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^ < v game

^ no I haven't
< is tired
v has a shabby computer
Just some Ys fan lol
^ meh, it's not shabby. I bought it for 50 bucks from a guy updating his office computers and selling them cheap. It's perfect for hacking roms and that's all I need it for.
< is currently pooping
v next in line for the toilet
Lemme ask you something

Paul '96
^ I guess.
< Recently got into a lot of stupid drama.
v Wishes they could time travel.
< Is watching SMG4
V Will travel to Madagascar
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.

^ No
< Is making a TWNN Demake using the SMW engine
v May join my group

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Latest: Year 2020
^ Don't even know what your group is in this context.
< Really staying up much later than I should.
V Also has a tendency to stay up late.

^ Is correct; I have Insomnia so I am up quite late trying to fall asleep
< Is allergic to lavender
V Is allergic to something
^ Thats right, i am allergic to dust
< Is playing Teraria
V Will make a smw hack
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
6 users online: o imamelia, o o FPzero, o bebn legg, o Nameless, o Major Flare, o o Scrydan - Guests: 69 - Bots: 160Users: 69,666 (9,999 active)
Latest: Year 2020
^ I have no technical allergy, but I do hate vegetables to the point my body seems to react rather poorly when I attempt to eat them with their typical taste and texture.
^ Managed to ninja me, wow, a first.
And maybe someday. Although I technically made one...a joke one.
< Really excited to be posting today!
V Still working on something C3 related at the last minute.

^ Yah
< Knows much about Mario
V Posts a lot in the forums (Looking at you Steve)

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/\ Well, I think I'm posting a little bit more (I wish I could say I post a lot here, but I really can't, considering I don't have as many posts here as I have on another forum, shown below). Of course, I'm not really here to get as many posts as possible, but more to enjoy the website as much as possible.
< has over 20,000 posts on the other forum I frequent
\/ is familiar with the Pokemon website called Smogon?
^ Nope, just heard of it now
< Made 40 posts yesterday
v Thinks that their social status on the site is based off of their post count
^ Actually, yeah. That's kinda true.

< Hasn't been active on this site since 2015.

v Likes watching reality TV like RuPaul's Drag Race.

^ Nope
< Can’t do my C3 submission
v Is also unfortunate of the thing I said above

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^ Is right
< I post when I have internet #smrpg{roar}
V It's from the VHS era #smrpg{argh}
/\ I'm not fully understanding where you're coming from, but VHS tapes were around when I was a kid (since in my school years, DVDs didn't exist yet).
< has a program called VHS to DVD 5.0 Deluxe, which not only can convert the contents of VHS tapes to DVD, it has a feature where you can connect just about any video game console to it to play a video game on a computer screen instead of a TV, as long as you have an A/V cable for the console in question (it's required in order to connect the console to the Vidbox accessory included with the software, which then goes into a USB slot), and even record the gameplay on the actual console
\/ has recorded their gameplay on a video game console using the setup I mentioned above, or a similar one?
^ Isn't right about me as I've never recorded footage on a console.
< Can't believe hasn't played this game in a while.
v Didn't manage to collect even one 1-up this C3.
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
^ hey that's a gigantic lie, I collected some (this is me trying to not make a 1-up spoiler)
< forgot to play this because of C3
v didn't participate C3
Just some Ys fan lol
^ Isn't not wrong
< One of the "lucky few" people who didn't have any of their threads nominated!
V Wil likely not be winning any awards from C3 voting, which goes for me as well