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EXtended Member of the Month - July 2016 (Part 2) ~ The overlard attack!

Link Thread Closed
Hello my friends, as promised, this month we will continue with the Impetus x TRS interview, with special participation of Ersanio, our administrator. That was probably the biggest MoTM interview ever, but at same time it was full of relevant conversation which includes the complete context of what SMW Central is currently passing (whole shitposting polemic). Additionally we talked about the staff team, administration duties, different view-points, real life problems and much more. If you didn't see the first part of the interview, you can read it here. Either way, have fun reading this new one:
Vitor Vilela Welcome to the second part of #XMoTM. As everyone knows, this time we will continue talking with Impetus and TRS. On the first part we talked more about SMW hacking and stuff like the VLDC. On this part, we will talk more about SMW Central itself and a bit of real life.
Vitor Vilela So hello Impetus and TRS, how are you two today?
TRS Okay, I guess.
Impetus Tired out this time around.
TRS A bit tired.
Vitor Vilela Same here. I'm not in a very good day but heh, we all have to deal with it.

Vitor Vilela So the first and obvious thing that we will have to talk with is about the SMW Central community. What are your opinions about it?
TRS I'm kinda detached from the general community. I mostly hang out in forum games and #office.
TRS It's become sort of a clique thing.
TRS I don't really know enough about the userbase to answer that question. Sorry for the disappointment.
Impetus Well, there is a loooot of room for improvement. Its not really news that there are some pretty big chasms between parts of the community.
Impetus But I guess its easy to forget just how large the community is, with over 1000 active users.
* Ersanio ([email protected]) has joined
TRS no go away
Impetus I think the staff might just be a little overworked keeping up with so many different areas in the site and so many users, even if a smaller portion of that userbase is highly active.
Impetus And you can't always make the right calls when so many problems are coming up all over the place I guess.
Impetus Those kinds of things have been pretty divisive recently.
Impetus But I don't think its something that is going to split the community apart, as long as people care about it and are working hard for it.

Vitor Vilela Ok. So to enrich the interview, I'm happy to present everyone our guest participant of this month's interview. The official overlard, Ersanio!
Ersanio hi hi
Impetus Did you have to eat smkdan to get that position?
Ersanio I mentioned this somewhere else earlier, I'll mention it again. I genuinely miss smkdan. I sent him a few emails to no avail. He'll forever remain the lardiest being in my heart I suppose!

Vitor Vilela Talking about the old members, in your opinion did the community get some improvement compared to the 2008-2010 one or would you prefer the old community over this one?
Impetus There's parts of both I like, really. I miss the gusto and fun playing around events of old, though they did get out of hand with some user's reactions to them back then too. I'm glad to see stuff like that is making a bit of a resurgence now, casino3 was a fun theme.
Ersanio That's a tough one to decide on. If I have to define "Improved" as "better post quality", I'd have to pick the current community members. Sure, there's a bit of inconsistency going on with the... post leniency thing, but people are smart enough to realize what's stupid and what's acceptable. Well, most people, anyway.
Impetus In a weird way though, even though we don't have things like the old site events, I feel the community is more active and involved now than they used to be. It probably helps that other areas have been branched into, I remember back in 2009-2010ish, threads rarely got more than 5 or 6 posts, and things seem more active than they were back then.
Ersanio I have to agree with above.
Impetus The hacking scene has certainly gotten more interesting an exciting since then too, and people are going to further lengths to innovate than ever before, so that's neat as well.
Impetus Stuff like SA-1 and layer 3 editing really brought me back to all of it.
Impetus But we've seen a lot of great users leave the site along the way and I really do miss every last one of them.
Ersanio SMWCentral has matured in general. We had way less forums back in the days, and things were also way more strict. Nowadays we have multiple hacking forums, such as SM64 and Yoshi's Island, and our community has really grown a lot.
TRS This ties in to my answer (or rather non-answer) to the last question, but I prefer the 2010-ish community better.
TRS Impetus is talking about how the site is branching into other areas of hacking but none of that really answers the question.
TRS If you go to #smwc, 99% of the time it's dead.
Ersanio To be perfectly honest I don't pay attention to #smwc anymore, but despite that, I remember #smwc being extremely lively back in the days compared to now. I don't need to be active to notice that.
TRS While I don't deny expanding to other games is a good thing, I feel like that expansion was done instead of expanding the community rather than alongside it.
Ersanio #smwc has grown in numbers, but dropped in activity. It almost feels like a paradox really.
Impetus That fact is pretty true. Even I don't go to #smwc anymore.
Impetus I think maybe we don't engage new users in the community enough, or do enough to keep older users with us.
Vitor Vilela I see. Different viewpoints, but similar intentions.

Vitor Vilela Ersanio, you as a long time SMW Central moderator and administrator, in your opinion does this current community causes more trouble than the old one (2009ish)?
Ersanio I'm afraid there are more troublemakers than there used to be.
Ersanio Maybe the staff became too lenient, or maybe the rules are a bit too lenient.
TRS ...Vitor asks as we're in the midst of a shitpost pandemic.
Ersanio lol for real though
Ersanio Back in my days (I sound so old now) we didn't have to deal with things like "posting leniency" or "shitposting" or "no nice posts" or whatever
Ersanio Things were pretty calm
Vitor Vilela You know, the interviewer's main job is to always cause a good drama to read!
* Vitor Vilela is shot
* TRS lowers the gun
Impetus Heck.
Ersanio Let's not forget the pantydrop thing in the SMWCP2 credits either, the community was torn into two which is a pretty... amazing accomplishment, to be honest.
Impetus There weren't as many people around back in 2009 to cause drama I suppose?
TRS We should tear the community in two more often to be honest.
Ersanio That could be it also, I didn't really pay attention to that.
TRS Don't tell anybody I said that.
Impetus I remember the first contest I entered had like, 18 entries.
Impetus VLDC this year had over 100
Impetus Thats five times as many as back then.
Impetus I'm sure something else divisive will come up soon TRS.
Ersanio You'd think that as a community matures, there will be less trouble, but I feel like the complete opposite is happening. Or maybe it's just me who's thinking this, though.
Impetus Nah, its always the works with the biggest fanbases that have the worst reputation of their fans after all.
Impetus I think its just inevitable as a community grows in size.
Ersanio I don't actively participate in forum discussions anymore so I don't really know how it feels like to post on SMWC in the community's current state.
Impetus Well, TRS is being a bit alarmist, I wouldn't gauge what its like from him =p
TRS You don't know me.

Vitor Vilela Oh, I see. For you guys, what could be a good solution for this whole problem?
TRS Total annihilation.
TRS Oh, uh...
Ersanio I agree. Let's pull the plug.
Vitor Vilela o_O
Impetus I think you should make me administrator, personally.
Impetus That way I can keep my shiny name colour!
TRS We can make our own SMWC. It'll only allow SA-1 hacks.
Vitor Vilela #ImpetusAdmini2016???
Vitor Vilela ooooh
TRS You like, yes?
Ersanio No, in all seriousness though, I don't really like pointing fingers but the problem of "more trouble than there used to be" is a problem caused by two sides, the users who think they are immune to the site rules, and the staff team who I noticed are a bit too lenient lately.
Impetus I prefer #Admimpetus2016 as my slogan.
TRS #TRStaff
Ersanio The whole post leniency thing introduced by Lightvayne, to be honest, is something that should be undone. And I'll probably get it undone sooner or later. SMWC was fine the way it was before. There just needs to be minor adjustments to the rules and then hope the community co-operates.
Impetus I can agree with the staff being a little too lenient on the side of second chances. I think second chances need to be something that users earn, rather than get given in the hopes they will improve.
TRS Oh man, I was wondering when this would pop up.
Impetus While a lot of users do improve, some really don't get the message, or just don't care.
TRS The post leniency rule was a gross overreaction.
Ersanio We've also been receiving plenty of feedback the past few days about this exact issue, and I assure you something *will* be done.
Impetus And as for the policy, I'm pretty sure a friendly balance can be found somewhere. Now rule 1 of General Discussion is being properly enforced, the section hasn't been quite as dreadful to look at.
Ersanio Maybe I should overreact about how terrible this post leniency thing is and just undo it by my own will!
Impetus At the end of the day its probably better that the users feel like they can interact and have fun, because that means they can actually be a part of the community.
Ersanio I mean I understand where Lightvayne is coming from though, and he probably realized it wasn't a great idea. But we'll have to clean up after our own mess, definitely.
TRS From my point of view, users were asking for a little bit more leniency and someone tripped over the leniency lever and whoops General Discussion is now World of Insanity.
Ersanio Yes, having fun is a big part of this community.
Impetus But the line between that and spoiling things for other users it a little thin.
Ersanio My ideal version of General Discussion is basically the way it was before the post leniency thing, but slightly modified as to allow offtopic, joke posts
Ersanio Not a dump of garbage posts.
TRS Being more lenient is one thing, allowing people to spam unchecked is another. That line should never have been crossed.
Vitor Vilela Yeah, things were a bit unbalanced with that whole post leniency policy. Even that personally I broke that rule to put a few things in order a few days ago, but hopefully things will be getting a bit more balanced as we know more what everyone wants.

Vitor Vilela Continuing about shitposting policy, what about the Staff Team? What do you guys think about the overall team performance (as in forum, sections, coding, contest, etc.)?
TRS Is this why Ersanio is here?
TRS Did you bring him here to intimidate us?
Ersanio You better say positive things or I'll throw you out of the community!
TRS I will not be intimidated. I will fight you.
Ersanio Just kidding.
Vitor Vilela Maybe?
Impetus Forum Games is already my sovereign state, you can't touch me, I have diplomatic immunity!
Vitor Vilela At same time he can simply kick some denounced staff members though!
TRS Yeeeeeeeeeeeees, then you can swap us in.
Impetus I think you should remove that Kieran guy, I mean.
Impetus I'm not even sure what he does.
Impetus I never see him on the site.
TRS Staff is totally great, 100% approved! (am I doing this right)
Impetus If any positions do open we're here to answer the call of duty.
Impetus #Admimpetus #TRStaff
Vitor Vilela That reminds me of...
Impetus Oh, that's what he does.
Impetus Sounds useless, I bet you could program a bot to replace him.
Ersanio Looking at myself critically, I actually don't quite know what people expect of me. I'm this detached from the community-admin who makes sure the website runs smoothly. I don't think it's running smoothly lately (I mean look at the whole posting leniency thing). I'm hoping to push changes to deal with the post leniency problem soon because I've been receiving so much feedback it's incredible.
Ersanio Speaking of feedback, I think that was the biggest fuckup of the website thusfar. Apparently it was broken for *months* and nobody noticed.
TRS Staff is lame, they denied my one world vanilla hack during remoderation and I don't have a backup.
Impetus I dunno, I think maybe a few too many staff members are detached like Ersanio is.
Ersanio Knowing that feedback is the only reliable way of the community to give their feedback (because they're anonymous, they don't have to worry about being targeted personally for critical feedback) I was absolutely devastated when I learned that the feedback system was broken.
Ersanio I feel like SMWC is in good hands with the current staff team, I just feel like things need to be done quicker. Way quicker. Maybe that's something I should keep myself busy with as an admin, huh?
Impetus That isn't to say that they don't work hard, but that a lot of staff members only work in pretty specific areas and don't participate in the userbase on a more personal level.
TRS Totally honest though, I don't notice any of the staff day-to-day.
Impetus I think that's made tougher to deal with by all of the schisms the userbase has right now as well.
TRS (schism is such a fun word to say)
Impetus And when people talk about a disconnect between staff and users that might be mainly what they're talking about.
Ersanio Trust me I used to be pretty active with the userbase back in the days. I was plenty active on the IRC, actively participated in conversations, etc., but things change I suppose.
Impetus For real, and not jokingly plugging myself, I do think there needs to be a few more users should be picked up as staff to deal with the increasing workloads, get a broader view of the community and try to get things done better.
TRS The biggest problem I have is that I don't really know who the staff are. Staff are people with different username colors.
TRS And MrDeePay.
Vitor Vilela Staff Group
Vitor Vilela Some people say there is too many Staff members though...
Impetus I can count the number of staff members that really participate with the userbase and are noticed on my fingers, and that might not be the best thing with such a big site with so many sections.
TRS Hinalyte
Impetus Well, I think people who say there are too many staff members are probably more confused about who does what and who they should go to.
Ersanio If people say there are way too many staff members then that's quite a bold statement for a website with about 1000+ active members. Although most of them are just lurkers but still.
Impetus There isn't even anything formal like a roster describing each staff member and what they do that users can look to.
TRS I don't know how well or quickly resource moderation is done. Perhaps I should check out removal logs.
Ersanio That's an interesting idea actually, Impetus.
Impetus I'm full of interesting ideas tbh ^-^
TRS Sections and coding work. Nothing breaks on my end.
Impetus #Admimpetus2016
TRS Have we had a 24hr contest in a while?
Vitor Vilela Last one was over 8 months, I think.
Ersanio I can't think of anything else regarding about the performance of the staff team, but maybe the rest of the userbase does (in which case I urge you to use the staff feedback function now that it's actually working again).
TRS nice
TRS We should just invite the userbase to this interview and find out.

Vitor Vilela What about sections? For who don't know, around 8 months Lightvayne implemented a thing called "Section Leaders", where each special staff member is responsible for the other ones, just like a supervisor. That was an attempt to reduce Staff slacking. In your opinion are the sections currently being better taken care compare to before?
TRS I literally forgot all about that.
Ersanio I don't have much to say about sections. The section leaders certainly took away a workload from me (I can be legit lazy now, woohoo). I remember that back in the days, especially for the patches section, certain moderators were afraid to handle big patches.
Ersanio I remember there was a patch which was sitting there for literally months.
Ersanio Was it the SA-1 patch? I don't remember.
TRS No, you don't get to be lazy anymore. We talked about this.
Ersanio :(
TRS Hey, you said it.
Vitor Vilela :)
TRS Ersanio I feel like SMWC is in good hands with the current staff team, I just feel like things need to be done quicker. Way quicker. Maybe that's something I should keep myself busy with as an admin, huh?
Ersanio hey section moderation isn't slow anymore ok
TRS ;)
Ersanio From my point of view, section moderation is self-sustaining now. I didn't need to intervene for months. Things seem to be going fine, otherwise I would've heard about it by now.
Impetus Well, I'm pretty sure the section leaders are working fine, since all of the remoderation has worked and things seem to be going through well.
Ersanio Although I did notice there is one section which is dead, which is the BRR section.
Ersanio I should probably dispose of that section soon.
Impetus All of our site sections are pretty functional and pretty handy too.
TRS I'm a boring interviewee. I can't answer the question properly.

Vitor Vilela And what about the site coding? SMW Central haven't got any major update for years...
Vitor Vilela Personally, I'm tired with the current site scheme...
Ersanio ooooooooh boy here we go.
TRS It doesn't break for me. That's good enough.
Ersanio I have plenty to say about this.
Ersanio From a technical point of view, SMWCentral feels very... bloated.
Ersanio The scheme is made by using tables rather than divs, it doesn't really feel semantically correct.
Impetus Rest In Peace, Spring Site Scheme.
Ersanio Also from a regular user's point of view, it looks ugly. Let's be honest.
TRS We hardly knew you...
Impetus Thought I don't think I'd use that one nowadays.
Ersanio It looked good back in the days. Now it's outdated, something needs to be done.
TRS I like the current scheme. Maybe I'm in the minority.
Ersanio Furthermore, with the rise of mobile devices, SMWCentral is a pain to navigate. I need to zoom in everywhere in order to click things like the arrow to read a thread's latest unread post.
Impetus Yeah, unfortunately. There are a lot of cool features that could be added, but all of the coding is pretty old.
Ersanio Also an option to disable post layouts on mobile devices would be neat. Heck, maybe I should code that myself one day.
Impetus Shame nobody has really stepped up to revamp the site. Remaking it is a possibility too, but moving resources might be a chore.
Impetus Rest In Peace, Mobile Users.
TRS *This is a paid advertisement for SMWC+*
Ersanio I'm kinda scared to view threads on my mobile device because I have a limited data plan and viewing a layout or two would probably kill most of my allowed bytes for the month, lol.
TRS *SMWC+ - It makes SMWC better*
TRS They didn't pay me to make a good slogan.
Vitor Vilela *Nice TRS, now tell them to make a SMWC+ mobile version*
Ersanio Functionally, I don't think we miss much. Maybe some minor yet useful functions such as bookmarking or following a thread, system notifications about certain things like someone quoting your post for example, etc.
TRS I browse on my phone and it doesn't use up a whole lot of data. Granted, I don't do it all that often.
TRS I have to tick "Request Desktop Site" to unbreak the C3 counter.
Ersanio Of course, if the community comes up with ideas for the website, feel free to let us know at *gasp* you guessed it, the feedback system.
TRS Impetus passed out on the keyboard.
Impetus You should still put collectable pokemon and a like and favourite system in!!!
Impetus Also please remove the most used site feature with each update, just like tumblr does. I'd start with the ability to make threads.
Impetus c=
TRS Upvote system.

Vitor Vilela Talking about C3, what are your expectations for this big event? Will we have another fun gimmick or do you guys think it will gonna be something more light this time? What about your submission expectations?
Impetus I hope its a fun gimmick honestly, I like those. Though, I never did that well in the casino last time, maybe it'll be something I'm better with this time around.
TRS I have been 100% spoiled on the gimmick and it will suck, don't even bother attending C3.
TRS Really though as long as it doesn't completely take over C3 I'll like it.
Impetus Wowie.
TRS *cough*casino*cough*
Ersanio As a staff member I can't really say much without spoiling anything so I'll just reply with something a normal user would say. I hope it won't be a distracting event like the casino one. Sure, the casino thing was fun but I feel like it got a a bit too much attention.
TRS RIP #area51
Impetus Well if you install the newest version of smwc+ you can actually disable c3 (feature not confirmed by developer)
Ersanio Kinda like the Eshroom Corp thing from a few years ago, that one was also extremely distracting.
TRS *This is a paid advertisement for SMWC+*
Ersanio I should adblock you. >_>
Vitor Vilela weow
TRS You won't intimidate me.
TRS I'll fight you.
Impetus TRS is a level 60 wizard better watch out.
Ersanio Either way, I won't mind if we have literally no C3 theme at all this time. The experience won't change for me either way.
TRS I challenge you to fisticuffs.
Impetus I think we'll see some cool projects that are using all of the new things, at least.
Impetus Asides from that, c3 is usually a mystery. But that just makes it more intresting.

Vitor Vilela Will any of you guys submit something for this C3?
Impetus I'm sure there will be plenty of projects people have rushed out for c3 as well.
Impetus In fact, I know of one such project.
TRS Don't rush your projects though. They will be bad. Instead sit on them for six months and rush them out for next C3.
Impetus Words of wisdom right there.
TRS It works, trust me. ;P
TRS I might have a thing. I need to yell at someone though.
Ersanio I'm hoping to submit a certain hack of mine for this C3, although I've gotten lazy over the past 3 days or so. All I am required to do is finish the only boss fight in the hack and finish up some very minor details.
Ersanio It's a two-level hack and people who enjoy shitty creepypastas might recognize what the hack actually is.
Impetus Wow, I can't believe you're making mario.exe tails doll hyper realistic blood dx edition???
Ersanio rofl
Ersanio The best part is that the boss fight I'm coding has been a very educational experience for me, and I might actually release part of the source code of the boss to allow people to create their own bosses.
TRS I pledged for that on kickstarter Ersanio you better deliver.
Ersanio It'll be more like a template to allow stuff like boss phases, different graphics you can display anytime, etc.
Impetus You'll have people on their first hacks asking you to make them cool bosses for years to come~
Ersanio TRS: Pledge at least $666 and I'll make sure to send you a thank you e-mail.
Ersanio what, you expected more? pff
Impetus Though in fairness that code sounds like it would be incredibly useful for another project.
TRS Just gonna drop this:
Impetus Hey, no fair, I didn't prepare anything to drop here.

Vitor Vilela What are your thoughts about the future of SMW Central, SMW Hacking, Staff, humanity, etc, etc.?
* TRS looks at Ersanio
* Ersanio looks at self
* TRS *deep*
Ersanio I can't foresee a change happening in SMWCentral anytime soon
Ersanio I also thought that the ideas for SMW hacking got exhausted but I keep getting surprised by the things people create or release. Things are looking up.
Impetus Kieran's servers are probably safe where he lives, but I can't say for sure all of our users are gonna survive the next 10 years with brexit, and the chances of trump getting elected, and the literal new world order that will be enabled via the TPP if Hillary is elected.
Ersanio I also hope more people get interested in SMAS hacking especially the ASM people, to get the ball rolling.
TRS Honestly, I'm seeing less and less truly creative ideas in SMW hacks.
TRS I think the SMW hacking community needs to stop focusing on doing *new* things and instead focus on doing things *well*.
Ersanio I haven't played a lot of hacks to comment on that, sadly. I just see people showcasting stuff and I'm like "coooooooollll, I didn't think of that before"
Ersanio As for uh, humanity? People killing each other over religion is stupid. I don't care if your holy book orders you to kill heretics or nonbelievers or whatever. We're all human and we all deserve a chance at life regardless of the life and situation you were born into.
Impetus Well, the best we can hope for is that we keep improving. Cycling between innovation and mastery is a natural part of things, I believe.
Impetus Oh, a SMAS hack where you switch between game modes would be... Interesting.
Impetus I personally would love to see some paper mario the thousand year door disassembly myself. Maybe one day, if I become a better programmer, I'll have to start that up myself.
Vitor Vilela Okay, I really hope in the next years everything keeps safely and I can get my Computer Engineering graduation. I really want to have the opportunity to visit various SMWC members when I get, who knows, a good career before they end up disappearing as many I noticed, for example smkdan. But I have good hopes.
Impetus Maybe one day we'll all be going to SMWCon?
Impetus That would be far in the future, but having ambitious goals never hurt.
TRS I'll give you my address Vitor. ;P
Vitor Vilela Who knows?
Vitor Vilela Everything is possible.

Vitor Vilela Let's go now for the community questions.
TRS Oh boy.

Vitor Vilela (TRS) Question for Impetus: When are you gonna update Deep Space and Paper Mafia?
Impetus Well I was going to do it today, but this interview has taken sooooo longgggg.
TRS Please this is very important to my well-being.

Vitor Vilela (Nameless) memes?
TRS m e m e s
Vitor Vilela spam
Ersanio ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TRS !imp explode memes
TRS I think the bot's busted.
Vitor Vilela the bot got too Impetus.
Vitor Vilela .
Impetus M       M       M
Impetus E E E
Impetus M M M
Impetus E E E
Impetus M E M E S E M E M
Impetus E E E
Impetus M M M
TRS slow
Impetus E E E
Impetus M M M
TRS oh no I broke it
Impetus lagged out there
Vitor Vilela 0/0
TRS error: cannot divide by 0
Vitor Vilela who cares, let's do the black holes

Vitor Vilela (Vitor Vilela) do you have school today?
Ersanio oh my god
TRS not you Ersanio

Vitor Vilela (Koopster) TRS x Impetus OTP?
TRS I could use more mosts votes.
Impetus A good prediction of the next mosts if nothing else.
Vitor Vilela OTP = one true pairing right?
Vitor Vilela kk
TRS yes
Ersanio to me OTP looks like a guy bending forward with his uh... backdoor sticking out.
TRS lewd

Vitor Vilela Now time for the infamous short questions!
Vitor Vilela Something you hate.
Ersanio fear
TRS Most meats and vegetables haha send in the angry PMs.
Impetus The state of current events.
Impetus Is that too real lmao.
Vitor Vilela Favorite game.
Ersanio Age of Wulin. You've probably seen me stream that MMORPG now and then.
TRS Crash Bandicoot Warped
Impetus I actually don't keep a single favorite game for that long, but I guess right now its overwatch.
Vitor Vilela Peach or Rosalina?
TRS Daisy
Impetus Samus
Ersanio neither
Vitor Vilela A SMWC user you would like to be your girl/boyfriend.
Ersanio System
TRS whoever makes me staff
TRS *hint* *hint*
Impetus I'm gonna say... Impetus.
Impetus The coolest user on the site tbh.
TRS literally who
Vitor Vilela nice
Vitor Vilela Brexit, yay or nah?
TRS Isn't it a bit too late for this lol.
Impetus Kind of a sore spot I'm living through it and its fucking horrible.
TRS Not informed about the issue, I abstain.
Ersanio I don't know what's happening now but I'm not the type of guy who follows politics.
Vitor Vilela A SMWC forum.
Impetus ... Forum Games?
Ersanio SMW Central Production 3
TRS Mondo Ghost Dome
Impetus I'd like to change my choice to the Fortress of Solitude.
Impetus Or Paper Mario TTYD Hacking, which I'm sure will be an active board.
Vitor Vilela Someone who will rekt everyone on this C3.
Ersanio Kieran
TRS That Vitor guy always wins Best in Show.
Impetus The one guy that will overreact to the cool event going on and spoil it for everyone~
TRS But he probably won't even make a thread this time so obviously it's me.
* TRS hurriedly prepares something
Vitor Vilela ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Vitor Vilela Your favorite staff member.
TRS pass
Impetus #Adminpetus2016
Ersanio As an admin I don't think I can pick any favourites
Ersanio but if I really really had to name someone it'd probably be K3fka.
TRS lies we all know you have a secret someone on staff
Ersanio tbh i like most staff members so yeah.
Vitor Vilela Someone you really miss.
Impetus There are soooo many people though.
Ersanio Many old members, but I'd say I miss smkdan the most.
TRS I was not prepared for this question.
TRS Uh...
TRS /shrug
Impetus I really can't pick. There are a lot of people.
Vitor Vilela More likely to be promoted to Administrator.
TRS Not Impetus.
Impetus Wowie.
Impetus Not TRS either with an attitude like that.
Ersanio Nobody. Take that, staff.
TRS Ersanio
Impetus Probably K3fka, to be honest.
* TRS scrolls up to the staff list link
Vitor Vilela inb4
Vitor Vilela Smallhacker for admini 2016
TRS I honestly can't pick out a staff member that rises above any of the others.
Ersanio I think that'd only bring forth chaos and destruction, Vitor.
TRS It's not that that none of them are worthy of it, it's that I haven't been paying attention to staff.
TRS Sorry.
Vitor Vilela Who will win this Eurocup?
TRS pass
Ersanio the soccer players
Impetus The people making all of the money from it tbh.
Vitor Vilela philosophical
Vitor Vilela A number.
Ersanio LXIX
Impetus 2.71828
Vitor Vilela Worst anime?
Ersanio uhh no clue to be honest, the first one i immediately thought of was Terraformars for some reason
TRS Your favorite. Yes, you the reader's favorite.
TRS fite me IRL
Impetus The original series of the pokemon anime sucked. There, I said it.
Vitor Vilela Floating or Stacked Munchers?
Impetus Can't we have both?
TRS Helimunchers
Ersanio Floating Stacks
Vitor Vilela Favorite friend.
TRS Not LHB fuk that guy.
Ersanio Sorry, I don't want to mention names for this one.
Impetus I should proooobably name my friend irl.
Impetus But...
Impetus I could just meme instead.
TRS m e m e s
TRS em
TRS es
TRS I messed that up ban me now
Impetus #BanTRS2016
Vitor Vilela Windows.
TRS Stained Glass.
TRS Will pay money for a muncher stained glass window.
Ersanio I thought this would be a window of opportunity for a pun, but I can't come up with any.
Vitor Vilela ô_õ
Vitor Vilela Worst SMW hack.
Ersanio i haven't played one for literally years so i dunno
TRS I purposely blocked out my memory of that.
TRS The horror...
Impetus I don't think I've subjected myself to any shitty ones.
Impetus The worst I've played is SMWCP1.
Vitor Vilela A pokemon.
TRS Tepig
Impetus Pikipek
Ersanio uhh
Ersanio pikachu?
TRS Everybody hates Tepig but he's kinda cool.
Vitor Vilela Someone you would never trust.
TRS Vitor Vilela
Vitor Vilela rude
Ersanio Trust nobody, not even yourself. *insert image*
TRS true tho
TRS People trying to sell you things.
Impetus Anyone selling you cheap stuff.
Vitor Vilela Favorite food.
Vitor Vilela mine is lasagna, go away.
TRS Macaroni and Cheese
TRS Just so many ways it can be done.
Ersanio anything made of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and more.
Impetus Pizza tbh.
Vitor Vilela wow
Vitor Vilela A message for SMWC.
Ersanio my beard is itchy
TRS Don't go to C3 it will be bad.
TRS Come to my own hacking convention instead.
TRS Details below.
Impetus (embed plz)
Impetus Also #Admimpetus2016
Impetus Have a plugged enough yet?
Vitor Vilela Is there anything else you guys would like to talk about?
TRS Impetus go update Paper Mafia.
Impetus Yes, can I go to bed yet.
Impetus Its 4am ;-;
Impetus I've been up 19 hours
Impetus I need relief
Ersanio I'd like to thank Nintendo for creating SMW, my parents for purchasing both SNES and SMW, FuSoYa for creating Lunar Magic for SMW, Kieran and Smallhacker for creating this website, allowing me to meet many great people.
Vitor Vilela blame yourself for disappearing yesterday and yesteryesterday!!!!1111 (am I doing it right?)
TRS Don't forget the academy.
Impetus I had had one hours sleep yesterday then worked for a full day! You can blame my job.
Vitor Vilela So, thanks a lot TRS, Impetus and Ersanio for taking your time with us. I hope the best for you all.
Vitor Vilela And see in the next MEMEBER OF THE MONTH!!!
Vitor Vilela /o
Impetus Spoilers, its going to be us again.
Impetus Every month.
Impetus Forever.
TRS hopefully the black hole wiiiiilllllllllllllllllll bbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeee ggggggggggggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Impetus We're just that good~
Ersanio ®/
So, what did you think about the interview? Post here your reactions!
I hear critics rave about DaxterSpeed's Super Mario World Central Plus, a wonderful product that will leave you shouting in enjoy and craving for more!
I have never heard of this Super Mario World Central Plus. Please tell me more.
booo staff sux


Originally posted by TRS
I have never heard of this Super Mario World Central Plus. Please tell me more.

They sell those at Walmart.


Congrats to you MotM's for the month of Julu.

Originally posted by Ersanio
Although I did notice there is one section which is dead, which is the BRR section.

A contest to promote the section?


Originally posted by MrRean
They sell those at Walmart.

...Walmart? Never heard of that country.
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

I think the current staff team is absolutely dreadful. #tb{:p}

This was probably the most interesting of the interviews I've read. I also have to thank Vitor Vilela for his hard work in coloring in all the names; though I'm sure he used a "replace" trick in Notepad. Still, it's added/extra effort to make something appear more appealing. The interview got a little crazy near the end, so I didn't read the whole thing, I stopped around the "meme" part because I don't necessarily participate in memes.

Thanks very much for the insight. Boo, nobody said anything about how much of a hard ass I am. Also, Vitor, you didn't invent ModeratingOverThe"PostLeniencyPolicy", I did. I was moderating the SMW Hacking Forum long before you broke the new rules.
This was a very interesting and fun to read interview, I like it. Congratulations. #tb{:D}
Originally posted by TRS
I have never heard of this Super Mario World Central Plus. Please tell me more.

I replaces all your posts with smarter ones it's pretty great not gonna lie.

Ya did a good job Impetus o/
Originally posted by MrGreenThunder


Originally posted by Vitor Vilela
Hello my friends, as promised, this month we will continue with the Impetus x TRS interview
This was a good read, too. It was very nice to see the site being discussed and Ersan's approach on matters. Hopefully this will help improving things!

Also a new design would definitely be cool, I thought dax was working on that like, years ago?
The SMWC redesign is cursed.
I worked on it when I was like 14 in 2012 or something, then I gave up because I couldn't handle any kind of pressure at that time and dax took over, then he gave it to WYE (and all this actually resulted in something that looked pretty done and pretty nice), and then it just died forever.
Your layout has been removed.
Not really a site redesign, but this makes SMWC prettier:

Modification of Noir by Wuthering (who still has yet to respond to my licensing inquiry).
That was definitely an interesting interview to read as well as the previous one. Nice to know their own insights about the community and the site itself!
Most interesting motm interview yet! Definitely entertaining to read, I would support more motm thingies like this, more constant interviewing of staff/admins and an interview with Kieran himself would be super interesting.

Congrats again ImpeTRS and of course congrats to Ersanio for remaining supreme overlard for an additional year
[17:00:49] <@Impetus> trs is the worst meme of all
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when we playing tabletop simulator

(aka congrats to you and Impetus!)
Originally posted by Hinalyte

when we playing tabletop simulator

hinalyte lad

when we playing tabletop simulator

Also congrats fam altho tfw no shoutout
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