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Alpha ROM (for testing purposes only)
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Download isn't totally up-to-date, as far as I'm aware.

Currently I've been going through and fixing level-design related issues in various levels, as well as finishing the two remaining stages (which has stalled a little bit because of exams coming up). Mid ring data entry could be helpful, but there are also a number of middle rings that probably need to be moved.

Would be up for proofreading message box text if you're able to send me a write-up. You'd be able to send it to Raiden as a .asm file, right? I hear YIPES causes some problems.
I'm not sure about making .asm files. (Do they work just like patches? For example, if I had an original SMWCI ROM and an updated SMWCI ROM, could I simply create a .asm like I would create a patch?)

Anyway, I will definitely be using Translhextion rather than YIPES for text. I will also use Translhextion for Middle Rings.

If you have the latest version, please send it to me as a .bps and I will fix these problems. (It would definitely also help if I knew exactly what message boxes were meant to say). If a Middle Ring gets moved or added, I can fix the data again.

I may be working on a YI text and Middle Ring editor (this time, one that doesn't corrupt random parts of your hack, like YIPES did).
I'd actually contact Raiden via a PM to get his attention on this. Neither him nor I really check this forum as much as we should (especially given how little there is left to do with the hack), so he'd more likely respond if you messaged him directly.
whoops, yea snn was right
There has actually been (slow) progress on this. The middle ring data is done thanks to BTD6_maker, I just need to put it in still. It's now very simple to do thanks to my better middle rings patch.

Also many fixes from both BTD6 and zenewdragon have been added in. I'll release a latest ROM soon.

At this point, besides further minor stage polishes, the main things needed are:

-Icons finished
-Music, including picking music per area since many more tracks can be added now. (ROM space is the main limitation)
-I still need to do the work of making it a proper 5 worlds.
-Text insertion for hint blocks and other.
-Custom graphics / text / ASM related to intro, island, credits, story, etc.
-One more stage needs to be made I think.
-5-4 second area should be either redone or changed. (probably not by me this time, I've proven I suck)

This is VERY close, and I wish I could do it all, but the reality is I do still need help with at least the design, graphics & music. I can handle everything else, but of course anyone's help is welcome there too. With the right focus, this could finish easily in a week or 2. Not even kidding.

I plan on releasing all my SMWCI project files publicly on my github page, something I should've done a while ago. That way y'all can see exactly which BPS's and ASM files I'm using, and also as an exemplary project for y'all to learn from as to how to set up a big community collaborative project that compiles from CLEAN rom in one single shell script (though very few people in the ROMhacking world seem to want to better their methods, so it could well be a waste of time, but y'never know)

There actually is a #smwci channel in the discord that we are actively using for new developments. I like it being in discord cause you can dump BPS files there which is ace. If anyone wants to ask me anything about this project, feel free to contact me there, or PM or discord DM or twitter DM LOL THERE ARE TOO MANY SOCIAL ONLINE THINGS
Latest is up! in OP.

Lots of fixes, also MIDDLE RING DATA IS IN, thank you btd6_maker.

1-5 should be fixed now also, I swapped level DC with BB.

Also, check out the project files!
Yo, so I'm testing the alpha ROM, and I don't see any ASM bugs or anything in the first three levels. But should I tell you any problems with the levels, like slowdown or cutoff or getting stuck?

My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!
Is the download in the OP even current?
I found a bug in 2-1. You know the last big spring ball (if you don't understand I'll put a screenshot of it in this post don't worry)?

If you bounce to the left, flutter off-screen and somehow touch the teleport sprite right under the spring ball, you warp to 1-1 (the forest level btw).

Also 2-3 is basically an unedited YI castle level (dunno which). Correct me if I'm wrong

My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!
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Forum Index - Events - Collaboration Projects - SMWC Island - Alpha ROM (for testing purposes only)