed (to):
- work with 1 partner
- 1 main level and a maximum of 4 sublevels
- a maximum of 8 secondary exits
- an average walkthrough time of 500 SMW seconds
- a maximum of 10 ExGFX files (for graphics AND layer 3, not 10 each)
-- mix tilesets together, recolor, flip and rotates tiles. You can as well merge/overlap two source tiles into a single one.
- half a map16 page (128 blocks) for BG and FG each.
-- (please use the top of page 3 (4th total) for FG and 42 for BG)
- use custom music
- create a thread to showoff your level
- must have the same layout as VLDC7's Hostel
- must be named Hostel or a variation of it

You are not allowed (to):
- change the first 3 pages of the map16
- use ASM of any kind
- use the 8x8 editor, YY-CHR or any other tool to modify the graphics beyond what has been allowed
-- use recolor "half assed". Each color has to be fully replaced. (8x8 wise)
-- add transparency to blocks (other than when converting from 4bpp to 2bpp)
- do not edit the original GFX
- leak information regarding your submission or those of others beyond this forum (to keep judging anonymous)
- submit an old level you released somewhere else previously

Layout by LDA during C3.
Click to download

I think its broken on accurate emulators so use zsnes pls #tb{;)}.
My entry.

Make sure you play the entire thing
Make sure to read the txt file + to have fun.
Edit: I made a new level, and it's the second serious entry yet (out of 9 entrys), well a little bit serious :O
Check out my new hack thread:
Dry Dry Hostel

Against my better judgement, this was farted out after a few or several hours.

The contest wasn't real, but I would have won anyways. ;)
Layout by LDA during C3.
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