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Unpopular opinions?
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What are your unpopular opinions? Here are mine:

-You can joke about anything, and there's no such thing as a subject you can't joke about (there are appropriate and inappropriate times to tell jokes of course).
-Memes are annoying most of the time
-I dislike FPS games (except TF2)
-Star Wars Episode III was the best episode in my opinion
-I don't like Star Trek, its very overrated
-Anything and everything is possible unless proven otherwise by scientific fact (for example, bringing someone back from the dead probably isn't impossible to my knowledge, however its extremely unlikely. Lemme know if I'm wrong, I don't keep up with this kind of science)
-Season 6 of Glee wasn't that bad
NEW: I don't think people with fetishes are gross, no matter what the fetish is (even scat). As long as they aren't harming anyone or anything (like raping kids or lighting buildings on fire), then do whatever you want as long as its okay with anyone involved.

I can see people getting mad about my comment on Star Wars episode III already.
mother 3 isn't as good as earthbound

Sometimes I like to post stuff when I'm on speed.
the people who watch hentai as an anime, and not just as a porn, are the superior race
Yoshiatom's Post
-I've never seen any appeal in anime; I've always just seen it as "Japanese cartoons where people have big eyes and small mouths" and I don't understand why it's so popular (doesn't help that I have to live with a brother who's full on weeb)

-Valve is an really awful company and needs to spot treating itself as if it's a small company

-The Wii U is the best console on the market

Layout by Koopster!

<DeputyBS> I knew it
<DeputyBS> alcarobot is taking over the world through his truck dealership franchise
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
mother 3 isn't as good as earthbound


this, my man. this

being a dick to people isnt ok
secret of evermore and the SaGa series are good

Originally posted by yoshiatom
-I've never seen any appeal in anime; I've always just seen it as "Japanese cartoons where people have big eyes and small mouths" and I don't understand why it's so popular (doesn't help that I have to live with a brother who's full on weeb)

falconpunch is that you


Originally posted by yoshiatom
-I've never seen any appeal in anime; I've always just seen it as "Japanese cartoons where people have big eyes and small mouths" and I don't understand why it's so popular (doesn't help that I have to live with a brother who's full on weeb)

I can totally see where you're coming from. The appeal with anime is a lot of different things. Anime usually deals with a lot more mature story lines unlike a lot of cartoons on stations like CN or Nickelodeon (which is garbage IMO except for Avatar). When you're interested and engaged in the story, the eyes thing is easy to overlook, or at least to me it is. Plus anime is very visually stimulating, and I'm not talking about ecchi/hentai (although that's a part of it I suppose). It can be very abstract and interesting, and doesn't really have limitations aside from what the artist can or can't draw. Take a show like Death Note where you have really cool looking characters like L. In anime, you can make characters look as cool as you want without being limited by stupid actors. Plus there's also cool stuff like this.

Your brother being a weeaboo doesn't really help, but weeaboos make anime look stupid to non anime watchers. If you're interested in any anime, I could make a few suggestions right off the bat, but you do you. PM me if you want any suggestions.

Originally posted by Leomon
falconpunch is that you

Actually Falconpunch likes anime now.
-I like Nickelback
-My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is alright, but I'm not obsessed with it
-Math is one of my favorite subjects in school
-I have no strong opinion of furries one way or the other
-I still think Chuck Norris facts are funny even to this day
-I can't stand John Cena memes
-I'm not really hyped for Pokemon Sun and Moon at all
-I think there are too many people with Sans profile pics
-There are games I like more than Undertale
-I'm okay with roughness on roller coasters
-Carbonated soda drinks are fine as a last resort
-SMB the Lost Levels is fun
-I never cared about Pokemon X and Y or the Hoenn remakes

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
I love myself.
Originally posted by lolyoshi
I love myself.

Not in a narcissistic way right? If so then same here.
Sorry, someone whined about my opinion and got offended, so I will change it.
I slightly love myself.
> My music taste doesn't satisfy anyone :(
> I barely play videogames
> I have never finished a single anime, and never started more than one
> I also rarely watch TV, like I never sit down and watch but sometimes I stop by behind the couch and watch an episode or two of one of the 3 or 4 shows I like, but that's about it
> For the three reasons above my standards on everything are absurdly low. Except for music (I just have a broad taste on dubstep)
> I still have hope for some of the "bad users" in SMWC getting better and actually becoming cool and chill people
> (Going against OP's #1) I think there's no room for joking around about certain things that matter a lot to certain people, like religion or that pronoun usage deal. Even if caring about pronouns is a bit alien to me (as I haven't ever "lived around" this) it is something I'm willing to respect, perhaps discuss about, but never make fun of, much like I wish that people did to my religion.
> I couldn't give less shits about the "friendzone". I'd totally date some of my best friends (I almost did one time!). I'm not a very "romantic" person though; I'd like to have a relationship as some sort of an extended friendship, but then again I don't really have too much experience to tell if that would work #smw{-_-;} I guess it depends on the mindset of the girl.
> I legitimately enjoy "HEYAYAEYAYAY" and "Rainbow Troloload" as I enjoy real music
> The most appealing part of a woman's body is neither the butt, nor the breasts... even though these are the parts I and I'm sure everyone else looks at first
> Bringing out my bi side a little bit ( :O ) boys with huge muscles aren't the most sexually appealing; I think a mid-term between muscly and skinny is way cuter
> English Language is the easiest subject at school :)
EDIT: > lolyoshi you're a good man my man
Originally posted by lolyoshi
Sorry, someone whined about my opinion and got offended, so I will change it.
I slightly love myself.

Wait wat? I wasn't whining, I was simply asking a question. Sorry for not being clear lol.
I ain't crazy about Beyoncé as many others seem to be.
Originally posted by Undertaker
-Star Wars Episode III was the best episode in my opinion

Of the prequel trilogy? Hell yes. Of the entire saga so far? I think Episode VII holds that position. But Episode III is right behind it. My personal preference is: VII > III > VI > I > V > II > IV.

- Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is actually a great game, if a little tedious in some missions.

- I watch MLP whenever there's new episodes, but I'm not any kind of fanatic. I just like the show. It's good.

- Pokemon is a dumb fad that should have died out in the 90's

- Video game music, depending on what game the soundtrack is from, completely shits on any "real" music people make these days.

- I cannot stand anyone that's obsessed with Super Smash Bros. They never seem to understand that there are so many games better than it. I even know a kid that has a 3DS only to play Smash 4! Just... I want to slap him so hard.

- People who write off anime just because of "uh lol the eyes are big and the mouths look weird and its japanese so its dumb kid trash lol" need to get their brain checked and actually watch it.

- Star Wars Episode II is half-decent. At least some parts are, the script and performances are mostly laughable at best.

I think...

-Sonic Advance 2 is best of the Advance Series
-Sonic Heroes is fun and enjoyable
-MLP and Uncle Grandpa are all right
-Star Wars prequels aren't as bad as everyone says (except Clone Wars, but I just happen to not like that one)
-Teen Titans is meh
-That professional Pokemon battling is dumb and takes the fun out of everything
-Metroid Zero Mission is better than Super Metroid
-Michael Bay gets too much crap for his movies
-Mega Man 6 is the best of the classics and Mega Man 3 is the worst
-Milk Duds are disgusting and frustrating to eat
-Popplio is getting far too much hatred from Pokemon fans
-Mighty No. 9's trailer isn't dumb and the gameplay looks enjoyable

And finally...

I think Super Mario World is a bit overrated, and that Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 are better and are much harder to get tired of playing.
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.
- Chrono Trigger and FF6 are good games (where I'm from, anyway).
- Algebra is (mostly) easy.
- The Breakfast Club isn't that awesome.
- Call of Duty / FPS games aren't the only good games.
- Zelda II is better than the original. (also, Four Swords Anniversary Edition is 50x harder than Zelda II)
- Porn and... similar things are a boring waste of time (even all the girls at my school disagree with me on this one #ab{>_>})
- I'm not that big on swimming (I guess it's sometimes cool when I'm with my friends, but I can't really enjoy it that much on my own)
- Although making fun of n00bs is fun and stuff, I think the most effective way to deal with them AT FIRST (unless they're a troll or something) is to at least try to respond with a bit more kindness than what most people do. Hell, in the past I've helped some users more than others like this. I've also noticed that using emoticons in a legitimate way gives off sort of a "kind" aura as well, so that helps.
- It's definitely possible to "explore" the area you live in even if you don't live in some mystical Middle-Earth-like wonderland. Huge part of the reason I love taking long walks/bike rides so much.
- probably some other stuff I've forgotten
- I find geography, math, and science very interesting.
- I don't like Minecraft.
- I think (almost) all memes are stupid.

Originally posted by Koopster
My music taste doesn't satisfy anyone :(

All the kids my age listen to shitty pop and rap music that I hate. My favorite genres of music are dance, trance, and house. I also love video game music. (Depends on the game though.)

Originally posted by K.T.B.
Algebra is (mostly) easy.


Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
Skyward Sword is the best 3D Zelda game and Metroid Other M is, at least, a decent Metroid game.

Originally posted by Leomon
secret of evermore [...] [is] good

I feel like that is actually the mainstream opinion. Most of the people I know say "Secret of Evermore is a great game, even though it's different than Secret of Mana".

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
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