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Po's Adventure Neko burst C3 Demo + Enemy graphic thing

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@Frost, Thanks alot thats actually really cool to hear, hopefully you will enjoy it!: 3

Also fair enough I see what you mean, I might try update them a little although I am more focussed on my hack!
About the sprites, u put the shading at the bottom of the koopa troopa so it look likes hes crying. but the shading on the back.
If anyone needs help with custom Character GFX,PM me.
<Note> You will have to have a progress thread in order for me to work on GFX for you.No random requests.
Haha, it does actually look a little like the big Koopas are crying now that you mention it.
That didn't register with me at all beforehand, but now I can't unsee it.
Your layout has been removed.
I guess the koopas are just fed up of being jumped on! Nah but in all seriousness I agree and I will remove shading in the eye since it doesnt look good. Thanks for pointing that out!
I played the hack already, but it continues to surprise me. Everything about it is beautiful. I'm not sure how you could improve, but if you do, that's great. Those SMW sprites are things I would totally use. It looks awesome.
Thanks alot :3 Also thats nice to hear, although it might be a while till they're done.
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