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DA HAK 4 ?!? and those other three...


Around a couple of days ago, I created three crappy joke hacks.
These are: Da Hak 1, 2, and 3 of course. These hacks feature cutoff, random enemy placement, blatant level edits, censored swearing (only in the 3rd game), and bad palettes.

Da Hak

Da Hak 2

Da Hak 3

Want to Download? Click the name of the hack you want.

Da Hak
Da Hak 2
Da Hak 3
Da Hak 4 when.
no more Da Hak gays. da hak 3 was teh finnaaley.
Originally posted by OmegaYoshi
no more Da Hak gays.

I'm sorry but my life is meaningless now.
Today, I decided to make something related to this hack.

A document about the story of Da Hak, How I made the games, and stuff about Da Hak 4.


The Story of Da Hak!
da hak 4 is here!

this might be the biggest troll hack I ever made... enjoy!

Clicky here.

Yes, I know I said Da Hak 3 was it, but I felt like messing with you guys a bit more. #smw{:trollface:}