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^ < v game

^ Nope I will win the 2-UP Sun
< Likes Blue and Green mixed
V Changed from a random image to a static image (Someone PM me why)

EDIT: I was expecting someone to say something about this post

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^ I mean, the few people that actually commented on my project said it was pretty cool. I'm probably not gonna win any awards though, yeah :/

Edit: Oof, someone posted just as I started writing this comment

< Still has a MacBook with a FireWire port

v Has intentionally eaten plastic before
"Glauben Sie nicht alles, was Sie im Internet lesen." - Karl Marx
^ Yeah, I've eaten fish before knowing very well that microplastics can be found within them, so yes
< Will be getting a non-voting based C3 trophy, but will likely not be getting any voting based ones this time (Please READ people!)
v Likes designing overworlds with Lunar Magic
^ It's always fun designing overworlds! in fact, i prefer designing those more than designing levels themselves
< Didn't joined any team in C3
v Joined a team in this C3

^ Sadly, the RAM sticks in the computer I use for ROMhacking decided now would be a good time to kick the bucket, so unless by some miracle I can find a solution before it starts, I won't be participating in VLDC12 :(
< Really wishes 1GB DDR1 RAM was easier to find
v Has no idea what I'm talking about
"Glauben Sie nicht alles, was Sie im Internet lesen." - Karl Marx

^ I kinda understand. Also, is this Corrupt Three Wishes with one wish?
< Practicing Pixel Art
v Saw me on Discord

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^ Is correct; I saw you leave, if that is what you are talking about
< Thinks that VLDC is pretty dead now, based off of its original intentions and the state of it now
v Dislikes "traditional" level design
^ No
< Is trying to improve his internet
V Has a pet
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.

^ White Husky
< Die hard fan of Mario
v Knows at least one Japan-exclusive Mario game that wasn’t released internationally (Not SMBTLL)

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/\ not off the top of my head, no.
< is wondering if GSN (Game Show Network) will have a new season of Master Minds this fall
\/ has heard of the above channel or watched any game shows on that channel?
^ No, I'm not really into television programs all that much, especially game shows
< Despite my age, I am jaded towards humanity
v Is also jaded towards humanity

^ Well, I have played the whole trilogy recently and it was amazing!
< Likes making custom characters
v Has been cyber bullied at some point

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^ Is pretty much right.
< Thinks will leave his home city at some point as is unsatisfied with it.
v Is perfectly fine with their home place and probably loves it so much they'll never leave it.
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

^ May or may not be incorrect; I haven't really thought about it
< Is a hiking fanatic
v Has hiked up a mountain before
/\ not to my knowledge, no.
< is not sure if I'd want to hike up a mountain, considering I have a fear of heights
\/ also has a fear of heights?
^ I used to, but not anymore.
< Discovering new music.
v Also has discovered new music.
Sponsored by your local carniceria

^ Not quite, but I am discovering the types of songs YouTubers use.
< Played a Mystery Mario Puzzle Game from 2010 as a kid
v Also Played a Mystery Mario Puzzle Game from 2010 as a kid

Note: DM me if you are the next commenter to know about the Mystery Mario Puzzle Game from 2010. My tag is in my bio

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^ Wait are there Puzzle games of Mario?
< Searching through late 2000's/early 2010's internet
v Rememembers stuff from the time above