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C3 Pre-discussion Thread (Summer 2016)

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It's me, Kamek the Magikoopa.
Fellow Centralites, I command you to discuss about this upcoming event.
NOTE: It will automatically close (or not) when the event has started (July 8 to 10, I remember).
Panty and Stocking—and Pop Team Epic, evidently—are coming back. Once again. Yes, I'm counting on you. 『いけいけ団長、頑張れ頑張れ団長!』
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I'm glad that I'm actually prepared for C3 this year. I already have a ton of items to show off.
Hyped. Finally I can release a demo of my hack. And show off some other things too, like some gfx or something.
formerly known as TheBasicASMGuy or TBASMGuy for short. hi.
I have been thinking of doing something but holy.. only 19 more days left.. Since I've got work now that will take all day each shift, I don't know if I can get things ready to present (even incomplete) by the time it starts, but.. yeah, I don't know. If I don't manage to get at least a single port done by then, I'm proving myself to have poor time management skills lel
Showed a small preview in the Kaizo screenshots and videos thread and kinda hoping to release a 5 or 6 level demo of my Kaizo hack 'Luigi's Breakdown'. Maybe at least another surprise as well (which may take priority over LB).
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What is there to say.
Well, I was going to show off more of Peach's Quest: A Princess Story, but there's no chance in heck of it being demo-ready by then, and I'm not sure if I'll even be continuing with it anyway. I'll probably just lurk and hope that some useful resources get released.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
I'm just gonna wish good luck to everyone with their projects.

As long as VLDC9 doesn't get a C3 release and thus the attention everything is alright #wario{>:|}


Nah, I'll prolly give a demo of Morton's Empire so stay tuned #wario{:peace:}

play 100 horizontal

i think i might actually release something this c3 so hopefully i'll have something to show off. other than that, best of luck to everyone involved. shud be gud.

I'm probably not gonna half-ass whatever last minute and get undeserved trophies this year, unless I change my mind (that's usually what happens, but I don't really wanna do that)

I'll definitely be watching tho!
Looking forward to seeing what everybody has in-store this time. Haven't seen C3 in awhile now. Perhaps I'll throw something together in time, but...I really doubt it. Either way, hopin' to see what you guys have!
I'm kinda unsure about whether I'm planning to release anything this year or not, given that I always tend to get things done at the very last minute and almost nothing works as intended. I probably won't, but might leave comments here and there just in case. I wonder what you guys are gonna release this time!
I really have no clue if I'm going to release anything or not for this C3. I'll try to whip something up though.
Formerly known as nick 139
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I've been away from the site for some time and I never have done a C3 thread, but I think I will have some things to show.
Expect something pixel-art-related.

Everything can be hacked.
You'll see something from me. ;)
Hopefully I'll have the final release of VLDC1 ready. I'll also post a status update on The Challenge (no demo, sorry).
quest 2 be da best 2 let's do this boys.
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snn-themed c3 when

Me? Actually do something meaningful here? Very funny indeed.

something is supposed to go here

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