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Extra Mario World - New Graphics, Enemies, Videos, and 5bpp Portraits! (yes, five)

Hey everyone!
I'm Eminus from the Team Välfärd, and I'm here to show you what we've been doing with our hack, Extra Mario World?

PercentN is the scenery artist of the team. That means he's the one dealing with foregrounds and backgrounds.
Recently, he has redrawn graphics of some of our finished levels (you know them if you've played the demo from the previous C3).
Take a look.

Mushroom Gorge:

The foreground is completely different now, and I think it's better than the old one (sorry MelodicCodes :'( )The mushrooms in the background were changed as well. Yeah, there are more mushrooms now, this place isn't called Mushroom Gorge for nothing

Hilltop Rex Road:

Remember how this level's FG was using vanilla graphics? Well, that's not the case anymore! Now everything is drawn by PercentN, building an atmosphere that won't be interrupted by out-of-place elements.

So if you guys have seen our thread, you know we've been teasing you about a new level called Evernight Temple. It's a pretty mysterious place. When one goes inside, night is omnipresent... As well as people's exaltation before this amazingly complex tileset:

Told you it was complex.


For Yoshi fans

What could we put behind those bars? ;)

Check out those animations! That poison flows so smoothly

As you may see, it's quite empty, but that's because we haven't started seriously designing the level yet. Thankfully we'll be able to fill it with shamans! There are different classes of shamans, and we got one done so far: the novice shamans.

Check this out!
It's a novice shaman. As its title implies, it's not a big threat, but you'll still want to get rid of it in-game to avoid having to deal with those projectiles.
It can wear different spooky masks, too!

Hey, is this kid with someone? That's a happy slime. It happily bounces around and neither walls or ceilings will stop its joy!


Looks like you can! (but you'll regret it)

Next, we'd like to show you guys this video of Mario running through a level full of new PercentN™ graphics and fighting a brand new miniboss at the end! Also, all the musics you're hearing were composed by our friend Ruberjig.

Did you watch the video? Yes? Cool. Did you notice those dialogues? They're pretty good, right? Here's another example.
Von Fahrenheit is the one who coded that dialogue system. He also managed to include portraits that use more than 16 colors, drawn by me.
Here are some more:




Who's this guy? See here.

Some Yoshi

That should be it. Well, that was a lot already. What do you think? How do you like our stuff? Feedback appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by! Team Välfärd as a whole is working quietly but hard.
Wow, this is looking great! I'm a sucker for originality, and it does a lot to stand out from the crowd of generic Mario hacks -- especially thanks to Kadaal, that badass Koopa OC. You guys have really put the effort in. Looking forward to checking this out someday!
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wired: 'The Fellowship of the Switch'
Looks good!
PM | Steam | YouTube
Awesome job with the graphics Eminus, Kadaal looks really cool : )
Thanks for the feedback, guys. Development is gonna be a lot faster from this point on, so expect a lot more for next C3!

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