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If you could forget everything about a single video game/video game series...
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Which game/series would you choose?

And I don't mean this in a bad way, I'm talking about if the game(s) just seemed so good to you that you'd want to forget everything about it, just to re experience it.

For me? The Zero Escape series. I think I kind of rushed through 999, so it'd be nice to just forget everything about it and go through it at a slower pace. I might even find something that I didn't originally, or realize new things.

VLR, I kind of did go through slow but that was still a good game that has some good twists. I also kind of cheated in ways when I was first trying to 100% the game, so I want to somehow make up for that.

And to whomever it may concern, it probably will be the same case for ZTD, I dunno. I won't be able to buy it at release date due to financial difficulties, so I won't be able to see how it concludes for a while.

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chrono trigger, simply because playing the game knowing everything that's gonna happen isn't as fun

ff6, because the world of ruin twist would (probably) be way more shocking
There really only is one game I wish I could forget about, story-wise at least, and that would be Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War, because when I was younger, I didn't think I would ever play it and my brother told/showed me the super huge plot twist about half way through the game. Game mechanics I wouldn't want to forget though, because how parents influence kids is not explained, and very vaguely hinted at some random village in the middle of nowhere. Plus, how useful/unuseful 1st gen characters are is good knowledge to have/Who are good pairings is important info to have.

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Bioshock. Oh, what I would give to be able to play Bioshock blind.
Chrono Trigger and SMRPG are the only two games I have NO memory of playing my first time. They're just these things I've always known basically everything about. I kind of hate that, it's like they barely exist, and I can never form real "first impressions" about them.

If I had to pick between them, I'd go for Chrono Trigger. But I'd ask the genie/wizard/whatever why they can't do both games for me. : P

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Probably Final Fantasy X, because I don't remember another game that touched me emotionally on such a deep level while playing it for the first time.

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Paper Mario. The whole series. It would make me overall just less irritated with Nintendo.
I'd love to erase Yoshi's New Island from my memory, better yet all of existence. Such a stain on a classic.
Video game: Super Mario World. Exploring every nook and cranny again without really knowing what to expect sounds fun. ROM hacks that have a lot of secret exits just don't feel quite the same.

Series: The Zero Escape series. Part of the fun is the 3 million plot twists, and most of the puzzles have the same concrete solution that isn't randomized, so those can be challenging again (if I ever remember the solutions in my current memory). Altho I hope I'd be able to relearn that it's risky to save in puzzle rooms in VLR.
Either that or Portal, so the puzzles can be more challenging, and so the final chapter can be surprising again. The
underground and old Aperture
puzzles will still be challenging forever, so maybe this will just be a runner-up rather than a toss-up.

Legacy custom music

Paper Mario would be a good one. The two Portal games as well would be pretty interesting to replay blind.
Either the Metroid Prime games or perhaps the Knights of the Old Republic series. Both fantastic games that are very closed to me - and while I still get the urge to play them, it would be amazing to go in blind and experience every moment as if it was completely new.

Undertale, just so I can experience the story again.
DKC2 would be my "I´d like to forget game" i guess.
So aiming for 102% would be a pain of surprising and irrational exploring again and not just a boring level-by-level walkthrough.

FF5-9, the SaGa games, Chrono Trigger and Earthbound


The entirety of the Metroid Prime trilogy, so I could re-experience figuring everything out for the first time.
Originally posted by Najeraldo
Undertale, just so I can experience the story again.

This, just replace Undertale with Bravely Default and Bravely Second.

Wario Land 3 is a game which I'd like to enjoy for the first time again. But maybe I should wait until I actually finish it first.

something is supposed to go here

Chrono Trigger, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, SMW, Zelda ALTTP. The second one comes especially to mind because I actually still remember exactly how I felt when I played it for the first time. All the excitement on seeing Mario departing to foreign lands aboard Bowser's cruiser, and then Luigi accidentally joining him (lol) and having both bros. going out in an adventure together. And after so many jokes and seeing all the characters' charisma with so little playtime I just knew I was in for a very good ride. Also Zelda ALTTP (and pretty much every Zelda game) because it's not nearly as much fun to explore and go through the same puzzles a second time.

Or... better yet I would veyr much like to play banjo kazooie for the first time again.
That's a tough one...
Gonna have to go with Donkey Kong Country 2. First video game I ever played, and is easily still my all time favorite... Therefore I've got mixed emotions about forgetting it :< But then again, it would be pretty rad to re-experience the glory that is monkeys saving their island.
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