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How did you find out about SMW Hacks?

I mentioned on GameSpot how cool it would be if I could make my own levels for video games, and somebody mentioned Lunar Magic, which led me to check it out and eventually led me to videos of Super Demo World and another hack or two (pretty basic stuff, though, I think), then this site. Oddly enough, my first question on here wasn't about Lunar Magic but rather Eggvine.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.

i found out from a brutal mario video on youtube for like 6 years ago. but its unbeliveable that our time goes so fast lol! #smw{O_O}
I am...

A snes9x user
Huge mario fan, obviously
Huge fan of other game franchise
An extreme gaming nerd (I have played over 1000 games, that includes modern games, too)
An old fan of SMW hacking. I first discovered it on youtube around the late 2000s
I was already into Sonic hacks (I lurked Sonic Retro, and my brother had downloaded some old Sonic hacks when I was younger)

One day (around 2008/2009?) I ended up getting curious about Mario hacks
That's when I discovered TSRP1&2 (I already knew about Lunar Magic before that iirc)

I didn't get into them at the time (I was more into the Sonic projects like Megamix, Retro Remix, etc), but I did end up beating TSRP1 and TSRPR later on

I remember being absolute garbage at TSRP1 lol

Later on I got into VIP Mario 1-4 (looking up walkthroughs of VIP1 on YouTube is how I found raocow), Brutal Mario, ASMT, SMW Yeah, etc

I've completely forgotten, but I do remember being into earthbound hacking first (circa 2007; the same time I registered here), and I may have gotten from exposure to general hacking from that.
Primary school was a drag. We spent most of our free time there playing shitty Mario Flash games. Of course back then, they were amazing. One of them had a level editor - I made my own levels and stuff, nothing spectacular, but kid-me loved it. When looking on YouTube to see if there were any levels people had made for this game, I instead found custom levels for SMW hacks. I took an interest and gave it a try myself, but didn't really make anything special. I also found SMW Central soon after, but I took my dear time signing up indeed. This was 2007 - 2008 mind you LOL

I didn't really take it seriously for a long time. I remember making a really dumb hack with a friend, which was purposefully designed to be the most irritating level ever. We parodied certain kaizo hacks by placing the player in a small passage surrounded by a hideous wall of munchers up and down. It also included precise jumping and ice physics. The message boxes all swore too, I can thank my friend for that though.

Part of me regrets not getting on board sooner, at the height of SMW hacking, but the other part of me is thankful, since I got to spare myself and everyone else the embarassment of my 11 year old self.

I'll also have to find that flash level editor someday. It'll probably be really nostalgic to me lol
I was searching for a SMW video, and I stumbled upon a Brutal Mario video. While I was watching it on my tablet, one of the comments was linking to a pre-patched ROM of the English translation on MediaFire. I downloaded it and started playing. A few days later, I found a video tutorial which teaches how to edit the title screen demo. I clicked on a link and I found SMWiki. At the bottom of the page I found a small banner. I clicked it and I found this site.

Edit: fixed a spelling error. (tictle)

Recently, while watching a video of a past AGDQ, I stumbled upon a speedrun of Kaizo Mario World. I thought that it was fun and downloaded it, played it, and got rekt so hard by it (it was fun though). I then searched for more ROM hacks, then I happened to find this site.
I was just browsing the YouTubes when I stumbled across I8Strudel's channel. I watched all his videos and started making my first hack that would never see the light of day (I was hoping he would LP it). I didn't make an SMWCentral account until just recently, though.

Well then, welcome new comers :D
Tale Of Elementa, VLDC8, & VLDC7.

P.S. Good luck with your hack Super Stiviboy.
I had imagined my own Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island levels in my head for quite some time before their respective editors were released (usually when I wasn't paying attention in school). Then one day some kid showed me a Super Mario level editor on a TI calculator and thought it was the shit. I started searching the webs for more Mario level editors, and stumbled upon Acmlm's Board and Lunar Magic. #lm{MARIO69}
My cousin showed me some Brutal Mario videos which had me really intrigued. It was then my brother started downloading ROM hacks and we started playing them. It was fun for awhile but I guess I lost interest eventually and forgot about them. It wasn't until I got my own computer that I decided to download Brutal Mario then reply it again which got my interest back into ROM hacks again. Eventually I played both TSRP2 and Mario Gives Up and after playing them is when I finally decided I wanted to try making my own hack.

Kind of miss those days...
My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
I discovered SMW hacking back in 2009 when I was just a kid when I looked up Super Mario World videos. The oldest thing I remember clearly was MetalKirby's Brutal Mario boss videos (which have since been removed #tb{:(}) back when they were still somewhat new (no older than a year), which probably explains why I love Brutal Mario so much. I also remember watching videos of the original Kaizo Mario back in the day but I don't remember them quite as clearly now.
I searched on google for custom mario levels without any prior knowledge of hacks existing and this site came up.

And, well, here I am now.
I learned about them through youtube and some other video hosting website (can't remember the name) that had a bunch of playthroughs/TAS videos uploaded. Super Demo World TLC probably was the very first SMW hack that I had ever watched a video of. That was 2006..
I was 10 when I first watched Kaizo Mario on YouTube with Internet Explorer on my Windows XP computer. My dad downloaded an SMW ROM and Lunar Magic so I could make my own levels, but we never patched Kaizo Mario because the IPS wouldn't load in ZSNES. #tb{:(} Not sure how I found this site though.
i probably first heard of smw-hacking through youtube, around 2011. those automatic mario levels and sonikku's videos were among the first i watched, i think, and i thought they were amazing.
Doin' a thing
One of my friends told me about SMW Central, that's another way I found out.
I basically just googled "mario level editor", after being unsuccessful with WC3's World Editor. I was hoping I'd get a SMB3 editor but turned out SMW was much easier (and far more entertaining in the long run).