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[APPROVED] 3-9: Trigger Temple

Here's a demo of the first half.

The level mainly revolves around ''traps''. Since I don't want to spoil them here's just a picture to show off the aesthetics:

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
Nice to see that you took my suggestion of doing this area in the outside. Looks really interesting but, of course, it'll be easier to judge when playing it.

might be worth moving those bowser statues to the right one tile, if you hug the wall below the first one and jump, you'll hit the base of it and be knocked down. if you're trying to get away from the grinder, then it's annoying to basically be forced down and take a hit.

this is just one of them but most of the morton coins are in places that are extremely dangerous and hardly worth the effort. they're basically bonus 1-ups, maybe put them in less dangerous spots so you're not dying to something that's supposed to (eventually) be a 1-up?

other than that the level has some nice ideas, i'd be fine with it getting in if you fix these issues
I can't wait to do a review of this level, whether my reviews are already choc-full of "this is awesome level" or not. This level is amazing. The way the traps are placed is fair, but not obvious at the same time. The level gives you the right amount of time and placement to deal with them efficiently. I had a lot of fun with this level. I won't go more into detail about why I think this level is so brilliant (huehue get rekt merc), but I surely will do so in my reviews.

The only things that are missing are music and names, and for the former, if you don't already have something in mind, then I think that (some megaman 8 thing) would fit really well.

For the name, well.. I'm always of the opinion that the person who created the level will always have the best ideas for the names, because they're the people who had the ideas that formed the basis of the level. If everything else fails, I say name it Rotten Ruins. Or Rank Ruins, but that doesn't sound quite as nefarious. The name that I suggested is rather par-for-the-course as far as names go, so I hope you don't resort to that.

Obviously, as you can see, through all of my ranting... (etc etc insert spacer word here)
... I give this level an Accepted status. (because erik told me to)

(I hope I haven't overlooked anything, but even if I have, I bet my bottom dollar this stays :P)

(edit1: well I lose and got ninja'd)
(edit2: nevermind rofl)
I'm probably exaggerating, but this is so far one of my most favorite, if not the first in the list, levels in the hack. You exploited the "traps" gimmick to its full extent, without making it overwhelming to the player. The difficulty is fair. I like the looks: the background in part 2 looks gorgeous.
My only complaint would be the 4th Morton Coin, but it's so minor I can't help but give this an accept.
Feel free to modify it though.
Here's the real deal, also known as author, reviewers and public test Foliage.
You can start by taking two powerups (left block in the first room). I considered letting Mario in his original positions so you have to play the level all over again, but I'm too nice :)
rude erik I wanted to play the whole level over again
Trigger Temple, a fitting name :D


Foliage is a troll of epic proportions. It almost always kills you from the bottom of the pipe before you see where it comes out if you're standing on the ground, so you're well served to constantly spinjump (even if this isn't the real reason why), and you have to be VERY patient to get a bomb to hit foliage. It's often a better strategy to just wait for the stupid giant plant to kill itself, than to throw a bomb at it. This is mostly because of the flame waves that the plant sends at you, and the randomness with which is attacks. The spinies are another reason to constantly spinjump.

Pretty good boss, in other words, even if it is extremely difficult. I'll go into more detail in my review of 3-9.

EDIT: Uh, I reset mario's spawn points to normal, then went through the level and fought foliage, and the bob-ombs never spawned, and foliage wouldn't spit flame. Also, the timer probably isn't enough to defeat foliage and go through the level at the same time.
Still has the same issues with the hitbox as before:

Even though it can be pretty challenging, it's still a pretty fun boss fight. Maybe reducing it's lives to 3 can make it less tedious but I don't know if others feel the same way.

My hacks: Justice for Mario / Unnamed Kaizo Hack
Foliage Version 2 - Now less sadistic!
Changes in this version:
- Now the stem doesn't kill you.
- The hitbox was buggy when it came to touching the sprite from the sides; I fixed this isuue.
- Every time Foliage gets hit, the spinies get nuked after a while.
Known issues:
- The one aHick discovered.
Just announcing here that the issues with Foliage were fixed already.
Originally posted by IRC
<Erik557> before? muh its hard
<Erik557> now? muh its easy
<aHick> yes, just sit in one spot, and if foliage pops out, jump over the flames
<aHick> and if a bomb comes out, run to the other side
<aHick> eventually, foliage will kill himself
<aHick> but that happened before you fixed it, so eh
<aHick> still supa hard
<aHick> still supa fun
<Erik557> ha
<Erik557> now i know what to do :)
<Erik557> i'll make the floor a special block
<Erik557> that, when touched by a bomb, it'll reset its explosion counter
<aHick> well the bombs hardly ever actually blink so
<aHick> its safer to just stay away from them
<aHick> in case they randomly explode
<Erik557> lda is there a code that checks for sprite->block contact
<aHick> but uh
<aHick> then how will you kill him
<Erik557> by holding the bombs and actually trying to hit foliage
<aHick> I tried for 20 minutes
<aHick> with savestates
<Erik557> then..?
<aHick> I could do without powerups without savestates and beat him with my strategy
<aHick> just leave it like that
<aHick> its still pretty hard
<Erik557> alright

Putting this here for reference,

<aHick> because yadayada it pays to document decisions
<Erik557> alright
Marked as not needing testing anymore. Feel free to share your opinion though who am I kidding nobody will LOL, I might apply some of the changes if enough people finds flaws or has suggestions.