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Cross Section Cover

How exactly does it work? I tried it and all I got was a glitchy mess. #smw{:(}
To do a cross section cover , you need the right BG3 pallete #w{=P}

*psycho theme*
Look at the white parallax custard! I didn't ask for this!
(1-1, BG1 and 3 palettes same as in vanilla 2-2 'The Baseball Boys', ignore the fugly BG2 palette).
(There. Removal log for my hack done XD :p)
EDIT: I am using BizHawk as my emulator here.
Make sure you're using the same Level Mode and BG Scroll settings from 2-2.
Level Mode changed. Still custard.
And where IS the BG scroll settings?
EDIT: Herp Derp - I was looking at the wrong section.
Now, the parallax is fixed. It's STILL custard-ish, so WHA- oh wrong section BG3 palette hard darp 2.0
EDIT2: There's holes in the cover where I have my semi-solid platformmms~, and where I put some holes (well, one hole to surround an Egg Block I placed soon before the end of the tunnel). Should I just... not... use those... objects with the cover?
Originally posted by Raidenthequick
I actually wrote all there is to know about this!!!!

That's technical details on how they work. I wanted to know how to incorporate them into a level properly, without knowing all the itty-bitty details of their internal coding. #smw{¬_¬}
well isn't SOMEONE being picky tsk tsk :P
Don't make me... *grabs uber hammer suit and threatens to throw a hammer with it* DON'T. MAKE. ME.