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Super Birthday Wish
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So it's that time again... That time for a new thread for a new project!--What? Yes yes I've done this two times before and never finished either of them--But rest assured I will finish this one!... Just give me some time, I'm still learning, 'kay?


Yes it's meant to sound cutesy for a first project.

Hack Story


You are the coming of age Toadlid in a hopeful world, with big promises for the future. You are at your birthday party at your little corner pad when something goes terribly wrong. The fortess down the street has abducted your parents and friends. Even your presents are taken! On the expectation that there will be big adventure ahead, Toadlid must find his lost hero, travel across his humble island home, and found out who and why those that crashed his party decided to invade his quiet island home.

This is the time where I lay questions on you like an episode preview! Be ready! Who or what friends will Toadlid meet? What strange scenarios will Toadlid encounter on his quest to find his family and friends (and presents)? Find out, eventually! Guesstimate:

Gameplay and Story Elements
- You play as Toadlid. Speed and jump height adjusted to match this change.
- Gameplay should be around 30-60 minutes
- In a SMB1 fashion, there will be four "major" level areas:

1. Grasslands, level 1 (palm trees/Mushroom Way 2 tileset)
2. Underground, level 2 (underground/Moleville Mines tileset)
3. Athletic, level 3 (mountain/Booster Pass tileset)
4. Fortress, level 4 (castle tileset)
->There will be other plot objectives in between each of these levels, with the ending being the climax/wrap up for the story.
- Findable Presents. There will be X amount of gifts that need to be found on the island, one for each person at your party. These will make up for upgrades for equipment, items, and other things that traditionally would be from shops in towns.
- I'm recycling some elements from my old hacks to speed up this process.

Well that's all for now. If I remember to add anything I'll edit this post.

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Thank you!

Here is a small update, mainly because I want an opinion on this:

This is a "Yoshi Shrine". By using an item called a "Charm", Toadlid can pray to the shrine to restore HP and FP. By agreeing to use the shrine, the Charm is consumed, and your party's health and FP are restored.

This idea, I thought at the time, would fit well to replace the mushrooms hidden in chests around the world because those are only one-time things, and usually are surprises. With this, if I ever wanted to let the player revisit the area or they needed an extra pick-me-up right then, they can use this shrine at any time for as many times as needed, as long as they have a Charm item on hand.
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Thank you!

That's a pretty neat idea to make the in dungeon recovery a lil more harder but rewarding at the same time.
Originally posted by Rashama Izouki
That's a pretty neat idea to make the in dungeon recovery a lil more harder but rewarding at the same time.

It might work, but I'm thinking this might be more unforgiving if you don't bring the "right" amount of charms, so I'm thinking of creating a "charm bundle" or something to reduce inventory space, given how limited it is already.

Here is another small update:

This is one of the first maps I worked on.

This is meant to be one of the two peaks (or eyes?) you climb to get to the "Bluish Brackish", the end of the 3rd level of the game. I'm still debating whether or not this is too small for a peak, but that'll be figured out later once the game is actually playable. This is quite the learning process for me. ^^

That's all for this update.

EDIT: Oh yeah, actually let's talk about the characters on the title screen. From left to right, we have Toadlid, our star, Mario, and Bowser with green skin... I'm just going to say it now:

All three are going to join your party!

As Toadlid travels throughout his island home which is his world, he meets Mario as he tries to find who kidnapped everyone at the party. Bowser, on the other hand, is not actually Bowser... It's a fake Bowser, another monster who was turned into the King through magic. He's actually a defect, only able to use water moves, but those that raised him didn't care. He joins you because he got fed up with the people that were recently kidnapped because he found them to be obnoxious and loud, and he wants them out of his home... So he joins you to get them out!
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Thank you!

So I take it this Toad will be an example on how the Toad
in your other hack will play like?

Also I'll make sure to try out the demos whenever they're released.
Originally posted by VyseOfLegends9001
So I take it this Toad will be an example on how the Toad
in your other hack will play like?

Also I'll make sure to try out the demos whenever they're released.

For battles? I... actually can't give you a straight answer. I haven't really buckled down to start thinking about them. They are on my to-do, but not a priority right now. I've been focusing on level areas at the moment.

Demos will be announced as soon as they are ready. (Which if I get my gear together, could be next week?)


Here is another little level I made. Nothing gets me more jazzed than making levels for this game, and this is one of them! :)

(Click to enlarge--It will open another window)

About the level: This is the entrance to level 2. I could be specific about what this level is about, however even I am not entirely sure. Concrete details include moles, magic, and a certain mustachioed man being seen...
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Thank you!

This is absurdly cute and fits perfectly well with Mario. Loving every bit of this so far! :)
Originally posted by justin3009
This is absurdly cute and fits perfectly well with Mario. Loving every bit of this so far! :)

Thanks! :P I'm glad and I appreciate to hear your input.

I'm going to make this post as an update for myself. So far, I've gotten some things done, and other things are still not quite really done at all. I thought of a cool and engaging boss battle I want to implement, and I've made some headway on two town-type areas in the game.

For those that want to see progress, click the picture below!

(Click this to see the full level!)

What these rooms? In my last update, I showed the entrance to level 2. And, you guessed it, these are the rooms for those buildings! The rooms on the left are standard--The rooms on the right however, are something unseen before... They're much bigger, even connected in a way that's never been seen! What is this place?

... It's a bar!

This level will be the bar of the game, where everyone from the island comes together. I don't really drink, so juice is the next best thing... Unless you hide the innuendo in words like "Tonic", "Elixir" or "Ambrosia". It's a juice bar, get over it. No thirteen-year-old would dream of secretly drinking when his parents are away. Yeah, forget I said anything.

As par for gameplay, you'll meet species from all across the land. Nothing in the bar has been planned as of yet except for one new addition: Bar Tokens! Yes they're just Frog Coins for now, but I was thinking there could be a little shop here to buy powerful items like Energizers or other drinks, have the barkeeper make mixed drinks for you to make something more powerful like FroggieDrinks, or maybe even a slot machine to find cool easter eggs or something like that. Anyway, the ideas are still up in the air.

That's all for this update.

EDIT: Oh yeah (seems I forget things so often) I made this two days ago. It's Shakey Bones, a new Reacher animation, made for the new boss battle: The Musician!
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Thank you!

Rashama Izouki has made a SMRPG Hacking Discord! Please join if you are interested in hacking, have questions, or just want to chat about SMRPG! Click the Discord to get a chat invite:

Link ->


As I'm wasting my time making Countdown say stuff, time TRULY is marching on! And quickly too: Less then a month (24 days as I post this) left till the goal date!

It's quite silly--I still have to make the levels, place the enemies, think of items/equipment, do the balancing... and overall make it fun, right? *Gulp*

Well one hop at a time as a little froggie might say.

So I've been working on the battle mechanics the past few... weeks? 2 weeks I think, and literally I've gotten only mechanics down.
- I moved the attack buff and mg.attack buff in ATTACK UP! to one bit. Likewise, moved the def and mg.def buff in DEFENSE UP! to one bit. This lets me add two more buffs! :D
- With this, I added a working HP Regen (Heals 1/10th Max HP per turn). I also made a working FP Regen (Recovers 4 FP per turn).
- I removed the unused invincibility bit too, enabling yet ANOTHER buff to be added.
- I've added an "ailment cleanse" buff. Upon the character's turn it'll remove both the ailment and the buff. Sadly it only works upon the character's turn.

In addition I've made some other little changes:
- Revives now revive the character at half health as opposed to full.
- Removed Flower Tabs restoring current FP to max upon use. This lets me use the buff in battle, too.
- Moved all item pointers to display items in the item menu in order based on tiers.

"Tiers"? Yes, this will coincide with the implementation of a new item-synthesizing system I mentioned before at the Mole Mound Juice Bar. Since I don't have much time left it's going to be simpler than once thought, but the core will still be there.

I'm not going to go over it in this update until it's implemented. Though I do want to mention I narrowed it down from 28 craftable items to 12. Feels good to simplify!

That's all for this update.
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Thank you!

It's been nearly 3 weeks without word from me here. 'Bout time we have an update! The NCFC is just around the corner, and sadly... Well let me put it this way.

I have "Bad Bad News", but I also have, "Just Good News!"

Bad Bad News
The game won't make the set date, again. It won't make it to the NCFC2016. Not enough progress for even a demo.

I haven't worked on this since the last update. It went against the whole plan for the project, to be ready for the NCFC!

Now for

Just Good News!
The project isn't abandoned, just severely delayed. I can say for sure, it will stay that way. It'll be ready when it's ready.

I'll do my best to make my own personal goal dates and work toward them, but I've shown I'm so bad at it!

I don't know how many people are watching this since this doesn't seem as popular as my other projects, but my hope is it will be an event once this game is released.

My apologies if I let anyone down.
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Thank you!

Major-ish Update!!

As I juggle several projects at once, the new stat system overhaul is nearly in place!!

What was in this overhaul? Well, let me explain.

Magic and Magic Defense have been removed. To calculate damage, only Power and Defense are considered (which is very similar to the Mario and Luigi games).

Speed and the new stat, Stache, both occupy the old Magic Power and Magic Defense spaces. What this means is... They can be upgraded upon level up!

"Stache" makes an appearance from the Mario and Luigi games. What this does is it increases the chance of winning a flower from an enemy upon defeat, and winning a Freebie after using an item. The higher the Stache level, the higher the chances of winning stuff! (It may do other stuff later, too!)

"Speed" has gotten an overhaul too. Thanks to a little bit of code I found, I was able to call the current character's speed as well as the monster's in order to compare them. Lemme tell ya, the change is really exciting! "What have you done, Yakibomb?!" Well, now Speed is considered in how much evasion chance the monster has! Currently this will not effect the character taking a hit, only the monster as I realized this might be unbalanced.
If the character's speed is >= to the monster, they're going to hit 100% of the time. If the monster is > than the character's speed, any extra speed will be the percent chance for evasion!
For example, the character has 20 speed, and the monster has 50. The monster will have 30% chance to evade that character's attack! If over 100 above the character's speed, the character will miss 100% of the time!

Currently there is one more place to add a new stat, which may or may not be implemented. It cannot be leveled up, only added onto via items.

What will it be? T'is a mystery! Please let me know in the comments if you have any ideas.

Well, back to work on other projects! Zoom!
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Thank you!

I like how the stache is now in the game. I'm impressed by that. I'll have to do my best to get that stache up. The last filling on the menu sure has to be something unique. Only thing I can come up for the question mark slot is Item Power. To get the item power slot, you might have to look for one secret upgrade to give to that member so they can have that ability to give more damage using item attacks.
Thanks, mosky! I will do something slightly different from your idea... But thanks for the suggestion!

Here is a Minor Update for ya'll:

The Level-up Screen got a little update with the new stat change. It will now display the correct stats, as well a nice little arrow to tell you the starts are going from this -> to that!

Stache has also been changed to "Style", on account that Toads don't have moustaches.

I've decided what I'm going to do with the unused stat counter: It will become the "Recovery" stat!

Recovery is going to be used for how much health the character gains from items and spells. Healing spells will calculate the Recovery stat of the character using the healing spell + the Recovery stat of the character being healed, which should give a pretty decent number throughout the whole game. Items will use a flat base number + use the Recovery stat.

Due to technical issues the stat cannot be leveled up traditionally... This will make things interesting, as it will make early game easier, but later game harder. I might go all out later to fix this, but for now it's going to be a non-level-up stat.
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Thank you!

If you need any help deciphering or figuring out some things, I'll be glad to help!

I'm really liking how all your work is turning out especially since you're one of the only ones to delve into ASM as well. I'm EXTREMELY happy to see that!
Originally posted by justin3009
If you need any help deciphering or figuring out some things, I'll be glad to help!

I'm really liking how all your work is turning out especially since you're one of the only ones to delve into ASM as well. I'm EXTREMELY happy to see that!

Hey justin! I'm happy to see you drop by. And actually, yes! I do have something I need some help on, in fact you've showed up at the perfect time since it's a recent problem.

In one of my recent agendas, I've run into a problem jumping using a subroutine for a new check for the Fear status, and then running a separate equation if it's set. Sounds simple, right? I thought so too, but for some reason... It's just more difficult than it should be! It might be because of the jump, but I'm not sure.

The equations work, all but the branch..! This is the code below. The arrow points to the the branch:

$C2/C58A 20 00 FC    JSR $FC00  [$00:FC00]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; jump to $C2/FC00 (Where the healing spell equation starts)

$C2/FC00 BF 40 00 7E LDA $7E0040,x[$7E:0040] A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; check target's status
$C2/FC04 89 08       BIT #$08                A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; check if Fear
->$C2/FC06 D0 0D       BNE $0D    [$FC15]      A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Jump to $FC15
$C2/FC08 BF 70 00 7E LDA $7E0070,x[$7E:0070] A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Load target character's Recovery stat
$C2/FC0C 18          CLC                     A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Begin adding
$C2/FC0D 65 C2       ADC $C2    [$00:00C2]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Add DP C2 (display numbers)
$C2/FC0F 65 FB       ADC $FB    [$00:00FB]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Add Spell's Power
$C2/FC11 85 C2       STA $C2    [$00:00C2]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Save to display
$C2/FC13 80 0C       BRA $0C    [$FC21]      A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Jump to $FC21
->$C2/FC15 BF 70 00 7E LDA $7E0070,x[$7E:0070] A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Load target character's Recovery stat
$C2/FC19 4A          LSR A                   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Divide by 2
$C2/FC1A 18          CLC                     A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Begin adding
$C2/FC1B 65 FB       ADC $FB    [$00:00FB]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Add Spell's Power
$C2/FC1D 65 C2       ADC $C2    [$00:00C2]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Add DP C2 (display numbers)
$C2/FC1F 85 C2       STA $C2    [$00:00C2]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Save to display
$C2/FC21 BF 11 00 7E LDA $7E0011,x[$7E:0011] A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Load target character's current HP
$C2/FC25 65 C2       ADC $C2    [$00:00C2]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Add sum of previous equation
$C2/FC27 9F 11 00 7E STA $7E0011,x[$7E:0011] A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Save current HP
$C2/FC2B 60          RTS                     A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 ; Return

I'll explain what I'm trying to do:
First the code jumps to a subroutine to $FC00, and starts a new equation.
The equation begins by a check if target character is afflicted with Fear,
then if set reducing the new Recovery stat by half for the target. (Target's Recovery / 2) + Caster's Spell Power
If it's clear it runs another equation (no reduction). Target's Recovery + Caster's Spell Power
It saves the display numbers in the equation, and then
saves to Current HP.

If it would help for me to send you the ROM with the code, do ask.
Have you tried altering the BNE to be BEQ (F0 08)? It may honestly just be a simple change of what kind of branching method to use.
Yep, and I tried 80 0D (BRA) as well, still it freezes. Though, I have found that deleting the 89 08 (BIT) makes the branch work fine!
Wait, it actually freezes when it goes through that? Does it hard crash or does the game just 'halt' but music and such keeps going?

I wouldn't recommend deleting the BIT test though because then it's not checking for that specific status. Which means as long as any value is set in that RAM area, it'll break into the next area.

If you're content with that then that works, if not, could you send me the ROM and a save state? That's extremely unusual that it'd freeze when the code looks sound. The only plausible issue I can foresee is that it's doing 89 08 D0 reading it as two bytes instead of just 89 08 with one.

Edit: If you use any other ways to communicate like Skype or something feel free to pop me a message anytime you need help. I tend to forget to check the forums after work but I'll make an effort to check back every day when I can.
It usually just halts the game like you said, though I have had cases where it just went up and crashed the emulator.

I do have a Skype, but I tend to keep that for personal messaging.

I'm using Discord more frequently for gaming stuff, so you'd be able to find me there. We've got a channel setup (found here); My username is Yakibomb#0890.

I would send the ROM over here, but I can't figure out how to lock a zip file to upload it to SMWC. Sorry! But I can send it on Discord.
I 'JUST' missed you on Discord, like, a few minutes after you left! I'll try to catch you tomorrow if things don't get too busy on my end or your end!

Edit: Welp. I just got home.. so pretty sure I missed you again today. Tomorrow won't be any better either so I'll have to aim to get ya sometime later this week.
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