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Skewer's Graphics Release Thread

In light of Hunter's Revenge ReVised being fully released, which you can download here, I'm creating and releasing graphics styled after Hunter and Scorpion's Bet ReVised. Over the course of C3, I hope to make and release several sets of ExGFX, all of which including a Background, a Foreground, and an accompanying Layer 3. All that I release will be edited into the first post, and later found in the ExGFX Section.

As always, if you use these graphics, credit is highly appreciated , but it is mandatory you do not claim as your own.

Click on pictures to download

Background, Foreground and Layer 3 - Grassland

Background, Foreground and Layer 3 - Cave

Background, Foreground and Layer 3 - Mountain (Includes alternate foreground palette)

I like the foreground graphics on their own, but IMO they're too stylistically different from just about anything on this site that it's guaranteed to clash.
Released a new cave tileset. Also, for those who downloaded the Grassland set, I encourage you to redownload, as it was missing the Background map16.
very impressive
If anyone needs help with custom Character GFX,PM me.
<Note> You will have to have a progress thread in order for me to work on GFX for you.No random requests.
You mixed the cartoon and realistic styles successfully.
I always rely on my own graphical resources, so unfortunately these have no use to me, but they are very high quality and detailed, which isn't surprising from you lol

Especially nice work with the layer 3, I know myself how painful it can be to get right sometimes.

Very impressive how you drew an excellent foreground and then a fitting background (even with layer 3!). To be honest, I think the cave is even better than the grassland, but anyways, great job!
The dirt looks very similar in the two, but they still look nice.
Those look beautiful, Skewer, but I was kinda expecting that when I clicked this thread. Like Eevee, I probably won't use these myself unless more graphics with a similar style come out.
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Updated the first post with a new Mountain FG and Background. Reuses the Layer3 from the grassland.
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All three look nice, but I liked the cave one the most. Good work on those tilesets!