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[gamemaker8.1] a break out thing

the c3 is here and i want show you a game was i working

is a breakout/arkanoid copy game but i decided add more thing
destroy all bricks collecting powerups and avoid bullets in this 6 (or 7) levels

i hope you like this game


left and right move
space start
lose a live if the ball is out of border or life bar is out
game over if dont have more lives

coments, bug/trouble or high scores are welcome
It's an okay start, but it has a few issues:

1 - You can go into the walls. You should probably make a collision event that stops the movement of the paddle, that would be the quickest way to fix that issue. This means I can kill myself really quickly, unfortunately.
2 - I can somehow get the ball stuck inside me, from the side. You may want to check your collision events and ensure there is nothing wrong there.
3 - The bounce sound effect is way too loud. I had my PC volume at 20 and it still managed to annoy the people in the next room to me.
4 - Some of the moving bricks somehow managed to stop my ball from moving entirely. Not sure how you would fix this.

On the plus side, I like how the blocks produce bullets that you have to avoid; it's a nice twist on an otherwise simple game.

Fix these issues and this game will actually be quite good, so I wish you luck for the future!
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thanks for the freedback

well i still a novice in game maker and i will fix the issues
this is quite innovative , I like .
thank for the coment haroz good you like it

well i try change the colision event but some how no work the bonuce propely and
Originally posted by AlwaysANoob

4 - Some of the moving bricks somehow managed to stop my ball from moving entirely. Not sure how you would fix this.

never happen before when i test all

hoever i reduced the volume of sound efects and now the pad can't go outside

so here is a updated vercion
and my high scores (note the blank names are tests)