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Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for snes

100% complete.

All SMB2 graphics? Nice!

Is there somewhere we can download and play this hack?

It looks nice and I'd like to take a crack at it.
Yeah, is there a download anywhere? And how big is the hack?
Your layout has been removed.
24 exits in the moderation section
Why does it look like a NES game?
Team CornersoftYoutube
I'm on world 2 now, and so far I'm having a lot of fun playing this! 2 suggestions though-

1: This is obviously easy. I think that the 1up graphic could be changed from the smw one to a SMB2-style one.

2: I think it would be cool if the exit star started flashing only after you collect all the treasure and is normally grayed-out. Basically, to signify that the player has collected all the treasure and can leave.

Good luck with this! It brings back memories with a modern twist.
Finished it. A couple of issues:
Any level with respawning Beezos. You can easily die in inescapable/unavoidable way in those levels if Beezo spawns on the same row as Toad and there wouldn`t be any veggies nearby.
Veggies can fly straight trough Tweeters without hurting them.
4-2. Respawned Tweeter can fall from the top of the screen, killing Toad in unavoidable (no cubbyholes in that shaft), Kaizo-esque way (exit star is just at surface).
5-3. AutoBomb (that moving fire-shooting cannon) can easily corner you in the rightmost edge of the level for inescapable death. A note block behind the last coin should be definitely helpful.
6-4. Birdos should have 3 HP and be unstompable.
I enjoyed it. Just wish he had a final boss and a way to end the last level. That's it.
If anyone needs help with custom Character GFX,PM me.
<Note> You will have to have a progress thread in order for me to work on GFX for you.No random requests.