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Why is Hecatia crying jizz tears?
Regular anime girls. The pictures are not in a special style, but they are of good quality overall. They're not very numerous either. Wish they pictured funny scenes, characters from the same anime or the same character in different situations.
Cannot figure you what you profile pic should be... some kind of flower demon? Not sure though... whether it´s a demon or not i rate it:

Luscious, mouth-watering babe. A shame her spicy bod is cut off by the pic. 9/10

Luscious, mouth-watering Squidward. Good thing his handsome chin isn't cut off by the pic. 10/10

Now that is how you win a hot dog eating contest
I have next to no knowledge about anything anime-related (and that'll probably always be the case), so the novelty of your avatar is just "YAY PRETTY GIRL". 7/10.
Foxy. 8/10
Hi, I'm a signature!
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404/10 Profile picture not found.
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she looks surprised, presumably by my beauty. 10/10 for recognizing my good looks.

Sam Ray
ask me if i give a f*ck...
For some reason I thought it was some K-Pop star. By the way, nice avatar.


Anime girl crying, 7/10 would be higher if it didn't make me sad.

Random avatar, megaman stuff made by me. Rate one or rate them all, I'll be happy either way
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.

Gemini man is pretty dope

triggered anime girl or something.

EDIT for below poster: This ain't a monster girl bro. If you're looking for that, you asking the wrong person.
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Hmm, seems to be a wolf girl or a fox girl, not sure. Since I do like monster girls a lot, though, this gets a 9/10.

Also which anime IS she from? I`m kinda on a hunt for monster girl anime, so that`s basically why. lol

EDIT: Oh, okay. Still though, its a bit hard to NOT think that at first glance, especially considering the ears and face. Still though, the anime she`s from seems to be pretty nice so far, so I think I`ll watch it.
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Better than mine... What do you think, Frisk?
Sapientiam autem non vincit malitia.
Face is kind of creepy but it's not badly drawn or anything so 7/10 lol
it's well-drawn art of that anime girl (Yuki, right?) but I kinda miss the gif of her reading. 10/10
I have a dirty mind. 8/10...
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That picture of Reimu always puzzled me. It looks like it was taken from a Touhou anime, and if that's the case I desperately want to see it. Anyway, the quality is impeccable and the expression cute. - 9/10

(my avatar's random so if you want to check the complete set go here)