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My New Hack - Screenshots of 1-1 & 1-2 + OW1


Thanks for clicking on my hack thread, I started working on it two days ago (such a long time :p)
But I already want to show of the progress I've made so far. The hack will probably be fully chocolate.
I haven't really planned a lot yet, so there's no name and story yet. Also I can't tell how many levels I'm planning to design.
I'm not trying to design totally complex levels, but ones that are quite simple and still non-inear and not flat.
With this hack I also want to improve my ASM skills and therefor try to code simple blocks (I'm still new to ASM :D) by myself.

But now on to the screenshots:

Note: The gems all got shading, however it's not easily visible on the screenshots. It looks much better ingame though.

Level 1-1 - Name (feel free to make suggestions)

To do list:
- finish the level
- BG + BG palette
- redrawing and adding some decoration


I replaced the coins with gems in different colors and with a different value (no, they weren't hard to code :D).
Yellow gems = 1 Coin
Green gems = 5 Coins
Red gems = 10 coins.

The tileset is a redrawn version of a grassland tileset by Kaeru with some decoations I've drawn + some drawn by Gamma V. Thanks!

Two paths to take, an easy one or a yoshi coin (don't worry it's still world 1 difficulty)

Level 1-2 - No Name as well

To do list:
- finish the level
- maybe change the FG palette, depends on if you think it looks good
- background stuff
- maybe changing the palette of the small red pipe


I make bigger use of the mushroom platforms (also drawn by Gamma V (Thanks again))

However I just started working on the level.

I still however got a screenshot of the first map:

I'm not sure if I like it or not, but it surely took it's time.

That's it for now. Feel free to leave comments, feedback or questions. Let's just I'll stay as motivated as I'm right now.
See you in the next update #w{=3}.
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Cool, seems alright. The pipe colors in level 2 could use some work though, the colors aren't contrasting enough and they seem to blend.
Yoshiatom's Post

My main complaint is that the Not-Yoshi Coin looks... odd. It's really elongated at the bottom and the shading seems to be inconsistent with the top & bottom halfs.

(Also, yellow seems like and odd colour choice for gems, but eh, SMW pallets)

Other than that it looks fairly decent, the OW looks nice in particular.

Layout by Koopster!

<DeputyBS> I knew it
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Here's some graphic changes you may want to do.
Hey, I'm back with a new update, but first let me respond to your comments.

@allowiscous: Thanks for you comment, I've darkend the pipe a bit. It's much better now.

@yoshiatom: I kind of agree that the yoshi-coin looks weird, I'll maybe change it in the future, but I don't have a idea how I want to change it. I personally like the yellow gems and I'm glad you like the overworld.

@nathanrayman1998: Oooh, these are some nice changes. Thanks for taking the time to so. Especially the new shading on the OW trees looks awesome.

It took it's time, but I'm finally done with designing the first level. To give you a better impression on my level design I decided to post images of the whole level.

First Half
Second Half

Feel free to leave feedback. I'll now be working on level 2.
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...And I'm back. I continued working on level 2 and started drawing graphics for cave levels (progress is slow, I know :D)

Let's start of with the new screens from level 2:

There will be a lot of mushroom platforms in this level.

I redid the palette. Although I accidently deleted the old pics, so you can't compare them anymore. Woops :D

The (little) gimmick of this level are the green mushrooms, which will make you bounce.

I already mentioned that I began drawing a cave tileset. Note that I'm new to drawing graphics and they're nowhere near done yet.
But please give tips on how to improve.

Also since the BG looks out of the place, you could tell me if you have got any suggestions for a fitting background.

That's all for now. As always I'm glad to get feedback.
Btw feel free to still respond to the last update ;).
Check out my new hack thread:
The pattern is alright but the... grass? I'd redesign that.

And I'd personally make the rocks better to be more visible but that's getting into nitpick territory, maybe.
Personally I think that you should modify the BG if your FG is customized. It doesn't look very good IMO, but that's just me. Also the underground FG palette doesn't look very good. You should desaturate it a little bit or choose a different color.

I swear if someone starts an argument about desaturation...
Name ideas: Level 1-1 - Grasshill
Level 1-2 - Mushroom platforming

Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker

Nice, also the use of custom gems is a really good idea.

Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker

Seems pretty nice, I liked it :D

Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker

Wow, overworld seems extremely beautiful, nice job :3

Overall I'm looking foward to this ROM Hack.

One day I'll make a layout...