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Nintendo Switch (aka NX)

for Mother 3 it is

Hype, let's get that mass of rumors out of the way, my head hurts.
Originally posted by IanBoy141
for Mother 3 it is

lol same, looking forward to see the localised names of every character
Originally posted by Eminus

lol same, looking forward to see the localised names of every character

Of course, only Lucas, Claus and Porky will keep their names (Maybe not Porky, and likely Flint and Duster)
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Everypony's digging with a shovel
Presentarion is over.

Paid online sucks. I know other companies have been doing it, but Nintendo always had free online services. I don't want to pay to play Mario Kart online or trade my Pokémon (Assuming they do make Pokémon stars). No region locking is cool though.

The first two games shown (1-2 Switch and arms) didn't appeal me in the slightest. Other than that every other game got my attention, except Fifa. I'm mostly looking forward for Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Warriors and of course, Breath of the Wild.

As for the prize... well I'll have to think about it. Although I do want the console, I'm not sure if I'll actually buy it. I never bought a Wii U so maybe I'll never buy a Switch either.

I think the pay online crap is really the only thing I don't like :/, Everything else looks pretty amazing imo.
Layout by LDA during C3.
299.99, march 3rd launch in the US.

The pros:

- System itself is decently priced.
- Zelda launch title.
- Decent amount of software for the launch window.
- Looking to have actually good support from third parties. Great!
- Virtual Console titles will have online multiplayer.
- No region lock, about time.
- SDXC support.

The cons:

- Paid online. Sure, theres a free trial but only for a few months. We don't know how much it will run you down yet but hey! At least you get "free" Virtual Console games.
- The "free" VC games you get are only there for a month. By the looks of it, after that month, they are gone. Not even Sony or MS do this bullshit. The worst part is that they seem to be only VC games. Hope the selection isn't as limited and that the month they are talking about doesn't start from a certain day, but the day you start playing them.
- Pricey extras. A pair of Joycons will go for a whopping $80. A pro controller will be $70. A second dock? $90. For a couple of HDMI and USB ports. And the grip? $30 (might be wrong on this).
- No game is included. 1, 2 Switch looked like a perfect game to show off what the Joycons can do, but by the looks of it, it will be sold separately. No bundles so far. Wii Sports is what made the Wii succesful in the first place so I think not including this is big mistake on Nintendo's part.
- Wii U owners are screwed. No backwards compatiblity, can't use Wiimotes, their attatchments or Wii U pro controllers. No discount for owners of the Wii U versions of games. I was expecting this. I guess it is for the better for them to let go of old tech and move on with the new.
- No matchmaking, voice chat in the Switch console itself. All will be done through a mobile app. This doesn't sound as bad, seeing how most people use Discord among other apps these days but its the "Free, limited" part worries me, meaning it might require another, separate payment from the new Switch subscription.

Other thoughts.
- 32GB storage. We'll have to see how this plays out. DLC is gonna be an issue. Digital buyers are definitely gonna need a micro SD expansion.
- No details of the menu and built-in apps, UI, OS or whatever, only this. I'm skeptical of this even having a browser at all because there is no browser icon in there (thanks, hackers). At least I'm sure it will count with Netflix, Youtube and other video services.
- Miiverse isn't advertised. Looks like it really will be gone.
- Creepy parental controls app. Can remotely block features from a phone to the entire system, no matter the user. I feel sorry for kids whose parents will use this. I might use it myself since I like having an activity log to track playtime. Wonder if you can easily circumvent it by just disabling wi-fi.
- Doesn't seem to have many built-in apps. Still holding out for some sort of minigame.
- Bomberman actually making a return. Konami let him get a breather.

So far unconfirmed rumors:
- Mother 3 VC, Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Smash 4, Pokemon Stars missing. Guess we'll have to wait for e3.
- Pay to transfer VC titles. No details if it is only for Wii U ones or 3DS ones too.

I definitely want one for Zelda and Xenoblade 2. Mario Odyssey looks great, loving the expressive Mario and the New York City worlds. Sad to see multiplayer gone, though.

Looking forward to the Treehouse Live stream tomorrow.
Nobody gunna comment on the translator. Holy shit.

Anyways I'm pretty excited for a lot of the games.
That 3D Mario one looks fantastic.

I'm also happy to see The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth+ coming to the Switch as a actual physical release. It's about time they got it sorted as the Wii U and 3DS versions are still on Rebirth.

But yeah...
£280 for the console, £75 for the controllers, £50 for the games.

Holy shit, this is overpriced as hell! Not to mention we'll have to pay for online.
Not a fan of paid online, but everything else seems pretty good. Just ordered mine on Amazon #w{=)}
Not sure if I'll pick this up for Christmas or not. It really depends on the games that are going to come to the system, the reception, the bundles available, etc.

The paid online does bother me, a lot, as Nintendo has given away one aspect that made them different from the competition and appealed to primarily PC users like myself. If the service does improve significantly it might be worth it, but only if it improves significantly.

The games library is looking good when it comes to Christmas anyway. Super Mario Odessy is going in a very interesting direction, Breath of the Wind looks fantastic, I'll need to finish Xenoblade Chronicles to prepare for the sequel, etc. etc. There's not as many ports from the Wii U/previous systems as I expected; and Betesda supporting the console is exciting for those who'll own it exclusively (I'll be getting any future Betesda games that interest me on PC of course :V).

I hope they'll attach Virtual Console and any things bought digitally to an account now and they won't start the Virtual Console from scratch. That'd really help, along with if they dropped the price of things bought from the Virtual Console. Also SNES and perhaps NES games are getting netplay - that's a very cool change.

Overall... I think the Treehouse stream later today/tomorrow (not sure what time it is in GMT?) will be a great way to show off more games and see how the Switch is shaping up.

It'll be interesting to see what happens from the sidelines. I skipped out of a Wii U for a variety of reasons, but I'm wondering if it might be an interesting idea to pick it up for cheap along with the games I missed instead of picking up the Switch...
The buttons on the bottom look like news (it says "Game News"), shop, screenshots (there's a screenshot button on the left controller, it's the square one under the D-pad), controllers (reconnect?), brightness, power. + or - for options. Bottom left may be what mode the system is in. No sign of a browser... The fans obviously took exploits too far...
Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel
Originally posted by Bad luck man
really, really want to play new Zelda, but $300 is asking a bit much for me, especially if it doesn't come with any games. Maybe I'll get a roommate and we can split the costs lol

Originally posted by BMM
ask me if i give a f*ck...
I'm one of the poor fools how actually got up around 5 am in the night to watch the live presentation, and even though I don't want to admit it, the presentation left me with quite of a "meh" feeling in my stomatch. For starters, I think they showed way, way too little games, and of those games, only like two or three were confirmed launch titles (Breath of the Wild and 1, 2 Switch are the only ones I can think of right now). That aside, the only game trailer that really hyped me was the trailer of Breath of the Wild, despite fucking Xenoblade Chronicles 2 being announced, the sequel of one of my favorite games ever. This really says something.

Talking about that game, there were mainly two things I didn't like. Firstly, the art style. I'm not a fan of it. Fuck Anime. I really preferred the art style of the previous two games, despite the characters always looking derpy. Secondly, my experience with the previous two games tells me that the game likely won't get a release here before the end of 2019 - probably in a censored form.

Now for all the other games. Fire Emblem Warriors... meh. Hyrule Warriors really made me appreciate the Warriors games. In fact, I just recently picked up Dragon Quest Heroes for the PS4. I'm really no fan of the Fire Emblem franchise, though, so I don't think this title is for me.

1, 2 Switch - I have literally no idea what this game is about, despite them trying to explain it. Is it one of those games that you have to experience for yourself? If so, the game's fate is probably doomed before it's even out. If not, a live demonstration of the game surely would have helped.

Arms - this actually looks kinda fun. I like the art style and the general gameplay idea. If the motion gameplay works well enough and the game has enough content, I could see this becoming a nice competitive game like Splatoon. If not, then this will probably become a niche title that's quickly forgotten.

Super Mario Oddyssey - I mean, it's Mario. I will get it, I will play it, I will (probably) like it. It didn't really hype me too much yet, though. The art style is kinda weird. It looks like one of those weird "Super Mario 64 running on Unreal Engine 4" fan thingies that have popped up in masses recently. Nevertheless, +1 for the title, +1 for being a more open Mario game again and +1 for actually being something new again.

Dragon Quest games - kinda nice, but should I really expect those to make their way here? Kinda skeptical right now. Also kinda salty about the Dragon Quest Heroes compilation, seeing as how I've just picked up the first game on the PS4.

Everything else, I don't know. Still feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.

Oh yeah, also fuck them. Trying to preorder the damn thing on Amazon right now. Of course it's fucking impossible, they're all gone already. Good fucking job. So it's one of those things again that you have to kill someone for to get it.

Forgot Splatoon 2 - looked just like the first game with some new content. I guess that is fine, since Splatoon really was a great game, but it wasn't enough to hype me. At least there is local play now, which is nice.
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Paid online is the only real thing that makes me somewhat aggravated, if there was an option for online that was better than the free option for many reasons then sure, but I think that no online gaming kills potential for quite a few games unless the person also pays for the online service, such as Splatoon 2, online is a major feature of that game.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Could be good, but I'm mostly disconnected from Fire Emblem sooooo...
Breath of the Wild: Excited and a bit overwhelmed.
Skyrim: Also interesting. Some people seem to be mocking it since the game is already 6 years old but the Switch brings a twist that could be welcome to Skyrim, we'll see.
FIFA: Not that excited about having sports games back again but more excited about Nintendo gaining trust from Electronic Arts again, finally.
ARMS: MS Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrms. Looks good, but they seem to be forcing the motion controls quite a bit. Eh, I figured if they had an option to disable the motion controls it wouldn't hurt, even if it wasn't enabled by default y'know?

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Nobody gunna comment on the translator. Holy shit.

I think they were reading a script rather than translating it on-the-go, you can see that the interlocutor really started having trouble when the awkward guy from Grasshoper started talking a lot of different things, some people said he made a lot of jokes/pun that were lost on the "translation" here.

Originally posted by Bad luck man
meaning it might require another, separate payment from the new Switch subscription.

According to the website, it's all just one single subscription service that grants all the benefits, as seen here.

Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Super Mario Oddyssey [...] The art style is kinda weird. It looks like one of those weird "Super Mario 64 running on Unreal Engine 4" fan thingies that have popped up in masses recently.

Agreed, I will say it does look like some sort of evolution from the Super Mario 3D World style, except now it's realistically-centered scenarios and it has a more open-world gameplay as they said so it conflicts a bit with itself in what I'd call an identity crisis, hopefully not too much of it. The gameplay seems polished enough for a demo I guess.

I'm hyped for Splatoon 2 since it'll be like Splatoon but possibly better, but like I said, online is important.

They showed just a trailer for Shin Megami Tensei so we know it's going to come for the Nintendo Switch but, the game just started development so in reality that trailer doesn't show much. I guess it's nice to know it's happening though!

My father's thoughts (translated): Almost all games are in cel shading style or similar, and the focus seems to be party games again. I compared Xenoblade X and Xenoblade 2 and X looked much better. If it's like what I'm thinking then people may stop thinking of Nintendo as a serious company and start looking at them as a secondary company.
Finally was able to preorder a Switch on GameStop. They wanted a 30€ preorder fee, which makes me a bid mad, but the end price is the same as the price that was shortly displayed on Amazon (329€), plus just knowing that I'll get one on launch day for sure is worth 30€ to me.

Btw. just found out that Breath of the Wild is going to have a German dub, which just hypes me even more. They've shown a trailer and it looked quite decent. Not Hollywood movie dub amazing, but at least on par with, let's say, the German dub of Final Fantasy XV, which I quite enjoyed 95% of the time. I really like Zelda's German voice.
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I heard BotW is gonna get French dubs too, though I'm not that hyped for it.
Mario Odyssey looks pretty cool imo, I like that they picked back up some of SM64's mechanics. The name is pretty weird though *insert joke referencing that romhack of the same name*

I am honestly not hyped for Fire Emblem Warriors, simply because I'm not a fan of the warriors.
I really liked that Sonic Mania trailer, nails the nostalgic feelingI. really expected to get something like "SHIT HAPPENED" after "AND FOR 25 YEARS" though lol

God, I love this boxart. Also, the idea that they're making a new Super Bomberman game, specifically, is kind of awesome.
Frick, I knew they were gonna do paid online. I felt it.
If we're gonna have to pay for online now, it better be damn good.

And I'm still a bit disappointed they're still trying to force motion control down our throats. I though they where gonna move farther away from it, but of course not. Like 1, 2 Switch. Wtf, can you imagine anyone doing this? No.

Anyways none of the games shown really sucked me in other than Zelda, and maybe Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2.

Not too impressed. And I'm not pre-ordering one, gonna wait and see how it does.
Mario the Gaul
You know, thinking about it, today has shown me one thing: live presentations suck. I can't believe how a few years ago, a lot of people were pissed about Nintendo dropping live presentations, but the presentation today was so incredibly boring, dry and stretched. All of that information would have easily fit into a 30 minute Nintendo Direct, and it would have been much more enjoyable, too.

Also, on another note: a bunch of people consider it weird that they're using a smartphone app for voice chat and stuff. I did too, at first, but on second thought, it's actually a smart thing. Voice chat and other things take RAM and CPU power of the system, and the more of this they can off-load to another system, the more is available for game developers. Since it's no secret that the Switch's specs are lower than those of PS4 or Xbox One, every bit they can save in this department actually helps. For example: I know for a fact that of all the RAM the Switch has, game developers can actually use the major part. This probably wouldn't be possible if they had to reserve some extra RAM for the voice chat. This kinda makes me wonder how they plan to implement video recording, though. Wonder if it's already accounted for in the RAM they reserved for the OS.

Originally posted by ggamer77
And I'm still a bit disappointed they're still trying to force motion control down our throats.

"Force down our throats", WTF? They literally only showed like one or two games in the presentation that only supported motion controls, plus the whole point of the Switch is giving you the option to choose your play style. After all, that's why there is a Pro Controller and Joy-Cons with regular buttons right on launch day. How is "giving someone options" the same as "forcing something down someone's throat"?

Seriously, the is the single stupidest thing I've read today.
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