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Name suggestion for video game music interchange format?

As you may not know, I've been working on a cross-compatible video game sequence format and conversion tool. Unlike MIDI files, it will be designed for software (not old hardware), and contain jump, call, looping, and possibly segment structures, to preserve the structure of video game music.

I started with a Gamecube BMS file decoder. Right now, there's no good BMS to MIDI converter yet, so I'm creating something new and useful, even before I build the entire format, conversion, and synthesis ecosystem.

However, I'm going to expand to SNES, PSF, and possibly DS SSEQ formats. As a result, my current name, "bms-format" or "bms-sequencer" will not represent my project well.

Does anyone have any name suggestions? This tool will also need scripts, which need their own file extension. (My existing MIDI processor is called msh, or MIDI shell.)

Beyond MIDI (.bmid)

  • Beyond msh (.bmsh) (nobody knows what msh is, and this is easily confused with .bms)
  • BMID script (.bsh)

.jseq (hmmm... I'm totally not a jimbo1qaz rereg...) (already used by a Coffeescript test suite)

  • .js (already used by Javascript)
  • .jscript (sounds like JScript)
  • .jsh ("The Christian Science Journal"... wtf?)

jseq is a good file format, but not a good program name.

What about Video Game Sequence (.vgs)? (already used for Connectix Virtual Game Station, PS1 emulator)