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^ < v game

^ If I had to see the link to even know what it is, I can't possibly be addicted.
< Not addicted to tomaccos.
v Has no idea what tomaccos are.
^ *Googles "tomaccos"* Sorry, I already know what they are.
< Has not posted in this thread for a while.
v Thinks 2017 will be the best year of their life.
Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
^ I at least hope it's better than 2016
< swagalicious
v 40 keks
^ I'll give you 40 keks to the balls if you don't stop meming up Corrupt Three Wishes.
< WIll give Pat a kek to the balls.
v Will give Pat a kek to the balls as well...?
^ Nope, I'm hardcore. Full castration! < Slept for twenty minutes last night #smw{-_-Z}. v Sux their thumb

^ No.
also please post the arrows like you should because that's confusing x(

< hates ppap
v is aloysius o'hare who is number one and likes ppap
^ should maybe post less often here
< is proud to soon reach $FF posts
v has been banned once
^ Nope. And looking forward to keep that.
< Hopes 2017 will be a better year.
v Has released one SMW hack.
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^ Has had the same avatar for months
< Will likely not be banned again
v Wants me banned again
^ no, and for what reason?
< wants to be pit mod
v needs help
Hi, I'm a signature!
Hack Thread
Hack Testing Status: Available.
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^ for once a v comment is actually accurate about me
< is getting his ass kicked by quadratic equations
v probably is a wizard at math
^ Correct.
< Procrastinating with the help of hard liquor.
V likes chinese food take-out.
Sponsored by your local carniceria
^ Yeah but I can't eat gluten anymore so
< Needs to get his shit together this week and finish his final projects
v Doesn't have ADHD
^ wrong
<is rip
v will get shot by trump
Hi, I'm a signature!
Hack Thread
Hack Testing Status: Available.
Layout by Koopster.
^ in Soviet Russia leader assassinate you (both a nice meme and historically accurate)
< is eating pizza
v has an anime avatar of some sort
^ has an undertale avatar of some sort. Also nope :L
< wants to do more ASM in his hack
v wants make a VLDCX level

e: my last post was dark

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

^ Has an awful looking custom color
< Wishes he had a custom color ;~;
V give me succ
^ ( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)
< thinks "swag" is still relevant
v has swag
^same to u
< taking forever with a hack
v is best mod
Hi, I'm a signature!
Hack Thread
Hack Testing Status: Available.
Layout by Koopster.
^ Yes! I am the Minecraft Emerald Weapons Mod! Best mod!
< Doesn't know what to do next in hacking.
v Has feedback for this.