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The Best SMW Hackers?

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What do you think, who else is a god in SMW Hacking?

Like Carol and Worldpeace are the Most popular ones, are there any other people that are good in Hacking, asm, etc.?

Super Mario Travelers

JP SMW HACKER and thesmb3fan144. They will never be forgotten. #smw{T_T}
My opinion: Everyone has their ups and downs. As long as they're a decent person and are willing to improve and listen to criticism, they're good enough.

Originally posted by OmegaYoshi

He's still on irc lol

leod and medic have to at least be some of the better asmers that regularly pop their heads in

torchkas and redngreen are the two best composers (shame torchkas had to dweeb out tho)

not sure about porting

can't really think of anyone when it comes to level design, either. gbreeze is pretty talented, but i'm not the biggest hack player out there so there's probably someone even better i'm not aware of
@merc thanks for mentioning me fam : ) I definitely am nothing compared to the greats like worldpeace though

Like you already said, the best level designer is absolutely 100% worldpeace. Everything he touches is gold. He's not even overrated, he absolutely deserves the praise

Other good peeps for level design: lolyoshi, lazy, morsel, ft029, luks, S.N.N., Golden Yoshi, Blue Leaf, Eevee, Gloomier (not counting the Kaizo dudes cause they designed good stuff too) and lots of others but those come to mind. I'm not counting graphics or ASM here, just strictly level design

Worldpeace, lazy, and morsel have designed some of the most insanely creative and cool levels I've ever seen

In the end though, everyone has a particular thing they are good at and if you work on that, people will appreciate and enjoy your hacks. It's not about being "the best" it's about using your best skills and abilities to produce your best work
YoshiFanatic - Has a good sense of aesthetics, his level design seems quite good and has crazy ASM skills.

MaxodeX - Very skilled at music porting and composing, his level design is also good. The last level I played from him was very very well done.

anonimzwx - Very talented programmer, he is also very ambitious and tries to enter into unexplored terrains of romhacking.

Spinjumper - Amazing and original aesthetics, very good level design. Also very ambitious. Tower of Disarray looks amazing. I haven't seen him in a while...

Ladida - Seems to be the kind of person that tries over and over again until achieves a desired result, even if that means to learn new things. I think he knows some ASM and music porting, and his projects can be very ambitious too.

Soul2limbo - Nice coding skills. His level design can be very creative at certain moments, I just played a demo with a few levels. The graphics were realistic and there was some Castlevania enemies. Really cool.

Sonikku - Great ASM skills and fantastic level design.

I'm pretty sure there are others I haven't mentioned, I just can't remember all of the nicknames, also most of the greatests hackers have never released a full game :(

Everything can be hacked.
Originally posted by Super Stiviboy
What do you think, who else is a god in SMW Hacking?

I tend to not like thinking of anyone as a god of anything since gods have their divine abilities from the start and are perfect, while humans who are pros at something work at it and are not perfect. It's also a bit of an overly ambitious compliment.
Hackers I think are "pros" or "elite" (besides the immediately obvious):
Level design (creativity):
Gbreeze-I feel like he could probably make a Kaizo Mario World 4 that wouldn't feel out of place.
Axemjinx-IDK what else to say
Level design (sheer difficulty):
TheAbusefreakhacker-Good at finding unusual, glitchy ways to use/combine custom blocks and sprites, and places difficulty, intimidation, and general mind-bendiness above all else.
PangeaPanga-The undisputed champion of making hard levels, and not just for SMW
leod-the 'better platforms patch' is a real game changer and a potential life saver
GreenHammerBro-seen their name a lot in the custom blocks section
Wakana-Such great taste in VGM, and it shows. My "better platforms" hack (that I keep talking about but will "never" formally reveal) uses some ports from Wakana.
Legacy custom music
A site where you can be able to hit that dislike where your dislike will be visible to other people and not have to rely on a browser extension as well as actually watch my SMW hacking content

Literally using VLDC9 results here

Lazy, m/m, and gbreeze are the only people who made a level that Koopster decided was creative enough to deserve 20/20 in creativity. (but tbh I think m/m's is by far the most creative) Honorable mentions in general are Sokoban, NGB, S.N.N., Blue Leaf, and a whole plethora of other people.

lolyoshi and Panga are skilled at making traditional levels that could almost fit in with the original intent. For instance, Super Dram World could very well be Kaizo Mario 3.

I agree that leod and GreenHammerBro are ASM gods, I see their names all the time.

I'm definitely missing tons of people in this short list. (worldpeace, well, fits all the categories. heh.)

EDIT: Oh yeah Isocitration is the god of good puzzle making
worldpeace is definitely the best general hacker. Besides graphics, he's pretty much skilled at everything, but not only that, he's also exceptionally good.

Besides him, my favorite level designer is lolyoshi. Morsel is also up there, but he's a masochist (I'd say he needs to learn how to balance difficulty if I didn't know he made his levels hard on purpose). Isocitration also did some pretty neat levels for JUMP. I'm pretty sure this list is gonna increase once JUMP1/2 is out.

My favorite musicians slash porters are RednGreen, Izuna, Torchkas, Lui37 and Sinc-X.

And favorite graphic artists are a lot of latinos lol (counting Brazilians). Carld, StanTheMackiar, Kixune/Nox, Broozer, Nep-Enut (RIP those two :c), Magiluigi, Gloomier, maybe there's even more

And the list of good ASMers is gigantic, cause many people have done many different super cool things. I'd say Vitor Vilela and DiscoTheBat for extremely hard work, and peeps like leod, Medic, GHB and TheBiob who do a lot of little fun ASM very casually
Pyua of course. His levels aren't unfair or poorly designed at all

I'll always have a special place in my heart for carol because Brutal Mario is very nostalgic for me, but aside from him the only person popping in my head is worldpeace.

Unless of course this counts kaizo hackers, in which case, TheAbusefreakhacker0, Sokobansolver, SixCorby, ft029, GbreezeSunset, PangaeaPanga (not much anymore but oh well), gibbl, and Katerpie are pretty damn skilled.
Originally posted by Undertaker
Unless of course this counts kaizo hackers, in which case, TheAbusefreakhacker0, Sokobansolver, SixCorby, ft029, GbreezeSunset, PangaeaPanga (not much anymore but oh well), and Katerpie are pretty damn skilled.

Thanks, but I can't believe you didn't mention gibbl.
worldpeace is one of the best hackers we've ever had. He already does some exceptionally amazing levels, but I got even more astounded when he began showing his skills for things such as ASM and custom music.

ft029, GbreezeSunset, lolyoshi, gibbl, Sokobansolver and TheAbusefreakhacker0 are a few of my favorite level designers. While each of them create equally enjoyable levels, some manage to build easier Kaizo hacks without overexaggerating on their difficulty and others do harder than average stuff that are fun to play and watch.

Isocitration's levels are insanely creative as well, and he did some little gems in JUMP.

My favorite musicians are Wakana, MaxodeX, Lui37, Izuna and Masterlink (there could be more though).
The best general hacker and level designer I've seen is probably Gamma V, especially since she can do levels, graphics, and music, though there are at least one or two other people that might be pretty good if they were more active with their projects and/or still hacking. (Katrina, Supertails, Nep-Enut, and Reading come to mind.)

The best people for resource designing I'm not so sure about. I think the best graphics artists around would probably include Skewer, PercentN, Katrina (seriously underrated; she makes DKC-tier Layer 3 backgrounds), probably Magiluigi (though I haven't seen all that much of his stuff, and Nep-Enut. Carld923 and foop2164 aren't bad either.

For ASM, I'd put some of the oldies like smkdan, edit1754, Romi, and Roy up there for sure, as well as Alcaro, p4plus2, and more recently, Vitor Vilela, anonimzwx, DiscoTheBat, Katrina, 33953YoShI, and yoshifanatic. I have no idea who is especially good at music, but I guess Slash Man, Izuna, Wakana, and 6646 tend to be pretty good at it? Maybe LadiesMan217 as well.


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Usual "I don't play hacks anymore" so all my sources will be from VLDCs and from what I've seen.

Lui37 is actually a pretty good hacker and I wish he has a hack, lol. His stuff since VLDC8 are just impressive (music and level). He can even do ASM and that's why I'm putting him here.

For other favorites, other level designers would be Koopster and Mirann. Music people would be Izuna, Wakana, RednGreen and Torchkas. ASM would be MarioE, Vitor Vilela and JackTheSpades. Pretty sure I'm forgetting a lot of people here. No preference on graphics because I've never used any custom graphics before.
Oh yeah, how did I forget RednGreen and MarioE? I remember Broozer and LunarDrake being good at graphics as well.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Ummmm.... Jimmy52905? HAVE YOU SEEN HIS YOSHI SMW HACK? Like I've never advertised a person's SMW Hack so much before tell me that does NOT look like a SMW Hack!

In seriousness though, I legit thought that was a Game Maker game at first and was speechless when I found out it was a SMW Hack. I wish he continued SMW Hacking :(
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WhiteYoshiEgg. Pretty awesome at ASM and great at drawing.
Worldpeace is essentially my favorite hacker. I know, it's a cheap choice, but I'm more or less impressive by how he uses gimmicks in his levels, and while he makes some of the most difficult levels out there, the ways the gimmicks are laid out make it easy to know what to do (if you get what I mean; I probably screwed that sentence up).
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Probably anyone who made huge changes to the ROM itself, like Vitor Vitela with SA-1 or DiscoTheBat with Super FX. Those opened up HUGE possibilities, including 3D models being used as we've seen. They also took a lot of time and nonstop work to make. HuFlungDu also managed to get Cx4 into a test hack which is pretty cool.

Carol is pretty good but Brutal Mario hasn't aged too well. The one thing I can't get over my head is how he added a hitbox to HDMA, which is pretty impressive to this day. I think.
jimmy52905, sonikku, s.n.n., i could go on!

edit: oh, and worldpeace.
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