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Favorite YouTubers?
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Here are mine:

Pretty funny guy
One of the classics
-Lost Pause
Boobs Pretty funny IMO, although a little overly happy
Has an immature sense of humor, but he's pretty great when I need a break from maturity (JK he's funny all the time)
He talks about a lot of serious issues. And while I disagree with him a lot, I agree with more of his opinions than I disagree with, so whatever. Pretty cool guy IMO.

You'll all be happy to see that Onision isn't on this list.
Layout by Erik, art by Meirdent
Music: 1 2 (has 2 other channels) 3 4 5 (has 3 other channels) 6

Deserves its own category since 90% of my Youtube usage is music nowadays. Shoutouts to Hexameron and John11inch, whose channels were taken down.

Other: 1 2 3 4 5
Player 2 Press Start

JoshJepson and AttackingTucans... who goes by Tyler Sedewall now.
And ofcourse Qwholl

Retsupurae (and by extension, Slowbeef and Diabetus' separate channels), ChipCheezum, General Ironicus, VoidBurger, jttoddy (I need to watch his Falcom LPs more often), docfuture, Stop Skeletons From Fighting, Classic Game Room, ProJared, FrankJavCee, Jim Sterling, the Vinesauce bunch (even though they're actually Twitch streamers), Triple-Q, hbomberguy, GiIvaSunner, MowTenDoo, h3h3productions (and the Ethan & Hila side account) and MrChriddof

I used to be into raocow a lot, but I lost interest nowadays...

I also follow Smashified on occasion (I'm friends with one of their music guys, Nathanael Platier).

Also, if music uploaders count, Artzie Music and
EUROLOVERS (don't judge me)
-Rosanna Pansino: Hosts Nerdy Nummies where she makes baked goods inspired by video games, cartoons, movies, etc.
-Daym Drops: Does amusing fast food reviews
-Scotty Dynamo: Hot gay guy who does remixes of popular songs
-Doug Armstrong: Hot gay guy who does "life hack" videos
Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
-Scotty Dynamo: Hot gay guy who does remixes of popular songs
-Doug Armstrong: Hot gay guy who does "life hack" videos

Oh you~♥
Trolden and Rage Orc for them Hearthstone highlights, Kripparrian for background noise with noises from the same game, Day9TV so I don't forget what human laughter sounds like, Ethan and Hila for the goofs and the gaffs, VGBootcamp for Sm4sh, ThatGuyTagg for that hot slim petite twink gaming footage, CarlSagan42 so I don't forget Mario Maker can be fun, assorted Yugioh youtubers because that's satisfying to watch for some reason, Vinesauce (mostly the Vinny Full Sauce) because I like Vinny's voice, raocow.
JonTron's cool too but he never uploads so whatever man just whatever.
Also Vsauce, Veritasium, standupmaths and kurzgesagt so I don't lose ALL my brain cells.

I also watch StopADouchebag for no real reason, the traffic situation in Russia really shouldn't interest me that much and putting stickers on cars isn't exactly the most satisfying justice porn.

Your layout has been removed.
(By current order of appearance in subscriber list)

Angry Birds
CARLOS GAMEPLAY (brazilian channel)
Cheetah Mobile
Coisa de Nerd (brazilian channel)
Dong Nguyen
Lester Vine
recreiotube (brazilian channel)
redBit games Official
rezendeevil (brazilian channel)
SMW Central
TazerCraft (brazilian channel)
The Insanity 115



SMW Hacks Playlist
-Collegehumor (they've went to shit compared to like 2010 though)
-Hydraulic Press Channel
Originally posted by leod
JonTron's cool too but he never uploads so whatever man just whatever.

He literally uploaded a video about 5 days ago. And if that's not enough, his latest review isn't even a month old! Anyway, time to say my picks:

* SomeCallMeJohnny: A reviewer that talks about old and new games, has 2 spin-off channels (at least that I know of) and occasionally makes some sweet animations. Has been around for a long time (8 years or so?) and has a sweet voice that doesn't make you want to click off of his videos.
* Vinesauce (more specifically Vinny and Joel's channels): Do I even have to say anything?
* brutalmoose: A reviewer that makes videos about old PC games. He's infamous for having done like 1 or 2 reviews about some old lewd PC games (his fans joke about it as well whenever a new review video comes out by saying "What a weird sex game").
* GradeAUnderA: It's one of those channels that are all about opinions with some joke videos thrown around.
* Muselk: I like watching TF2 videos for some reason. If only I didn't have such an old PC... I would play that game a lot.
* TheLonelyGoomba: A portable game reviewer that occasionally makes a Top X or Q&A video.
* Caddicarus: A British game and movie reviewer. I'm basically repeating myself at this point.
* I Hate Everything: Despite the name, no, this is not a blind hate channel that tries to alienate you. This guy has some legitimate points and reviews movies. He's also British, so, that's a thing.
* JonTron: What can I say about this channel that hasn't been said already?

And there you have it, folks.
A change of scenery is always nice. AWESOME avatar made by TheMorganah during Summer C3 2019!

Currently working on a lot of SMW hacking stuff, including my own hack and another secret project featuring a certain yellow fella...
Here are some of my favorite channels (In no particular order):

- JonTron
- Cinemassacre/AVGN
- Game Grumps
- Levelengine
- Raocow
- TheLonelyGoomba
- Vsauce
- Vinesauce (Just Vinny and Joel)
- Markiplier
- Pewdiepie (Sometimes)
- Geography Now! (When I'm really bored out of my mind and feel like learning geography)
- Danger Dolan (Even though the channel's called Planet Dolan now)
- UberHaxorNova (All I really watch is his Mario Maker videos though)
- SethBling

EDIT: I forgot to include Game Theory, Filthy Frank, the Nostalgia Critic.

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
I'm upset no one has mentioned Matthias Wandel. He does amazing "DIY" projects in mostly wood. He invented the pantorouter, which is an amazing woodworking tool.

Tom Scott is also great if you feel like becoming a bit smarter. He does explanation videos of current technological exploits, series of videos called "Amazing Places" and "Things You Might Not Know".

Lastly, if you enjoy logic puzzles and math then standupmaths is a fantastic channel.

What all of these videos have is amazing editing and a feel for what makes a good YouTube video. I'd go as far as to say that (most) of their videos are minimalistic, reduced to the point where only what really matters is left. I rarely skip watching anything they upload (though I'll have to admit I just realized I haven't been subscribed to standupmaths even if I've watched most videos).
- Somecallmejohnny (Favorite person on YouTube ever, I love his reviews and get super stoked whenever he uploads a new one)
- brutalmoose (funny review guy, though I find that his videos are losing the hilarious quality they had a year ago)
- Cinemassacre (AVGN and random other videos. for the most part the stupid James and Mike Monday thing has taken over the channel, but mostly still entertaining)
raocow, Horikawa Otane, Drop the Bassline, MA Music and DubstepGutter (also his personal channel sometimes)
Oh god I just realized I forgot to mention Vi hart. Math, geometry, art, philosophy and everything inbetween. One of her more well known videos is Hexaflexagons.
Originally posted by Leomon
Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
-Scotty Dynamo: Hot gay guy who does remixes of popular songs
-Doug Armstrong: Hot gay guy who does "life hack" videos

Oh you~♥

You really expect anything else from me? #smw{;)}

-That One Video Gamer. It's a guy who mostly does a video series on 100% completing certain games, pretty enjoyable IMO.
-The Game Theorists AND Film Theory. (sorry Impetus) Two channels where a guy makes theories about how certain video game and movie things would work I'm real life, as well as other stuff, too. Lots of science and other stuff in these channels.
-GTLive. (double sorry Impetus) Basically the live stream channel for The Game Theorists where him and his wife play video games. I love watching these on my time off.

There are others I've subscribed too, but these are my main favorites.
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.
tarzou1 and syamu_movie (account deleted)

oh, and HowToBasic
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