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actually just a level

it's a level

play the level
I never expected I'd say this, but I have to admit - it truly is a Level.

I'd give it a solid level/10
And when you're lost, and out of time
I will be right here
Wow, when I was clicking on this, I was just expecting a level, but wow, I was happily susprised when I encountered a level instead.

I'll give it a try later, aesthetics look nice :)
I'm quite impressed
by how some people manage to produce major slowdown with SA-1
Originally posted by Koopster
I'm quite impressed
by how some people manage to produce major slowdown with SA-1

You played on snes9x, I take it? I tested on snes9x and bsnes v099 accuracy and I only got major slowdown on snes9x. Weird, since you think it'd be the other way around. I chalked it up to emulator inaccuracy and decided to not mess with it.
Yeah, I played it with ZMZ's default Snes9x core. Pretty weird how that works, but I had just attributed it to how heavy the platform sprite interaction patch and that layer shenaningan seem to be :p

By the way the level's pretty good. It's not really much on its own, but a hack made of levels like this and with good variety would be certainly neat to play.
The layer shenanigans is just exanimation and custom trigger blocks. At the point where I start getting slowdown (the last Chuck), there's no exanimation there.
I was expecting something boring, IT IS A LEVEL, and a amazing one!

I'm quitting smwc goodbye it has been fun meeting you guys
For your information, Snes9x emulates SA-1 at 7.21 MHz. bsnes is the only emulator that emulates it at the correct 10.74 MHz.

You can use this ROM to check how fast SA-1 runs at certain emulator.

Edit: fixed link; previous ROM was outdated.
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This was fun to play. Good job.
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Does this mean you like orange?

Anyway maybe I should try it Soon™.
where's my creadit i did
most of
the asm
nice level tho #tb{;)}