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Emulator Glitches...

I just got back to my computer after a while and decided to work on my hack. So I went and fixed and old level, saved it, started the emulator, and found nothing changed. I went back and tryed changing other things, and saving them, but no changes occur. I have a glitched road on my overworld that it won't let me fix, and my levels don't update. What could be wrong?
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Did you create an IPS patch? If so, it'll automatically patch it to the ROM when you load it up. I had the same problem, just rename or move one of the files and it'll work fine.
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Mario's Nightmare Thread
Thanks, man. I would have NEVER figured that out. :)
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He is'nt really a HERO its just a problem
Its a Solved problem!!

You can find it out yourself!

Just joking
Working on new hack.