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What kind of headphones do you use?

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Personally, I've still got a cheap pair of Sennheiser HD 202s.
I've gone through umpteen pairs of earbuds that would always inevitably break somehow. There would always be a point at which sound would only come thru one side and then you know its days are numbered, or the bare wire would be exposed at the end.
Currently using a set of no tangle ear buds that uses a small flat cable instead of regular thin wire, and I think I like them very much so far, but I'm not prepared to count on keeping them very long since they're ear buds. I like ear buds cuz they're cheaper, they don't get uncomfortable from extended use, and they're less bulky.
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@Home: None. Using speakers.
@Work: Sades SA-902. I hate them. First of all, they're heavy. I easily get neck pain, so right now, I barely even listen to music at work, because the damn headphones make my neck hurt. Secondly, the volume controller on the headphones is digital. That is, it uses +/- buttons and directly controls the volume of Windows with them. This sucks, because you have no presice control over the volume and even the lowest setting you can achieve with this, a volume of 2/100 on Windows, is still too loud for some stuff. I prefer analog volume control directly tied to the headphones. Thirdly, these digital buttons are super sensitive. Sometimes I just lean forward on my chair and accidentally activate the buttons with my belly. Yes, with my belly (insert "fat guy losing his remote control" joke here). I already mentioned that even volume 2/100 is still too loud on those headphones. Just imagine how much my ears bleed when I lean on the volume control and accidentally make the volume shoot up all the way to 56/100 or something like that. It sucks. Lastly, these headphones are a pathetic excuse of being "soundproof". With my previous headphones (which had analog volume control, by the way), I could set the volume quite high and noone was bothered. With these headphones, I can't even listen to music on the lowest volume setting without music leaking outside.

In other words: Don't buy these piece-of-shit headphones.
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I use Asus Strix 2.0 because they were much cheaper than usual when I was looking for new heaphones. And they are pretty good and comfortable, despite being huge and heavy.

ATH-M50x. Managed to break the 1 meter cable by accident but I still have 3 meter cable, kind of inconvenient when you're out an about but whatever. Great sound, great bass. A bit pricey for sure but they are comfortable as fuck. Would 100% recommend.

I got the Audio-Technica ATH-A900X cans right now. Really like them. They're a little more expensive than the AT ones everyone has (the m50/m50x) but the sound is more flat so they're better for studio shit (tho admittedly a bit of a vshaped response is more fun for a lot of music), the soundstage is a little better, and they have one of this wing mounting systems instead of a regular headband, and IMO the wing shit is wayyyy more comfortable. So ya I'd recommend them.

Black Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones. Had em for two years and they've been great. Only problem is that one of the pads has a small rip so the pad will come off sometimes, but its easy to put back on.
Before near-complete loss of hearing in my right ear, I was quite fond of JVC and Skull Candy. These days, there's absolutely no way I can experience sound in stereo through headphones. Unless the tracks are totally mono, there's sadly no point in bothering with headphones anymore.
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Having stereo sound really isn't the only reason why people use headphones. More importantly, they want to filter out all noise around them and also don't want other people to be bothered by their music. Therefore, there is still a point in using headphones, even with one ear unable to hear.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Thanks for pointing out the many uses of headphones.
Not relevant, but thanks nonetheless.
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Years later edit: I am still using the same pair of headphones lol

I picked up the Gemini HSR-1000 headphones several months back based on positive reviews from headphone enthusiast sites. The Geminis have served me well so far - the coiled cable can be annoying, but it sounds good to me, and it's fairly comfortable. I bought them for $50, but the price of it has since jumped to $90 on other online stores, and went all the way up to $449 (!?) on Amazon. I don't know if I'd recommend Gemini at 90+ dollars. The headphone selling market on the internet is crazy.
as far as ear buds go: some apple ones that came with my Gen 2 iPod Shuffle

as far as actual headphones go:
Usually use some Philips SHP2500:

I have a very cheap pair of headphones that normally break easily because it's literally the same type of headphones seen everywhere except each one is made by a completely different brand (plus, some don't even exist), but this very specific pair has passed the test of time unlike many many others and it works fine. Not only that, but they actually are soundproof!

I have broken so many headphones before, always because they don't make it properly (bad connectors, too weak wires, one side doesn't work at all, etc). The speakers have crappy audio, so I don't use them most of the time. Earbuds? They work, but I like the audio quality of the headphones better.
I had countless headphones and earbuds at some point that either stopped working or simply broke in half due to a stupidity of mine. Nowadays, I have earbuds that came with an old phone we've had (I was unaware they were even there though) and I've been using them ever since.
Currently I'm using Audio Technica headphones that my uncle gave me, so far they've lasted years and still going strong. They work really well and almost never get tangled.
I wear a pair of Beats that are moderately damaged, but still work. It's a shame because I only had them for about a year. Before I got my Beats, I used to wear several pairs of crappy dollar store earbuds that die out within two weeks.
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I use these surprisingly decent earbuds that I bought for like...$7. Can't remember the brand exactly, but I think it may be iHome or whatever.
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Never bothered knowing the name of the headphones that I buy, I only remember the brand name. Anyway, I use earphones nowadays because no headphones last on me.
Some large Sony headphones because they're so comfortable on my ears and sound nice.
My beats feel horrible, look stupid and uncomfortable on me!!
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