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Dart's Flying Foray
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So I've been making Mario Maker courses since it's midnight release on 9/11 and I've never really taken a serious break since. I've probably spent about 300 hours in the editor so far and I've made around 80 levels, 20 of which are up now. I'm going to separate these into categories based on type of level. Most of my levels are flight-based, as it's my favorite mechanic in 2d platforming. I focus mainly on super leaf flight, but there are a handful of mario world cape levels as well.

Hopefully I've got a few levels you'll like, and you'll probably learn some mechanics while you're at it. If you end up beating some of my levels I'll go ahead and try to beat yours too! If you enjoy a level please give it a star so I can upload even more levels.

These levels are listed in relative difficulty under their respective sections. I'd recommend starting with easier levels first. Thanks for playing!

In case you would like to not put all these codes in manually, my bookmark page can be found here.

I'll list these first, since they are not flight levels:

Palutena's Plight - 419F-0000-00DB-43F1

This level's just a quick, easy costume level I made as star-bait.

Zero ShoeT - AF9C-0000-011D-32C7

Another easy star-bait course with a Zero Suit Samus theme. I was on a bit of a Zero-Mission kick since I love that game.

If you're going to try and beat my super leaf flying levels, you'll need to know these two mechanics:

Horizontal Extend - 6298-0000-023B-D849

This level teaches you the basic idea of maintaining your full horizontal momentum while flying, which I dubbed horizontal extend. The sub-area is designed to teach you that the sound-effect means to use your tail, and the track in the above section uses this sound effect to indicate to you when to use it while flying. Basically, if you swap between tail and jump while flying with proper rhythm you'll keep your full horizontal momentum, allowing you to complete the stage. As well, enemy refresh and platform refresh is used in this level, but these are more basic features that most people will already be familiar with.

Falling P-Reservation - 9F17-0000-0253-5712

This level uses a mechanic I found called flight preservation. Essentially your power-meter drains after a certain amount of time in the air, but only after that time has passed AND you press jump again. If you do not press jump again the meter will stay full, and allow you to enemy refresh off of the giant koopas and keep going. The sub-area has an 11 in coins to indicate that you should only ascend 11 times before letting yourself fall, as the 12th will empty your meter. There's an expert way to beat the level in the sub-area, but I can't recommend it.

Here are some levels of mine using the above mechanics. Don't give up, you can do it!

The Son Also Rises - 01F8-0000-00D8-0674

This level is a mix of various Mario tropes. It's a castle, there are some magikoopas, there's shoe-cheese and flight. If you play your cards right maybe you won't even have to fight Bowser Jr.!

Sky Mission - ABB9-0000-00D8-1403

A flight-based level where the coins are your guide. Make sure to platform refresh and watch out for obstacles! It's possible to cheese the course quickly with proper horizontal extend at the beginning, but otherwise this mechanic is not necessarily required to beat the level.

To Castle or Not to Castle - B48B-0000-01DD-15C0

It's all in the name. Do you perilously platform your way through fiery danger, or simply fly over it instead? The choice is yours, but you'll have to fly well or it's the pit for you!

Happy Raccoon Plains - 2DBA-0000-023B-D8FE

As the name implies this is a rather tame level in comparision with what's to come. This particular level has multiple routes. You could fly into a rather precisely-placed pipe to skip most of the level or use a series of lakitu clouds in the sub-area to get to the checkpoint. There's even a way to fly straight to the end if you play your cards just right... Your choice.

Beginner Flight Course - A389-0000-0110-212C

This course can go well for you if you follow the arrows and coins. Or it can go very poorly for you if you just wander off... The part after the checkpoint can be beaten a few different ways. Which way will you choose?

Flight Proficieny Evaluator - E28F-0000-00D7-FF1B

This course will test you. It will test your courage; it will test your witts; or not, who knows. As long as you know horizontal extend and enemy refresh you should be fine. There are two checkpoints, so victory should be yours if you just keep trying. Technically this course is beatable without knowing horizontal extend, as there is a star right after the second checkpoint, but it's not necessary.

Intelligence Tester - OE1F-0000-019F-B08A

What's with all these tests? I hate pop quizes! Or something like that. Well anyway, you'll need to know horizontal extend, enemy refresh and how to make a runway out of pow-blocks to beat this sucker. Also take the spring with you when you fly up in the first area, you need it to get to a hidden block with a p-switch in it. You got all that? Good, you should be able to beat this no problem then...

Truffle Hunting - 92D5-0000-023C-23CF

Here's a bit of a puzzle level, mixed with some flight mechanics as well. The objective of the first area is to clear the runway and fly up into the pipe near the entrance. After the first checkpoint you'll need to do some precise flying with horizontal extend to get to a lakitu cloud you'll need to be able to use a sideways pipe far to the right of the level. Make sure you keep the spring with you until the end of the level in the last part, or you'll be stuck. I used a lot of mushroom platforms with vines for decoration in this level, so I ended up calling it Truffle Hunting. That's pretty much it. This level is quite difficult, don't feel bad if you can't beat it.

Castle of Specificity - 3234-0000-023C-23FC

This level is hard. Seriously. Hard. The pipe at the beginning teaches you about order of operations, since the powerups in this level are conditional and you need to fly through it. Don't forget about enemy refresh and horizontal extend here, as you need them liberally. If you manage to get the the checkpoint you're rewarded with a hefty chunk of precision flight platforming. Keep mashing jump when you come out of the next area's pipe too, or you'll fall into lava and feel awful. If you manage to beat this you are a true champ.

Of course, I have some SMW cape levels too if you're interested. I'm sure you know how cape mechanics work seeing as this is a smw hacking site, so have fun.

Red Flight, Green Flight - 93A7-0000-00D2-F023

This level uses sound effects and thwomps on p-switches. The runway's safe, the runway's unsafe, the runway's safe, the runway's unsafe... There's literally nothing to die on in this level, but try not to destroy the runway, or you're screwed!

Not Without My Blanket - 5619-0000-00D8-0918

This is a slightly special-world-esque SMW level. Although it's possible to do without flying, it's way more fun to fly! Rather cheesable if you learn to exploit cape invulnerability properly.

Bump'n Flap - C466-0000-023B-D8EF

This course is rather simple once you get the hang of it. For the middle part of the course you literally just hold your cape and ride the bumpers. The only real challenge to it is at the end when you have to dive and fly back up to bounce off the last bumper. I made liberal use of reset doors so that you can try again and again without going through tons of Marios!

Spandex Required - EBD4-0000-01DE-CE1C

This level is more SMW flight. First you'll have to fly through some springs and into a pipe. Head left to get a P-switch you'll need all the way to the right after entering the pipe. After that it's smooth sailin'.

Zortabo's Red Coins - F0EF-0000-023B-D9CA

This is a coin-hunt level with flight elements. Some of the solutions might be rather confusing, but a legitimately sneaky move on my part was hiding a second very-necessary key inside a wiggler in the underground area you can only kill by slamming the ground with the cape. One more hint: get the red coin at the very top-left of the first screen last, and you need to throw a P-Switch through the lower one-block area first. Then go through the top by doing a gainer. Also for the record Zortabo was the randomly-generated name for my favorite chicken in Stardew Valley, and I just used the name for whatever reason. My only real gripe with this as a creator is the time limit of 500 is a bit mean for first-timers...

Gu's Rhatzii - 0E2B-0000-023C-298D

A rather precise SMW cape level. You'll need to use gainers, slams, dives, and spin-flight with proper timing in order to conquer this bad-boy. Of course there are two checkpoints to make it more tolerable. How good are you with the cape? The name is simply random. I don't know, maybe I got lucky and it's Italian for "hard level?" Probably not though.

I suppose this is worth mentioning as an afterward since it is about Super Leaves. I made a minecraft mod that has Super Leaves in it and brings this type of flight into Minecraft for you to play around with. The mod's called FullThrottle Alchemist and can be found here.
I made an attempt at some flight levels, but couldn´t get hang of the technique on Horizontal Extend. I understood that you´re supposed to fly along the track, but couldn´t figure out the rhythm you´re after. The cat effect came up in some places but I didn´t understand when I was supposed to press/release A. It seems to be pretty hard to teach the technique, maybe a film on Youtube could help in my case. Beginner Flight Course has got a very well designed start, the placement of bricks and platforms feels like a good, authentic SMB level.

Palutena´s Plight uses a lot of effects, but it´s a nice experience nonetheless. Most of the level is pretty easy, but the final jump is tough. Since the final Koopa Troopa is beyond the screen when you go for the first turtle it´s hard to calculate the jump. The alternate way is sweet though, finishing the stage through POW-flight! :)

Zero ShoeT is my favorite of your stages, I don´t think you should see it as a “bait” level. It´s simply a good, fun and challenging Metroid inspired SMM level. I had to play it on two separate occasions, the first time I couldn´t figure out where to fly with the shoe. The spotlight is very well placed where the shoe spawns, nice presentation over all. Once I found my way up to the P-switch I had a blast clearing the different obstacles. I found two possible ways to get stuck. The first day I took the shoe to the first area and flew to the top of the screen, there I got stuck. This could be avoided if unbreakable bricks were placed at the top. The second one is the pillar you leap from to get to the P-switch. You can break the pillar by accident and make the level unbeatable. Maybe the 2 pillars on this second area should be solid.

I enjoyed To Castle or Not to Castle even if finding my way wasn´t easy. I made it to the starman by the two doors, but couldn´t finish the stage. I like the early springboard + big shell combo a lot, the level was fun to play even if it was too hard for me.
Thanks for trying some of my levels out Faxanadu. So I just got a roxio game capture HD and I'm thinking of making some videos on these levels. I'll post links to them here when I get around to it.

By the way, the star in To Castle or Not To Castle's first area is a troll since you need to jump over the koopas to reach the other side. Alternatively you could just 'not castle' and fly over it from the beginning of the stage.

I'm glad you liked my starbait levels. Easy costume levels with a lot of decoration tend to be more popular than legitimate platforming challenges, I've found.

As for the flight mechanics I explicitly specify how to perform them in my first post. Trust me, once this mechanic becomes muscle memory levels like this are a cakewalk. You just gave up too early.

As for Zero ShoeT becoming unbeatable that's somewhat funny. There's always the possibility of getting stuck above those decoration blocks when they're used in levels like that, which is pretty annoying when it happens to you. I actually hadn't thought about players going back with that and getting themselves stuck there, but since you have to go seriously out of your way and be unaware of that mechanic I think that's not something that will happen very often. Still, I modified that locally, but I'm not sure if deleting and re-uploading just for that is something I really want to do. On the second area I am having difficulty understanding your problem. I see no "pillar" you use to get the P-Switch. You use the shoe to get up there. Since those respawn infinitely you cannot get stuck there. Could you explain your logic behind this? Are you perhaps confusing this level with another?

Out of curiosity, did you try any of my SMW levels? They're all cape-based.
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