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How do you apply for affiliation with SMW Central?

I think this is the right forum for this, right?

But either way, the gaming site I'm working on is already an affiliate with Mario Fan Games Galaxy and Super Luigi Bros and I'm potentially interested in becoming an affiliate with SMW Central as well. So who do I ask about this?

For those who are wondering, the site in question is the one in my signature, Gaming Reinvented (it's got all the fan game developer interviews and stuff on it). It's also likely to soon become the home of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and Super Mario Fusion Revival, since we might be merging with Fusion Gameworks.

So yeah, how do I apply for this? I have an affiliate button and everything that might be needed.
For gaming news and Wario discussions, check out Gaming Reinvented and Wario Forums respectively.

As for Mario's Nightmare Quest? Well, it's currently on Fusion Gameworks, ROM or the GCN at the moment.
Contact someone like K3fka and provide information about your site (what the site's primary purpose is, what your active user count is, how you can benefit SMWC, how SMWC can benefit you, ideas for potential shared events, etc). A lot of people ask for an affiliation but aside from trading links, nothing else ever really happens and the whole ordeal is pointless. I believe that outside of the Talkhaus and the SMBX community, that statement holds true for the rest of the affiliates on the sidebar.