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4K!ds Dubbing!
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The rules are simple:

Take an epic book, video game, TV show, cartoon, anime, anything!
And 4Kids dub it! That's right. Remove as much swears, violence, blood, gore, and more, to make it "4kids" enough.

Here is a MOTHER3 example Lucas made in the Hell Game. :P

WARNING: This thread WILL have spoilers. So if you don't like to be spoiled, head back... HEAD BACK!

If EarthBound would be dubbed by 4Kids...
- Venus would never be on stage.
- Buzz Buzz never dies. He just goes back from where he came from...
- Jeff does not use "guns", he uses supa lazers.
- No mention of "crap" of course.
- The Happy Happy cult is now a group of people from Greenpeace and say "Green Green" instead.
*Throws a 1-up on the thread*
Final Fantasy: Revenant Wings dubbed by 4kids

*The Judge of Wings doesn't die, she is reincarnated as a true Viera.
*Velis didn't die, he went missing/ "taken away".
*The undead are the souls of those who "went missing" during the war.
*Feolthantos can only be killed with Friendship
*Vaan and Penelo don't have crushes on each other.
*Filo doesn't have feelings for Llyud.
*The starfruit is replaced with sandwiches, as we can't have kids thinking about imaginary fruit.
*Ifrit may scare kids, so we are changing him into a giant teddy bear.
*Feolthantos didn't steal the Aegyl's anima, he stole their Friendship.
Almost forgot:
*Balthier has an invisible gun.
*throws another 1-UP on the thread*

If life (in general) were a 4kids dub:

No mental problems in people
Everyone has a happy life
Babies pop out of nowhere when people get married
Everyone knows everything
The government doesn't exist, since everyone's friends and shit
Swear words don't exist - the worst word someone can say and still physically exist is "no"
Firearms and weapons don't exist
TV/Computer doesn't exist
Nobody ever needs to eat, but they can if they want to
Nobody ever dies, and overpopulation is no issue - until the world is so crowded you have twelve people in your bedroom at all times of the day, and so does everyone else with a house
Everyone has a house
No perverts
No porn
No genitals at all
Bishies, and nobody to "ooh" over them

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
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If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
*Throws my last 1-up on thread*
If this thread was dubbed by 4kids:
*4kids is the most awesome thing ever. Now, talk about our dubs and how great they are.
If TSRP was dubbed by 4Kids...

- Bowser wouldn't be building an airship fleet, he'd be baking cookies and not sharing them.

- Instead of fighting Bowser, Mario would try to convince him to share his cookies.

- Zycloboo wouldn't be trying to kill Mario, he'd be trying to get him to eat junk food.

- Instead of fighting Zycloboo, Mario would suggest a healthier snack, like vegetables.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Super Mario Bros.

Rather than jumping on Koopas, you sit down with them, have tea, and discuss arrangements for allowing you to pass.

Bowser didn't kidnap Peach, she got lost in the forest and stubled upon Bowser's castle. Bowser was kind enough to offer her room and board until someone arrived to take her back home.

Mario doesn't die when he falls into a bottomless pit, he just falls onto a lower lever and walks to the beginning of the level.
-Mario Says Stupid Puns Every 5 Seconds
-Mario is Voiced By Jason Griffith
-The Game Now Uses enhanced Technology that allows for Real Sound Clips to Be Played
-World 8 is now a Purple Void called "The Shadow Realm"
-Bowser Says Stupid Puns
-Enemies Faint instead of Die
-Goombas Say Bad Puns and Have Happy Faces
-Piranha Plants are Removed
-Mario Doesn't Die, he just Faints
-World 5 is removed, since it's too much like Heaven (Which is Religious, and 4Kids HATES Religion!)
-Powerups are Removed, and are Replaced By Life Points
-There are Hidden Advertisements for TMNT, Pizza Hut, Winx Club, Yugioh, etc.
-Mario Doesn't throw Fire

Coincidentally, a well-known user here made a video about 4kids Dubbing Mario:
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

- Lava isn't lava, but soda, and Mario doesn't like it
- Bowser Bowling Balls are just balloons
- You don't stomp enemies, you tickle them on their heads
- Those fireballs are red, wrapped pizzas instead. The enemies leave a coin behind to pay you, and go off directly to eat it.
- Mario becomes Superman when he has a cape
- Layer 2 spikes can be killed actually, but Mario is always too unhandy to do it. He never dies though, he just goes off-screen because he shames himself of being so unhandy.
- Mario did not kiss Peach, that was just a robot.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Super Mario Bros.

-Mario doesn't stomp enemies. They just run away.
-Mario doesn't die when falling in a pit. He just goes under the level and starts over.
-Enemies don't hurt Mario. Instead, they say "Tag! You're it!" and Mario has to start over.
-There is no lava or water.
-Mario doesn't hammer the bridge at the end of each castle. Instead, Bowser just leaves for no reason.

Your layout has been removed.
kinda offtopic, but 4kids cheats to get ratings.
They have all these stupid fake contests that are impossible to win.
Nobody would give out free cash with nothing in return.
Therefor contests should be in what they dub.

And "If 4kids got Mario" was one of my first video's. It is very nubytuby
() ()

Your layout has been removed.
Kirby Super Star:
-Kirby doesn't swallow enemies, he transports them to a magical paradise and sometime they decide to help Kirby.
-Minions don't hurt Kirby, they tell him about their troubles. Kirby gets annoyed at them and returns with his troubles, lowering their tolarance levels.
Spring Breeze:
-King Dedede didn't actually steal the food. Wispy Woods, Lololo, Lalala and Kracko found it on the ground, not knowing it was the Dream Lander's.
The Great Cave Offensive:
-The Creatures there are natural wildlife which don't like intruders.
-The Bosses are very terratorial.
-Kirby is an arciologist.
-Kirby has to avoid a world renown theif,
-Kirby is an arciologist.
-Kirby has to avoid a world renown theif, Mr. Bunny, The Hoppy Computer Guy only he really is Mr. Bunny, The Hoppy Computer Guy.
-Dynablade is only feeding its children.
Meta-Knight's Revenge:
-Meta-Knight is going to challenge Kirby. Kirby thinks his is out to take over Dream Land. The crew is foolish and doesn't know that Meta-Knight wants to challenge Kirby.
-The Heavy Lobster is really manned by Kine, Rick and Coo. They shut it down when they see Kirby.
-Meta-Knight mearly flies away after fighting Kirby.
Milky Way Wishes:
-It's just a dream. (It is anyway....)
-Marx is mearly a misterous butterfly that accidentally gets in the way of NOVA.
The Arena:
-This is where Kirby trains against King Dedede.
Samurai Kirby:
-It's just using wooden sticks to tap the other foe.
Megaton Punch:
-It's now a pie-eating contest. Kirby has to eat a hole in a pie it order to go to the next one.
Gourmet Race:
-They don't gloat.

mario kart:
- karts can hurt ppl so they are replace with walking (no running)
- no one can lose, its always a tie
- only one character, too many choices can overwhelm players

why are you reading this? my post is up there! ^
Warrior Cats:
-The series is renamed to "Clan Cats"
-No blood is shown
-Any killing blow is mentioned as "their teeth or claws accumulating dark energy to send the victim to the Shadow Realm."
-Death berries are now referred to as "Shadow Realm berries."
-No StarClan because it's too much like religion.
The Three are in fact Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw's kits, which means the ending scene of Long Shadows and the entirety of Sunrise are skipped

-Random Disney-style musical numbers
-Dawn of the Clans is skipped entirely
-All the cats are herbivores

The Hunger Games
-It's retooled into an eating contest. Katniss's bow and arrow works just like Cupid's.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
-The series title is changed to "A Series of Events"
-All passages that describe "the one that looks like neither a man nor a woman" as a "creature" or an "it" would be removed
-Count Olaf would merely be a jerkass with a heart of gold
-The installments would be renamed to The Beginning, The Room with Cute, Chibi-looking Snakes that Mean no Harm Ever, The Room with a View, The Happy Mill, The Awesome Academy, The Real Elevator, The City, The Fun Carnival (the Hostile Hospital would be skipped entirely), The Fun Sledding Adventure, The Grotto, The Penultimate Party, and the Island Vacation, and it would be more similar in tone to the fake-out opening from the movie.

Toy Story 3
Lotso would actually push the button to stop the conveyor belt, allowing the toys to freely escape before falling into the incinerator.

Human Centipede
-The victims are joined flank to flank instead of ass to mouth and whatever they eat transfers by osmosis.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.
-Everything that everyone ever shares is a cat or birb video or pic, so no politics, prayer requests, personal struggles, etc. YouTube is already like that if you wanna monetize anything.

-Oh wait, that already exists as the German version

-Oh wait, that already exists as Morse code

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
*resurrects the thread again.*

Kirby Planet Robobot and Siivagunner Christmas Comeback Crisis

-Haltmann wouldn't try to mechanize the world and turn it into the next Shiver Star. Instead he's trying to scam people out of money.

-The Voice wouldn't try to purge anime off the world. Instead he's trying to drain the world of color.

-The stages are no longer Cyberpunk hellholes. Instead they are more natural looking.

-The car enemies would be removed.

-deaths would be removed or altered.

-there would be no loud nigra as instead Nozomi uses the smolitizer to break the doors down.

-all swear words removed.

-santa would be overpowered because he's santa.

-the voice would get a Disney death by being thrown out of his office by Nozomi and Eli considering the deaths were removed.

-Kirby's stomach would work like Right back at ya!

-Mecha Knight would be replaced with Heavy Lobster since meta knight is now player 2.

-No references to Susie's death would be made. Instead they mention her going on vacation.

-they'd skip the entirety of JustinRPG as well as the Angry Joe death.

-they'd remove Snoop Dogg all together and replace him with some generic character.

Sonic The Hedgehog.

-They'd remove the Speed Cap but make the levels bland and uninteresting.

-they'd also give eggman Mike Pollick voice clips.

-they'd remove Marble Zone and Labyrinth Zone because screw platforming amirite?
The Bible
-'Hell' is referred to as “the shadow realm”
-Revelation and the entire Old Testament are skipped
-Jesus is super-glued to the cross instead of being nailed

Roller Coaster Tycoon series
-If peeps decide they've been on a ride for too long (lookin' at you Mr Bones Wild Ride), they can gnaw off the safety bar and exit the ride
-No crashes ever. If a coaster train approaches the end of the track, it simply teleports back to the station, with no injuries
-No vomiting
-Roller coaster 1 doesn't look too intense for you

Zero Time Dilemma
-You win the coin toss at the beginning. And that's literally all there is to it.

-There is no genocide run. Any killing blow makes the game crash. Also, this means the only way to get the neutral ending is to not go on dinner dates with monsters.
-Instead of
turning into Omega Flowey, Flowey turns into Sans
at the end of the neutral route
-Undyne is a man, so
Alphys and Undyne are a straight couple

-Asriel is actually spared in the pacifist ending

Five Nights at Freddy's
-Every animatronic leans in the office like Foxy, and the jumpscare sound is replaced with Nelson saying “HA HA!”
-No Golden Freddy
-Brighter aesthetics
-The game-over screen now shows the security guard quitting

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Melee :
- No wins, no losses : Only ties
- Swords are replaced with balloon swords
- No violence, instead, it's like Amiibo Festival (OML that game was bs)
- No tournaments
- No WOMBO COMBO (F in the chat)

World of Light :
- Galeem doesn't kill anyone, instead, they go tea-party with him
- Spirits are now stickers (like in Brawl :D)
- You don't fight the other characters, you try to convince them to go back home
- No bosses
- Difficulty locked at "Very Easy" (ofc, else ppl would rage)
- Pauline isn't obtainable in the game (too frustrating lol)
- You don't fight Galeem, you just tell him that it's not nice to tea party without cookies
- Dharkon doesn't swallow the World of Light with darkness, he just turns the light off
- The final battle is where you decide if you let the light switch on or off : If you let it on, Galeem takes everyone to their tea party (even Kirby), if you let it off, Dharkon sends everyone to sleep
- You can make the light bulb explode, and both Galeem and Dharkon have to go outside to buy another one : True ending

RIP my friend's Ridley, he dropped it cuz I combo'd him a bit tol much as Mario.
Call of Duty games now have invisible guns which put people to sleep for a few seconds until you reawaken.

Originally posted by SMW Central related
SMW Hacking is now called SMW Editing, so it doesn't sound as heinous.

SMW Central has now removed all avatars due to too much freedom that would result in a lot of unnecessary censorship so the feature was removed. Layouts were also removed.

You can now only pick from user names generated by the PATENTED 4KIDS NAMER MC BOB! Allowing for safe family friendly names. All names were thus nuked.

Forum Moderators are now required to delete any posts that say anything bad about their company or bad in general.

I'll probably do more later.

Be a cool person and check out this thread and comment on it!
There's custom dimensions and really neat sorcery you can enjoy!
Scrydan does Datapack things to Minecraft - 1.16 Minecraft Java Datapack Requests

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
Harry Potter series:
-The Basilisk looks more like the sand worms from Beetlejuice
-No time-turner in book 3 because time-travel is too confusing
-Book 4 is renamed to “Harry Potter and the Card Game Tournament” because fire hurts, and because all the tasks are now about playing childrens' card games
-Instead of “Death Eaters” they're now simply called “Voldemort's staff”
-Umbridge is nice
-Instead of Harry's scar hurting, it sends him bell notifications
-Mundungus is renamed because dung is nasty
-”Hey! Snape sends Dumbledore to the Shadow Realm!”
-The final book is renamed “Harry Potter and the Lengthy Camping Trip” and nobody dies
-The Deathly Hallows are now called the Millennium Items
-The reason that the Horcruxes have to be destroyed: to punish Voldemort for being a bad boy
-When they break into Bellatrix's vault, there's no Flagrante curse. Also, the multiplying objects are multi-colored plastic balls so it ends up looking like a ball pit
-Voldemort suffers some sort of humiliation conga and ends up running away, never to be seen or heard from again

Half-Life series
-Gordon has a water pistol and some sort of apparatus that fires dark energy discs
-Headcrabs are raw turkeys that want to flirt with you
-The HECU and Combine just point their fingers at you like in the Yu-Gi-Oh dub and their sentry guns are Aperture science sentry turrets that fire shadow realm pellets
-Nihilanth looks cute
-Medium and hard difficulty are cut. Only easy mode remains
-Black-ops assassins are cut
-Gonarch's Lair is cut
-Blast Pit is cut because tentacles are scary
-On a Rail is now a cutscene consisting of a roller coaster ride thru Black Mesa
-Gargantuas are now smaller and they look cute
-Barnacles are cut because they're basically penises
-Ichthyosaurs are cut because they're too scary
-Gunships now look like snowberry clearwing moths and Striders are absent entirely
-The reason for evacuating everyone in episode 1: because they're going on vacation
-The Citadel doesn't blow up
-Hunters now look like Basset hounds and they don't fire flechetes
-The Strider battle at the end of episode 2 is cut because Striders are scary
-Episode 2 actually ends with them successfully getting into the chopper and no casualties

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Elder Scrolls Series:

-Instead of spreading the deadly, nasty Corprus Disease, Dagoth Ur makes the people of Morrowind sick with a slight cold.
-The corprus monsters are replaced with normal civilians holding handkerchiefs.
-None of the NPCs are racist towards you, they instead just want to bully you because you're the new kid.
-The slaves of Morrowind are now happy and proud voluntary workers.
-All weapons are said to be just toys and anyone who dies has just passed out from exhaustion.
-The illegal drug Skooma is replaced with fizzy pop that might rot your teeth and make you hyper!
-Many names are changed. For example, Caius Coscades is now "Carl Cassidy" and Jiub is now "Jim".
-The Tribunal Temple is no longer a religion, but rather a nonprofit organisation, who are now very charitable and kind, and hold no grudges against outlanders or heretics.

-The Mythic Dawn assassins are now a group of high school bullies, who instead of killing the emperor simply push him over.
-Instead of everyone in the city of Kvatch dying save for a select few, we're made to believe that that select few are the entire city's population and that everyone survived.
-All of the blood inside of the Oblivion gates is replaced with mustard, and the lava is replaced with hot chocolate.
-Martin doesn't sacrifice himself, he teleports away and the dragon he turns into is said to be someone else instead. Martin simply decided not to be emperor instead.
-Mehrunes Dagon is no longer red, and is now green. Instead of a giant axe, he holds a rolled up newspaper.
-Rather than getting angry and saying "YOU VIOLATED THE LAW!", the guards will kindly inform you that you have been very naughty. There is no longer an option to "resist arrest."

-No one dies during Alduin's attack on Helgen. It's later explained he was just lonely without the other dragons and wanted to make friends and was misunderstood.
-The civil war rather than being over political and religious disagreements between the populace is now about which faction has a cooler looking uniform, and which uniform everyone should wear.
-The player does not slay dragons, they instead have to tell them off and lecture them about why bullying is bad.
-Dragon souls are replaced with behaviour points and all of the shouts are in english. "Fus Ro Dah" is now "Eat your vegetables" and Yol Toor Shul" is now "Please don't litter".
-Sovngarde, rather than being the Nordic afterlife, is instead where all the cool kids hang out. They were so cool and awesome that they made their own secret realm to mingle.
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