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C3 Summer 2016 - Voting Results
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Originally posted by Masterlink
Originally posted by anonimzwx
i don't know why, but i get best newcommer (i have been participate in 5 C3 lol) and 3rd place in joke hack (WTF X2).

I tried to prevent that from happening, but it was already too late :V
But hey, more trophies for you.

Basically, blame Masterlink.

Originally posted by Ersanio
Originally posted by Vitor Vilela

is this a joke, why is my hack a joke hack ®_®

It's pretty cool how I won 5 trophies though. Been a while since I got any trophies at all. Especially short and sweet, I'm the most happy about that one.

this is legit the same thing that's happened to others so yolo

also, yay I at least got a bronze this time :P

I'll have something for next c3 tho
Crap. 0 trophies. Welp, I guess that's what you get when you entirely forget about C3. Well, congrats to everyone!
Originally posted by nathanrayman1998
oops I actually forgot to vote, sorry. But thanks alot to anyone that actually voted for my hack. :3 And congrats to everyone that posted a thread or gave feedback! : D
You're not alone, nathan; you're not alone.
Trophies have been inserted. Let me know if there are any issues!
idk what to put here
make mine a gold smh
Originally posted by me
Also, since apparently only I get a trophy, I'd like to request that Centipede gets one too, as he helped as well.
Originally posted by leod
Someone please explain Best in Show to me :(

Good question.

Erik I'll get that Centipede thing taken care of tomorrow.
idk what to put here
Wow! I had no expectations of winning a trophy. Thanks for voting me 3rd best newcomer! #ab{8-)}

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