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WC [Owner:33953YoShI]

Hello everyone, welcome to my restroom.
these are beta version yet. so maybe have some bug. and not prepared SA-1 version yet.

Download blktoolOptimizer
Download ASM stuff (including demo ips)

[Tool] blktoolOptimizer
This tool can be optimized blktool code and FuSoYa's Scrolling pipes code (Pipe install version only available).
It is intended play comfortable for ancient hacks.

> blktoolOptimizeder [RomName].smc

D&D to this exe file.

Comparison of load.
Before optimizationAfter optimization

Hack:ロマンシングマリオ (Romancing Mario)
Level:ちていこ (Underground lake)

[Sprite] Super Bob-omb

This sprite can be destroyed turn block and throw block.
further it has used some blocks as induced explosive block. (act as 0FF0-0FFF by default setting)

[Block/Sprite] Number platforms

This block is platforms from SMW2.
it will be used sprite only while it is pressed.
also it can be pressed from sprite.

[Block] Custom switch block

this block is intended be overridden to original switch block.
it can be generated sprite you want.

by the way, almost GPS block and library seem to hasn't intended work on layer 2.
so I did prepared libraries intended layer 2.
please feel free to use.

[Block] Sensitive block / Sprite smashable block
these is sample blocks, it has using my library.

EDIT:fixed typo, and moved gif images to imgur.
best restroom so far in C3
This is some cool stuff. Definitely gonna use it!
// Layout by Maxo

lookin' rad btw

Nice. The most interesting thing in my opinion is the number platforms; I'd been wondering if anyone would do those in block form before I did. I hope you submit everything to the sections.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
WC: Washing center?
When I originally saw your YI platforms blocks I didn't believe they were made of blocks. They're pretty well done and smooth. Although you can't notice on the gif, even when you press the smaller ones the Mario <-> Block interaction is excellent. Excellent job on that.

Also I like these bomb blocks. They remind of Minecraft TNT blocks. Does they explode off-screen too? It would be perfect if they did that too.

About the GPS libraries, I will be sure to check more them later and add/merge with the official GPS if anything. Thank god we made shared libraries, so in such case we can fix all broken blocks without having to edit each one manually.

I'm happy to have you on the ASM Staff Team.
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These are all really amazing.
I have to say I really liked the Super Bob-Omb.
Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
Originally posted by Vitor Vilela
When I originally saw your YI platforms blocks I didn't believe they were made of blocks.

Same. I was astonished when I saw the Number Platforms using the Layer 2 Scrolling. Better yet, those platforms have sprite interaction as well, which is quite neat.
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It would be cool to play a level that uses super bomb-ombs as its main gimmick though. Good job! You're winner!
It's surreal seeing new work from you. I'd dish out the basic (super formal) japanese I know but I'd just embarrass myself. Love the explosion blocks and the platforms. Man, kinda sucks that I you weren't around when I needed the platforms two years ago for a contest. Either way, happy that they're here now. Maybe I'd do that level I meant to do for my own project.
Great stuff you got, but those explosion blocks and the numbered platforms - especially the smaller ones - are just rad and I can imagine the countless ideas we can take advantage of with these (for instance, nobody has ever used the latter on a layer 2 environment). Definitely gonna find some level to base them off of!
Okay, I think I found a weird bug with the numbered platforms. If you activate them in succession quickly enough, they will start acting like you're pressing buttons that you aren't. I've had them pause the game and make Mario spin-jump. It doesn't seem to happen with the small ones, though, just the big ones, and only when they're on Layer 2.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Oh so you're the guy who made Romancing Mario. Neat.

Also this stuff looks really cool. I'll probably use the super bomb in my kaizo hack.