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Bowser's Airship by PMH

File Name: Bowser's Airship
Submitted: 2016-08-03 05:23:54 PM by PMH
Authors: PMH
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 0 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Now not castle anymore, now is on the airship. Have fun.

>>IPS Link<<

Reasons for removal:

Nice try, but there are quite a bit of issues here.

First of all, the hack is too short. If it's only a single level long, make it lead to several 'reasonably long' sub-levels each with, say, different gimmicks and sprite varieties rather than just two 'linear' levels with each only consisting of a few screens that don't even take that long to get to the boss fight.

I am not sure if you meant to do this, but the "Nintendo Presents" logo at the very beginning is missing. This leaves the game with an awkward 4 seconds of silence before the title screen is loaded. Not really a big deal I guess? but it may be something you can look into too while fixing the other major things that'll be mentioned later on.

Come on, you can do better than this. Just a piece of advice but try to make title screens something relevant to the main theme of your hack. Like for instance, if your hack is airship themed, try to keep its title screen something that's got to do with airships. Don't just place a completely black ledge and an unnecessary amount of 1up/3up items on a plain, bright white BG that is quite unpleasant to look at. Be as creative as possible especially with title screens as they sort of represent hacks (any game in general really).

Mario is able to move through the slanted pipe as shown above. Place an object like cement blocks or vertical thin pipes to keep Mario from reaching this area.
The palettes for the "shatter on fireball" block and the cement block also are not right. Always keep your hacks free of weird, unnatural palettes. If you're unsure of what kind of palettes to use, try to play popular hacks (sort by rating or something) on the hacks section to get a general idea of what is acceptable.
Also, just wondering but isn't this hack supposed to take place on an airship? It just feels so weird to all of a sudden be in a completely different environment when it's all supposed to be airship-themed. Not too much of a big deal but it may be something you can rethink too along with the other things pointed out?

Alright, now check this video out. This boss fight is what constitutes the biggest portion of the removal reason.

The boss fight goes all as expected up until when Bowser disappears from the screen for the first time at 0:41. No idea where you got this music from, but it honestly just doesn't sound like it can be used in any hack. Also, some of the falling fireballs disappear most likely due to a sprite memory error..? The ledge also partly disappears as this sequence progresses. No idea what is causing this. Do you recall ever messing with anything that possibly affects these? You will anyway have to fix these though.
The same thing happens again at 2:11.
The music from 2:27, again, is sure, better than the one that plays when Bowser is off-screen, but still doesn't sound nowhere near decent. It sounds kind of out of place overall, and it just doesn't go well with any kind of boss fights.
.. and lastly, Peach is rescued with her head missing..? I mean it does show up spontaneously but it's gone most of the time. I'm assuming it's another sprite memory error? Please find a solution to this too as it looks pretty creepy and strange.

Please test your hacks thoroughly before submitting, and possibly get a bunch of users who are willing to beta test too, if you're not comfortable spotting errors on your own. Also try reading the Hack Submission Guidelines available right before submitting over and over until you finally get an idea of what we do and don't accept here.