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Alpha ROM (for testing purposes only)
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Very early alpha version here.

I request all of the level authors to please verify these levels are:

1) Latest versions you submitted
2) Working properly
3) (if applicable), SPASM code works properly
4) All palettes, graphics etc. as you made them
5) If anything is missing that I don't have, please send over!


Anyone else:

Feel free to playtest anything! The more feedback the merrier!
Level DC isn't inserted into the ROM, apparently. Entering doors in 1-5 takes me to the test room from the original game instead of the second room of my level.

EDIT: Graphics are hilariously fucked. Examples from 3-7:

Speaking of 3-7, I should probably add midring entrances and send you another ips.
Ohh right dammit..the level inserter and extractor both only go up to D9. I will have to rearrange some sublevels to fix that, or modify the tool. DA, DB, DC, and DD won't work as of right now. That only affects you and Lui's 1-7, thankfully. I'll figure it out later.

EDIT: Graphics issue is probably the frickin' freespace finder...ugh. Don't really know how to solve that right now.
I assume middle rings still aren't supposed to work currently?
Correct, I haven't had their coordinates worked out yet.

Also, I figured out all x-7 and x-E levels have screwed up graphics right now...I have no clue why...I don't think it was even freespace. Very confused. Looking into it. The rest of the levels, feel free to test.
Entrance and midring entrance data is transferred along with the rest of the level data, so if you've inserted mindring entrances into a stage, they'll be present in the ROM.
From my experience (using ZMZ), 1-4 crashes the emulator a little bit into the second room and 1-8 softlocks with eternal kamek music in the boss room a few steps after the middle ring.

Okay, so the graphical problem was my fault, I overshot how much freespace was available in bank 2E (hence some graphics were being overwritten).

This is fixed and reuploaded (same link in OP).

Of course, now that I've solved that, I don't have enough freespace for the SPASM code as it stands. So there's currently no SPASM - I'll work on solving it for now, but everyone else who doesn't make use of SPASM, go ahead and provide feedback.

Problem is the levels we have are way larger in ROM than vanilla, and they are taking up all the freespace. I'll try to scrounge up as much more space as I can, and perhaps try to trim some of the code too. This is not looking great for extra music though :\

EDIT: I just realized we don't have 4-4 (milde) and 2-8 (roger potted ghost). Presuming we proceed without these, I can remove their graphics and code to free up a decent amount of space. Maybe we'll be fine with this and other trimming.
I'm a bit busy right now, but I'll play all four of my levels when I get the chance.
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Can't test 1-6 at this point since it uses SPASM throughout the whole thing, but 4-3 looked fine. I was randomly playing other levels as well and noticed that 6-1's entrance is a tile too low, so you instantly die when you enter it.

By the way, given how tight we are on freespace, does that mean custom music is out of the question once SPASM is in? We have three tracks so far (two by Jimmy and one by me) and it would be nice to see them get in if at all possible.
Replacing tracks should hopefully be doable. Adding in new ones may be problematic because of huge levels. I'll see what I can trim, luckily my and Arnethegreat's familiarity with the dis enables us to be the most in the know with what things can be reworked to trim more space. The only thing extra I've freed so far is french and German icons. I'll have to see what I can do once I actually get ALL the levels in (they're not even all in mind you).
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Aside from lacking the SPASM, my level was an outdated version(which doesn't even have 20 coins lol).
This is the latest version: 2-6.
I'm assuming we're supposed to play the whole thing from the start? There's no SRAM file or anything...
Just use the SRAM you used when you first designed your level, as in a vanilla 100% one..?

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Suika Ibuki
Aside from lacking the SPASM, my level was an outdated version(which doesn't even have 20 coins lol).
This is the latest version: 2-6.

Thanks, added new one.

Good news! Arne and I figured out that YI's vanilla compression is not that great and YCompress actually saves bytes just by running it! But we aren't stopping there, also removing some unused/garbage graphics too. Almost 2 whole banks have been spared, so I should be able to fit the SPASM easily now. Will update soon with a new ROM.
I fit the SPASM - check OP for latest ROM (same link as usual).

I didn't fix the 6-1 entrance yet because of course entrance editor doesn't work on headerless ROMs LOL, was too lazy to convert for now.

One step at a time here, folks. I appreciate your cooperation.

After I know the levels are good and work, next step will be midring positions and entrance positions.
Spent the last few hours hacking Jimmy's level extractor to go up to DD, think it works, so those sublevels that were broken before should work now. I fear that that process caused the Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest to break also, because those sublevels are DA and DB and now they are being cleaned/reshuffled also. Also added Lui's SPASM properly.
Version of 1-5 in the rom is waaaaaay out of date.
Bugs in 3-5:

Not sure if this is my fault or a bug in insertion, but I don't remember ever encountering this, not that easily!
Also this level is pretty hard. At least harder than my other level, 4-1. Maybe consider moving it a bit further ahead whenever any rearrangements happen.

Bugs in 4-1:


(nah, nothing)

Well I confirm 2-3 is working correctly and I can get 100 points.

Will test my 1-3 and 2-7 sometime later.
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