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"how do i operate cheese slice application"

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Welcome to the "how do i operate cheese slice application" Forum Game!
I originally posted these type of questions as an April Fools joke, but then I decided that we should [hopefully] make this forum game.

So, the way this works is simple. You must come up with a creatively dumb question [about SMW/SMW hacking]:
I.E. "how green horse eat peanut wearing glasses"
and, you must answer the question before, so:
I.E. "use binary code to mod crazy numbers"

  • Please do not use capital letters
  • Do not use punctuation
  • You may not use the official name of things [come up with creative alternatives
  • One question per post
  • Try not to use common verbs, but you can if you want/need
  • Take your time and be creative

I'll start with an easy one:

how one institute floor surface using galactic program
Originally posted by Wiimeiser
Some stupid questions, I know, but they're bugging me:

1. What, exactly, is the programming behind all the random crashes in Action 52? In addition, how much of the games overlap each other? For example, does the second level of Ooze exist in part of the loading code for Alfredo? Unrelated, but I assume the boss not showing up in Star Evil is sprite ID limitations. The jumping's probably a Gamemaker beginner's mistake or something.

2. Again, another technical question: In The Wizard of Oz on SNES, how exactly does the whole falling through the floor thing work? Does the code not run every frame or something?

EDIT: 3. How does the "get dizzy by jumping" thing in Dark Castle (CDI) occur? I'm guessing the animation's too short or something?

4. On the whole CDI thing, is it really only capable of having two buttons, much like how the NES only has four?


a:with two typewriters

Q:how do i lick my own asshole like a cat can
Lemme ask you something

Paul '96
how me dissect computer video cartidge game info
a: by disconnecting your vertebrae in several spots

q: whats a kieran and how do i smoke it
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