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Super Mario Maker Contest - Rules & Submissions

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Welcome to our first official Super Mario Maker contest!

This contest is going to be a free-for-all. Make a cool level and submit it. We're not asking you to adhere to any specific theme or use a particular game style. Just show us what you've got!

Submissions will be accepted starting right now, April 18, 2016 - 00:00 Eastern Time and will stop being accepted TWO WEEKS from today, May 2nd, 2016 - 00:00 Eastern Time. To submit your level, simply post your code here. If you make any edits to your level and reupload, just edit your post here with your new code. Please make sure you proofread your code to make sure it's typed correctly. Any levels with incorrect codes will NOT be judged.


  • Use any theme you like, there is no restriction
  • No extreme (kaizo) difficulty allowed
  • Prefix your level name with "SMWC" for it to be judged
  • Do NOT resubmit levels created prior to the start of this contest


  • Design [20 Points] – Is the level designed well? Too hard, too easy, too long, too short? Enemy spam everywhere, or well thought-out placement?
  • Creativity [15 Points] – Does the level do something new? Clever usage of gameplay elements?
  • Fun [20 Points] – How fun was the level to play?

This adds up to a maximum of 55 Points. These categories will be summed into an overall score that is used for the final placements.


All participants will receive a participation badge, except the top 3 participants, who will receive corresponding badges for their places. In addition, we have some Nintendo eShop gifts for the top 3 participants, generously provided by Todd.

  1. One Wii U retail game
  2. One re-released Wii game available on the Wii U virtual console OR one 3DS retail game
  3. Three NES, two SNES, or one N64 game from the Wii U virtual console

Well, with that being said, good luck everyone! I hope to see some really cool levels submitted!
A quick word about the eShop prizes:

Everything will be done online. This means that you don't need to provide your personal information, address, etc.

If you win 2nd place, and there isn't a Wii game you want (and you don't own a 3DS), let me know. The eShop has lots of products available, and we have, as such, a lot of flexibility in terms of what you get.

I look forward to seeing what incredible levels you guys cook up!
SMWC Bowser's Linear Airship


Note to mods and k3fka: you can edit this for the level list if you want
Hi, I'm a signature!
Hack Thread
Hack Testing Status: Available.
Layout by Koopster.

(SMWC) Bowser's Last Stand


I am basing this as a Last Castle sort of theme, so expect it to be a little hard.
Layout by LDA during C3.
SMWC Lucas' Nightmare

I don't care if it's horrible, I had fun making it X3
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
SMWC: The Ballistic Mothership 2


A sequel to an earlier level of mine! Hope ya like. ;)
Here's mine:

The Great Wall Of Grinders 3

1E62-0000-0228-8778 ([SMWC]Collapsing Cavern!)
My level. It's on the hard side, so be careful! Don't worry, my WIP hack or other content is nowhere near the difficulty this level is. Have fun #tb{:D}!
Originally posted by Eevee
SMWC: The Ballistic Mothership 2


A sequel to an earlier level of mine! Hope ya like. ;)

Hi, I'm a signature!
Hack Thread
Hack Testing Status: Available.
Layout by Koopster.
Hey there SMWC, haven't been a part of the community in a while outside of IRC, so I figured I'd give this competition a go. Regardless of how I rank, I had a lot of fun making this one and playing around with it.

Edit1: Minor level design changes.

(SMWC)Cannon Carryout [2.0]

SMWC Airship o' Stuff
オンバット~ ♥
SMWC my level super mario usa 1-3
Is it ok for me to compete without [SMWC] in my stage's title? Maybe place a comment in the stage instead saying its for this contest? (I could include smwcentral's web address, free advertising! :P )

Not trying to be difficult, I just know I'm not going to want to keep that in my stage's name after the contest and Nintendo didn't really give us a way to modify stages after uploading without losing all plays/stars/comments.
NNID: JoshButton (Nickname: Buttons)
SMM Bookmark Account: Click here. Many fun levels to play! :)
SMWC Bowser the Trouser Browser


I'm horrible at names, and I don't even know how to share Wii U screenshots.

Well, basically it's a castle level with a bit of exploring and custom bosses involved; I even remade one of the bosses from my hack.
edit: decided to reupload the level with smwc in the title

(SMWC) Sewer Surf:

SMWC Key Testing Facility


Note: Just noticed I failed at the Name. I actually wanted to name it SMWC Boot Testing Facility, but I'm too lazy to change it.I shouldn't upload stuff when tired >_>
SMWC Autoscroll Playland


I don't care if I win or not. This was a fun level to create
Course ID: 9F17-0000-022C-2FF5
Course Name: [SMWC] Dangerous Doomship

It's a airship level, not much to it I guess.

~SMWC~ Six Rooms Of Challenge (Clock to SMM bookmark).
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