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The Lunar Magic Recycle Bin

I had this idea the other day and wondered if it was a good idea, so here it is.

Anyway, this the the Lunar Magic Recycle Bin, a place to dump your old/junk levels that you aren't going to release, or don't feel like finishing. What would be done with these levels? Well, anyone could "Recycle" these levels, basically use these levels as inspiration for a new level, like basing a new level on some of the ideas of a recycled level, while not copying it exactly.

I have some old junk levels, just gotta go round 'em up, so I'll post some later.
I have a few videos from M2W2V levels that aren't in the final version because I remade them from a scratch:

1 2 3 4 5

I also have these two. The were for Proyecto Latino before the collab was restarted (aka they won't appear in the collab) and it's unlikely I'll release them anywhere. I still like the first one, but I'm not really proud of the second one.
Here, you can do whatever you want with this
/▌This Is Bob Copy And Paste Him and soon
/ \ he will Take Over Smwcentral
Only Kaizo

Scrappy I Hate Dolphin stage

Was planned for Yoshi's Lair

oneup vs mushroom

scrapped part from Mask Abuse

Ylair orignal

unfinished part of Abuse and Die 3 stage 9

Was planned for something

scrapped stage from Abuse and Die 3

Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Maybe someone can pull something from this since it's not as much fun to make as I thought it would be. Guess that frees me from the burden of C3 panic.

I could make something of it, but C3 starts in 9 days.