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Has anyone heard about bootlegs (aside from bootleg games)?
Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Has anyone heard about bootlegs (aside from bootleg games)?
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That Super Megason console is just an SFC with Famicom hardware and games hahaha :P
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[05-07-2016 04:19:11 AM] * vil ( has joined #smwc
[05-07-2016 04:19:28 AM] * vil is now known as vilxdryad
[05-07-2016 04:19:50 AM] <vilxdryad> hi everyone! = 3
[05-07-2016 04:20:01 AM] <Sash_Lilac> h0i!
[05-07-2016 04:20:02 AM] <TRS> hey there
[05-07-2016 04:20:29 AM] <vilxdryad> yo, Sash and TRS! = D 
[05-07-2016 04:21:24 AM] <Yoshiatom> Hello (your name is unfamiliar to me...)
[05-07-2016 04:21:41 AM] <vilxdryad> it can not be! TRS, are you 
you the very same one that created way back ago?
[05-07-2016 04:22:23 AM] <TRS> as much as I would like to say yes, the answer is no
[05-07-2016 04:22:24 AM] <vilxdryad> yea, Yoshiatom; even google outputs much stuff about my username lol
[05-07-2016 04:22:26 AM] <ColeZ> hello
[05-07-2016 04:22:36 AM] <@DrTapeworm> shoot i remember trsrockin
[05-07-2016 04:22:56 AM] <@DrTapeworm> that's actually where i first heard about 
vietnamese crystal long before it became a meme
[05-07-2016 04:23:24 AM] <vilxdryad> so far i am loving this place =' 3 
you seem to have awesome taste as far as i can see loma
[05-07-2016 04:23:28 AM] <Sash_Lilac> i saw it back in 2011/2012, DrTapeworm
[05-07-2016 04:24:08 AM] <@DrTapeworm> also the glitchdex and pokemon sprite splices and stuff
[05-07-2016 04:24:08 AM] <IanBoy141> volcano bakemeat
[05-07-2016 04:24:08 AM] <vilxdryad> yea; i got there for the 
super mario brothers 1 game genie research long back ago lol
[05-07-2016 04:24:22 AM] <vilxdryad> what a good times =' 3
[05-07-2016 04:24:43 AM] <Sash_Lilac> also: EGGIE!DRUG BAG      FUCK
[05-07-2016 04:25:05 AM] <ColeZ> wasnt like
[05-07-2016 04:25:14 AM] <ColeZ> one of the items called like "FUCK" or something
[05-07-2016 04:25:40 AM] <@DrTapeworm> no, BAG FUCK was the translated version of 
the general message for putting things in the bag
[05-07-2016 04:25:44 AM] <@DrTapeworm> DRUG being potion
[05-07-2016 04:25:50 AM] <anonimzwx> someone said drugs!!!!?
[05-07-2016 04:25:53 AM] <anonimzwx> DRUGS!!!!
[05-07-2016 04:26:00 AM] <@DrTapeworm> also DON'T SERVE THE DEVIL
[05-07-2016 04:26:15 AM] <@DrTapeworm> I AM...I AM A MONSTER
[05-07-2016 04:26:16 AM] <@DrTapeworm> COACH
[05-07-2016 04:26:18 AM] <vilxdryad> lmao DrTapeworm i get that reference
[05-07-2016 04:26:23 AM] <vilxdryad> oh my lmao
[05-07-2016 04:26:52 AM] <vilxdryad> those gameplay were godly
[05-07-2016 04:26:59 AM] * Ruberjig (Ruberjig@E91CA67B.53C95AC4.32AF0DBC.IP) has joined #smwc
[05-07-2016 04:27:26 AM] <DevEd2> I AM VERY DISGUSTED WITH THE TRASHY MAN
[05-07-2016 04:27:30 AM] <DevEd2> sorry, I had to
[05-07-2016 04:27:44 AM] * DevEd2 is now known as DevEd
[05-07-2016 04:27:45 AM] <ColeZ> whats happening here
[05-07-2016 04:27:48 AM] <ColeZ> i feel left out
[05-07-2016 04:28:02 AM] <DevEd> ever heard of pokémon vietnamese crystal
[05-07-2016 04:28:43 AM] <Ruberjig> ya'll high today?
[05-07-2016 04:28:54 AM] <@DrTapeworm> the elf stunt makes me shrivel
[05-07-2016 04:29:02 AM] <DevEd> no, I'm just quoting Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal
[05-07-2016 04:29:10 AM] <DevEd> because why not
[05-07-2016 04:29:20 AM] <Yoshiatom> "EGGIE! DRUG BAG FUCK!"
This was taken from the IRC, when we talked about that Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal bootleg thing.
Reporting for you for this year’s E3. Catch it on 6:00 PM PHT.
And so the Courier who had cheated death in the cemetery outside Goodsprings cheated death once again, and the Mojave wasteland was forever changed.
“Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me.”
Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Has anyone heard about bootlegs (aside from bootleg games)?

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