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Ruby Winds - I N S P I R E D by the GB Zeldas
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2016 - Ruby Winds - I N S P I R E D by the GB Zeldas
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DISCLAIMER: This is an Indie game, and not a Super Mario World hack. If you're only at C3 for SMW stuff, this thread is totally not up your alley.

I didn't think I'd make it back in time for a thread, but here we are.

"Ruby Winds" is the name of a project I have been working on religiously since March. I've put about 500-600 hours into it so far, and although I didn't manage to get a demo out in time for C3, I wanted to post a thread anyways.

The gameplay is similar to Oracle of Seasons/Ages, and most of my inspiration was pulled from that series. The player's main weapon is a bow, and you can see it + some puzzles I have planned with it in action in the video below. As for the plot, I won't say much about it in this thread (I do have a demo planned rather soon, so...).

Here is a video and a few screenshots + GIFs + music. Note that everything (with the exception of the chest/mimic enemy) is drawn by me. I am by no means an artist, as I've stated many times before, and at some point in the future I'll be looking to bring on a teammate to help redraw most of them.

Sample gameplay of the Beryl Ruins, the first dungeon. Posted this in another thread the other day, but it's worth showing here too.


The Featherwood: This is the first area of the game. Most of the enemies are your standard fare - bats that fire sonar beams, rabbits, and a few more unique ones like rotating purple towers (not shown here though see ecks).

Dialogue: Dialogue is treated the same as standard RPGs. Text displays letter-by-letter, and then you can progress it at will. There are also commands for skipping text, going back, etc.

Sprite: A monkey holding bullseyes.

Automap: tracks your current location, marks completion percentage, and more.

All of the game's music is in the OGG format for seamless looping. FamiTracker and FL Studio have been used for the compositions.

Beryl Ruins: the first dungeon.
Nocking Point: the protag's home village.
The Featherwood: the first area in the game (credits go to Lui37 for contributing this one!)
Ricardo Fox: a character's theme.

That should be all for now. I have a lot of other things I'd like to show, but I'd rather they be experienced in-game.

Better then Project Pixlar IMO. I'm more of a Zelda fan anyways, and this looks really good so far. Getting a real GBC/GBA vibe from this, which I guess is what you were going for. Good job and good luck!
Man, please finish this. It looks soooo Zelda-ish, and given how much of a fan I am, you know I like the looks of this as well.

lame wowie!
Heh, Link's Awakening is one of my favourite games ever and I've been loving Oracle of Seasons so far, so if it's inspired by those, and considering I've liked a lot of your older stuff I'm sure I'll enjoy this as well.

I saw the video you put out not long ago and thought it looked pretty good. Definitely looking forward to this!

E: Also, are you an admin again or something? O_o

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wow indie retro trash I knew youd sell out

Originally posted by K.T.B.
Heh, Link's Awakening is one of my favourite games ever and I've been loving Oracle of Seasons so far

LA is my favorite Zelda, followed very closely by the Oracle games. I enjoyed a lot of the puzzles in OoA/OoS a tad more, and as such most of my inspiration - especially for the dungeons - was pulled from them.

Thanks for the feedback.

Originally posted by Deputy BS
wow indie retro trash I knew youd sell out


This looks cool, looking forward to a release. By the way, my preference of the three mentioned Zeldas is: OoA > LA > OoS. They're all great, though.

@K.T.B.- No, he's not an admin. Former admins keep their custom username colors.


looks like fucking shit tbth (to be transcendentally honest) famicom

Originally posted by Magiluigi
looks like fucking shit tbth (to be transcendentally honest) famicom

thanks again for agreeing to be my future artist tbh
music is good tho ;)
I really like the whole retro style of this. I like the music as it sounds like an 8 bit sound chip.

Very cool. What game engine are you making this with. If this were for like super nintendo I would buy a physical copy of this for sure.

Will you release this on STEAM? Overall it looks like something I would play.
@FT: It's done in Construct 2. I'd like to put it on Steam once it is finished though (probably about 20% through it as of now), so hopefully I can get there.
This looks really cool and the rail puzzle shown was nice! Although I think some of the graphics could be improved and its a little weird that the enemys attack with hearts. But other than that really good! : 3
It's been fantastic to have followed this project for a few months since its inception. S.N.N. has produced a ton in just a short amount of time, and I can say that from what I've seen/played so far, you're in for a treat, especially for those who enjoy the style of top-down and GB Zelda games.
Originally posted by nathanrayman1998
Although I think some of the graphics could be improved and its a little weird that the enemys attack with hearts.

That's probably just that enemy type, it looks like the two ghosties are a couple or something.

Your layout has been removed.
@Leod,oooo I see now my bad. Thats actually neat/cute! Sorry!
Thanks for the comments. Yeah, leod is correct - it's an undead wedding couple. Probably unclear due to the graphics though (MAGI WHERE ARE YOU)
Really nice stuff.

It looks interesting and fun to play. I see you are using Construct, and i know you already have a lot done on this engine, but i would like to recommend you use Unity for other projects. It's relatively easy to use, have a wide userbase, have lots of tools that cover most needs (Native or created by users) and it is now showing a lot of support to 2D games. Oh, and it's now free.

About the aesthetics, i liked it and seem pretty unique. All elements are visually clear and you have a good understanding of everything around you. The only things i see as a problem is:
- The dungeon walls have a very subtle shading, you can barely tell there is any height to it.
- The green used for the screen transition is a tad bad in my opinion.
- I could not tell the ghosts were a wedding couple before you said it in the comments as well.
- I also feel like you can take away the black box and text from your hud and make it use icons and be only visible when the player needs that info, it will make the screen less polluted, unless it is intended to look like the zelda games.
Other than that, it looks cool. Loved how the grass invaded the dungeon. The character is always in motion, witch is a good thing.

Gameplay wise, I see you have a good understanding on how to handle with puzzle designs and how to guide the player through the dungeons, really nice work there.

The music is also pretty nice, it feels like the old games and is fitting. You have an audio ready to almost everthing that happens too, i just feel there is a need for the mimic chest to make a sound when it "wakes up".

In the end, even if it is heavily inspired in the Zelda games, it have it's uniqueness and some neat ideas, specially how you can change the saws using the bow. I can see some really complex puzzles using this mechanic. Let me know when it goes to greenlight so i can follow it on steam. Btw, are you going to charge for the game, right? If so, what price you have in mind?

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Haha, figured this was inspired by Link's Awakening and other GB Zelda games. This looks great so far and I'm looking forward to it. Probably more than I'm looking forward to any SMW hack. SMW hacking sucks, anyways. Don't you dare not finish it!

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2016 - Ruby Winds - I N S P I R E D by the GB Zeldas

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