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VLDC9 Results - Judge comments added

Originally posted by Rockythetigre
Also love that darkdlp02 and Luks are close to each other even during rankings <3

Still 0.25 better m8, get shrekt

I Improved from my VLDC 7/8 results, so that's nice.
Congrats to the winners!

Seems piggybacking off of Eevee's skills allowed me to get 16th place! Thanks for being my partner, though, Eevee #wario{<3}
My eye complications feel justified now. #wario{<3}
I am gratified, thank you all.

Congrats to the winners.
Competition was really strong this year, so I'm more than happy with my result #tb{:]}
Can't wait to see the finished collab, there are so many great levels this year.
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Super Anime Nerd we need those comments, this is just too golden.
Ayy, I'm cool with my place for a first contest :)

Congrats to Impetus, TRS, Agent Q, and NGB, your levels were sexy.
Will there be judging comments released?
I'm fine with 36th since it was a first time for me to participate in a contest. TBH, I thought I would be ranked somewhat a bit lower but hey, 36th is good for me.

Can't wait to see the judging comments.
yay, top ten~ #tb{:D} Not too shabby for a level that was rather on the short end and not gimmicks galore.

Congratulations to the winners! I'll probably only get to playing your levels when the collab's out, though. #ab{^^;;;}

shake my head 23 in design from ninja boy LOL

also reminder to not do anything in the last 18 hours
*Generig congrats message here*
42th place :O
Not bad for my first VLDC level.

10th/13th place bruh, whoop! That's very good for my second time entering the contest!

But yeah, congrats to the winners and all related parties!

Congrats to everyone who actually did something this year unlike my lazy ass!
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Good enough!

*poses dramatically*
Given, uh, what my level is, I'm certainly not about to complain about 64th/I think 100th if I counted right.

Incidentally, where's the upper bound of worst world? Has that been decided?
Im rather surprised at the placement I and levelengine worked on, given its theme.

Congrats to the winners though.

Edit - Rebalanced score to a 31st place...oh man.
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I got lower than in VLDC4.

Started Smwhacking a few weeks before VLDC began and now im 34th?

Hmm, Not bad for my first contest-level, but now it´s time to improve, I think.

Also congrats to Luks, Gbreeze, NGB. Really enjoyed playing your levels and you deserve the high ranks. Also congrats to all the other participants, too. This contest was/is a huge embodiment of creativity and i can´t wait for the collab.

i can't stand the fact that ngb didn't win and that gloomier didn't even get top 5
i demand a recount without taking ninja boy into account #wario{>:|}