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Cancer insult.

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........ So... Do you think it's okay to use the word Cancer as an insult on on smw central?

Probably not.
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Well, people use cancer as an insult in a lot of places, so I don't see why it would be exclusive to SMWC. The only problem I have with people using cancer as an insult is that it kind of changes the meaning of the word since so many people use it in places where it doesn't really apply up until people decided that it has a new definition. Kind of takes away the severity of what cancer actually is, at least in my opinion it does. Not as bad as people desensitizing the word rape though.
I don't really care one way or the other, even tho I've had relatives die of it. It's something no one likes. IMO it's about like "avoiding something like the plague." If used in the context of memes, it's actually kinda fitting since cancer cells grow out of control, and so do memes.
'Retarded', 'autistic', and 'gay' are not really "bad" like cancer is, so I have more of a problem with them being used as insults. 'Retarded' has a literal meaning too.
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Cancer has for a long time been used as a term to imply something awful that's spreading and causing pain and suffering, in a metaphorical sense. It certainly doesn't offend me, though I don't know anyone who's ever had cancer really.

But seriously, you can go fuck yourself if you use retard or autistic as an insult.

Um I guess? It's not really one of the words that are used horribly out of context like calling someone gay but really you mean to call them stupid. (Or other words such as the ones BMM mentioned.) Calling somebody cancer is pretty much equal to calling someone toxic just without the literal meaning of it. (Though maybe it might be better to use the word toxic instead.)
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i literally couldn't care less

it's just a word, and it's not being used to literally mean the literal exact opposite of its literally original meaning, so
It describes what it tries to say pretty well, something bad that doesn't go away and if anything only spreads.
Same logic as toxic, really.

As others said, it's far from on the same level as other words, but depending on the context it might be in a bit of bad taste.
And by context I mean if someone who actually has cancer is involved, they might not take it that well.
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Originally posted by Sokobansolver

Yeah. I hate autistic being used that way as well. I know someone really well who's autistic (albeit a relatively minor case), and he's one of the best/smartest people I know. Honestly, if it wasn't for some of the symptoms he has, I wouldn't be able to tell at all.

Definitely not something that objectively means anything bad. #ab{<_<}

And yeah, my brother had cancer once and neither of us care at all about it being used as an insult, though personally it isn't something I would use just because it is kind of a sensitive topic regardless of my personal opinions.
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I kinda find "this is cancer" and the likes to be kinda irksome but "this is cancerous" not to be as bad?


I know there isn't much difference between the two.
I don't care actually lol... Just a word to express how negatively you feel about something.
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Originally posted by Impetus
I kinda find "this is cancer" and the likes to be kinda irksome but "this is cancerous" not to be as bad?


I know there isn't much difference between the two.

the difference is that one is grammatically correct
Honestly if I had a family member who had cancer, I wouldn't mind someone saying "this post gave me cancer" or "this hack is cancer".

That's just how I am though, and there sure will be some pissant who will whine about it saying "oh how dare you my mom has cancer you totally broke my heart", sincerely or not, and if not, just to get apologies from the person who used the word as an insult or to draw attention towards themselves.

Now if there is someone who REALLY has a relative who has cancer/has cancer themselves, and complains about the use of it as an insult, I'd tell them to chill. Whether we yell that word or not, whether you remember it or not, the illness won't chance, it's still here. If you can't bear it, just stop reading posts, because there will always be someone to say that "this" or "that" is cancer.

When someone uses cancer as an insult, they're taking it easy, they're just joking around. It's not like they have every person who has cancer in mind, far from it.

Like others said, cancer is something terribly bad that doesn't leave easily, so when one says "this level is cancer", think of it like "this level is terribly bad".
Yeah, I personally don't have a problem with it. It's just a word that some people would use to negatively describe something, but it's not cool to make fun of people who actually have cancer, though. The same applies when words like "gay" and "retarded" are used. It's only bad if they're actually making fun of others, especially the people who are associated with these words.

Anyway, long story short, I really don't care unless the word actually offends others.
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The difference with using "gay" or "retarded" as insults, even though I mostly agree with Pseudogon, is that they're words that describe a lifestyle and a disability, respectively. When they're used to describe something, it's generally implied that the object in reference has the qualities of either a gay or retarded person.

Political correctness is a cancer
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Originally posted by leictreon
Political correctness is a cancer

Broad statements like this, with no nuance nor point, about a subject that has so many different definitions everyone on this site could give a different one... are likely more cancerous in nature than 'political correctness' could ever be.

you're just proving his point.
No, he really isn't. He's countering his point and calling him out for being a baby about something that isn't negative to begin with.
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whatever, grow up leictreon.
It's never okay to use these kind of insults seriously, obviously, but even if used sarcastically or parodically, it's still going to upset/offend, so I would never.

@J1mbo1qaz - Just ignore it.
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