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Lakitu's cloud

Can I change something to make lakitu's cloud use tile 0 (the unused one with the big X) instead of a lump of other tiles, for a smb3 feel?
Nothing can use the big X. You'll only get weird errors and pictures of the player's head if you try.
the "X" and some other stuff in gfx00 are overwritten by Mario's graphics.
Your layout has been removed.
Fine then, is there a way to make it use any 16 X 16 tile?
You could try re-mapping some sprites. Such as the blue shelless koopa and make it use the normal, shelless koopa tilemap. And you'll have 2 more empty tiles you can use for whatever you want.
Yes, but what would I change to make lakitu's cloud use said tiles?

EDIT: Better yet, he could use tile 38A which is empty on his tileset...
Most people who want to give Lakitu SMB3 graphics delete the dust cloud graphics in GFX00 entirely and then paste Lakitu's cloud tile over his body tile in GFX02.
Thanks, I tried it and it works perfectly. Where is the face tile for the cloud located?
In SP GFX page 2. You should also disable riding the cloud.
CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.

If you want, check the ROM map for disabling Lakitu's vertical movement to make it feel like SMB3.
CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.
Thanks, it looks good. I disabled Lakitu's vertical movement, but when I try to stop the cloud sprite from generating, it messes up a bunch of other stuff. Could this be the result of a patch I used?
I had this happen too. When I tried to disable the cloud from spawning, it made Lakitu fly really high into the air and not come back down. There was another setting I changed, but it just made Lakitu float in the air without a cloud, not moving.