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WYE's Miscellaneous Art Stuff

It's C3, so that means dig out whatever you made and can possibly show off, right?

Apparently I still know how to hold a pencil. Here's a drawing I made the other day and halfheartedly colored just now (click for full size). I'm actually not dissatisfied with the tree in this one.

Also, have two songs I haven't finished. (I never seem to finish my songs; instead I just kind of run out of steam right in the middle of them. :/)

Despite the sloppy tone of this post, feedback is still greatly appreciated. #tb{:)}


The drawing looks like something for a book, I like it.
It gives a very calm and tranquil feel, a "fresh" atmosphere.
It's hard to explain, but it reminds me of childhood, like when you're outside, looking at the sky and trees, playing in the grass. Something like that, it gives a nostalgic feeling.

And the songs sound like beach music.
The first one almost sounds like reggae, I guess if it was played with different instruments it would sound like it.

The second sounds like beach music for me too, but I just don't know why.

Both are pretty nice.
Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
Thanks for the reply! Glad you like them. #tb{:)}

You're welcome! #w{:>}
Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco / Rest in peace, Near, thank you for everything
Despite being a single drawing that's hella pretty. Wish you'd posted a little more, because I really really like it.

Also O2 is so cheery I love it #w{<3}
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I like the drawing, bonus points that I like landscapes. I wish you had more though. if you put that same landscape in your hack then it's a huge plus